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Type 1 Talk: Get Involved!

Type 1 Talk This year, on World Diabetes Day, I will be participating in the JDRF's Type 1 Talk event in NYC.  And by "participating," I mean I'll be part of the broadcast with Dr. Aaron Kowalski (JDRF Assistant Vice President for Treatment Therapies),  Rachel Steinhardt (JDRF National Director, Marketing & Communications), Dr. Richard Insel (JDRF Chief Scientific Officer), Lorraine Stiehl (JDRF Volunteer of the Year & National Chair of Grassroots Advocacy), and Rik Kirkland (JDRF International Board Member).

So them.  And me.  Needless to say, I'm very honored and entirely out of my league.  And hoping to properly represent the diabetes online community for the afternoon.

This event will broadcast live, using the Type 1 Talk application on Facebook (click here for that), and people can tune in on World Diabetes Day to catch the broadcast and submit questions for the panel.  (Note:  Ask easy ones.  Like "What's your favorite color?" and "How many fingers am I holding up?")  The JDRF is also hoping for other Type 1 Talk events to take place across the country - right now there are 66 events set up.  (Including Lee Ann Thill's Art & Diabetes Event taking place in New Jersey!) 

The JDRF is hoping for 100 events across the country, and so far there are only 66 officially set up.  If you're interesting in setting up your own Type 1 Talk event, I've got some information that might answer some questions for you.  Here's a PDF that talks about planning a Type 1 Talk event, and here's one about what to do during the actual event

Are you looking for something to do this weekend?  Think about hosting a Type 1 Talk event and help raise awareness about type 1 diabetes.  And please, if you can, tune in to the live broadcast from NYC at 3 pm EST!

Oh, and one more thing:  Have you seen this video?  The one that helps kids get the insulin they need, just by you watching the video?  We're up to 73k views as of this morning, and I KNOW we can get to 100K well before World Diabetes Day this Sunday.  Please, watch the video - even if you have already - and pass it on to your friends!

(Big disclosure:  No one at the JDRF asked me to talk about this.  Or to blog about this.  But if they had, I would.  Works out conveniently.)


It's great that you're participating, Kerri, and I'm very pleased and encouraged to see the JDRF listened to the feedback to tap into the topic of the online resources and find someone who embodies how beneficial and awesome this network can be! You'll do great as always, without a doubt. And Dr. Kowalski is a cool guy - I had the privilege of meeting him briefly in Indy last year for a research update here, and and very good listening to him talk about not only the JDRF research advances, but also his own experiences as a T1. Looking forward to tuning in from our Adult Type 1 Talk event! Good luck!

Thank you Kerri and JDRF

I am so very proud of Lorraine! I know all of you will be awesome! We all will be watching.

I am glad that you will be representing the Type 1 community at the talk. Good luck!

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