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The Big Blue Test.

It's Diabetes Month.  (You may have heard the rumors.)  And there are some fantastic awareness efforts taking place across the diabetes community, both online and off, during the next 30 days.

But there's one campaign that's not only raising awareness, but also helping to bring insulin to children in some of the world's poorest countries:  The Big Blue Test.  Here are some of the details, pulled from the press release -->

The Big Blue Test, an initiative started by the Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF) in 2009, takes place every November 14 during World Diabetes Day. People with diabetes are invited to test their blood sugar, do 14 minutes of activity, test again and share the results. In 2009, more than 2,000 people took the Big Blue Test and saw the impact of exercise on their blood sugar.

For 2010, the Big Blue Test is even bigger! Together with Roche Diabetes Care, makers of ACCU-CHEK® diabetes products and services, DHF is aiming for a minimum of 100,000 views of its Big Blue Test promotional video. To help the foundation reach this goal, Roche has underwritten the production of the video and will make a donation for every view the video receives up to $75,000. DHF will use the donation to help Insulin For Life and the Life for a Child program, run by the International Diabetes Federation. These two global, humanitarian organizations provide diabetes medication and supplies to children in the world’s poorest countries.

And what do we need to do?  We only need to watch this video.  For every view, we make a difference.  You aren't being asked for your email address, or your personal information, and no one is selling you something.  This video is to help kids get the insulin they sorely need.  Insulin is not a cure, but it does save lives.  And we, as a community, can help make a big difference this month.

So please, watch the video.  And pass it on to your friends.  Ask them to pass it on to their friends.  Raise your voice for the Big Blue Test.


I love this video! (And the song.)

Very much like my post for tomorrow. :) I love the video. I kept clicking "replay" all morning this morning.

Thanks for sharing this Kerri! I LOVE it and will be posting on FB to share with all of my friends....and I'll be doing the Big Blue test with my daughter on the 14th!!!

I just posted this on my FB wall. Thanks for letting us know about this! We'll be doign this!!
FYI. I'm donating a % of my sales for the month of November from stella & dot. It's a jewelry line. Through JDRF. It will be on their web site shortly, but in the mean time you can go to www.stelladot.com/clairemacchi and put (first name) JDRF last name(Fairfield). Then start shopping!

This video was really well done, I love it! It was fun seeing the Ninja in it also. :) (Random side note, Kerri, I dreamed that I met you and the reason you called your daughter Bsparl was because you secretly hadn't chosen a name yet.) Anyway, I've really loved reading your blog and I always look forward to new posts.

Thanks for passing this along....have posted to my FB page.

Is that Manny on the ice skates? :-)

Great video! I like that song too. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sending this to me!

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