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Sunday Snapshots.

We visited the Berkshires up in northern Massachusetts this weekend, and our trek up Mount Greylock was amazing.  While I can easily ramble on for 1,000 words, I'd rather let the pictures do the talking:

I had to Google thing to remember what it was actually called.  At first, I thought it was a "looking thingy for far aways."  Not bright.

Two stately viewfinders stood at the summit of the mountain, even though the cloud had settled so low that you couldn't see more than 20 feet in front of your face.

Almost the moon.

And because of the cold, this frost was taking over everything at the top of the mountain.  It looked like we were on the moon, or had survived some kind of apocalypse (like I had mentioned yesterday).  Each tree, each little shrub, and each blade of grass was green at the very bottom and frosted at the tip. 

Even though it was a quick weekend, it was a nice one.  Nice to get away, nice to hang out with Chris alone, and nice to not get up at 7:30 in the morning with a burping BSparl.  (Even though we did talk about her a ton over dinner.)  And nice to spend some time taking photos of things we don't often see in the teeniest state in the country. 


LOVE that pic of you.


LOVE seeing you guys take some time for each other!

Mt. Greylock! The Berkshires! It's sooooo beautiful up there! OK, I'm biased, because I went to college a stone's throw from Greylock, but still....

those photos are amazing!

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