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Saturday Snapshot: Red.

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday? 

It's beginning to look a lot like cute.

Tutu Saturday.


OH MY GOD KERRI!! I"m melting over here!

Awww...look at those cute little curled up toes!

So sweet!

She is beautiful!

Love tutus :)

And red is a great color for that sweet child of yours!


OMG - I'm all about the tutus! Love it! : D

With matching bow too!

OH HOW CUTE!!!! I miss my daughter being little.

I sure hope that's your Christmas card! SO cute!

OMG!!! She's adorable! You take great pictures

Christmas card photo-shoot, perhaps?? Gorgeous!

I love it! God bless her sweet little heart! God bless you too, as you deal with diabetes. My husband as been insulin dependant since he was 38 - he is now 67. I am so glad I found your blog. I enjoy each and every post. Take care of yourself and thank you for all you share with us.

Such an adorable photo! Pics like these sometimes make me wish I had a little girl, you just can't dress little boys in red tutu's!

She is a DOLL!

For 2 seconds I thought that was an Ohio State outfit. And got very excited.
All good though :)

Too Adorable!

How do you get the colors out like that on a black and white? what program?

Jen - I use Photoshop CS4. It's awesome. Makes me seem like I know what I'm doing, even when I don't. :)

Ridiculously cute. You have set high expectations for your Christmas cards now!

oh, my!!! SOOOOO adorable! :)

Hi there, just discovered your site and I am already overcome with gratitude. I've had Diabetes for 20 years, am now 37 and have been feeling the isolation of the disease. I know a couple people with it but it seems like all the support groups are for obese, aging Type IIers. It's so powerful for me to read your blog and see an otherwise healthy, active person with the same life-long challenge as me. thank you, thank you! A thousand blessings to you!

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