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Portable Pancreas.

Benefits of using long (42") pump tubing?

"Is that, like a cell phone you, like really don't want to lose?"

My pump can hang out, all handy, in the slot on the treadmill.  And since it's not attached to my waistband, it won't threaten to pull my pants down during a workout.

Wins across the board!


I just finished reading this, am low after a run, and my new insurance company called and wanted to know my PCP's name, and I couldn't remember her last name because it is similar to yours, but I know it's not Sparling. (It does start with S though, and end in "ing")

nice! :) I struggle with moving my pump around with my workouts. I need to get one of those little bag things everyone has talked about.

Never, ever thought about doing this!
Handy idea!

Hmm I have been thinking about the long tubing too, but probably need to wait a little while longer since my 2 year old always wants to pull and play with it.

My workout situation looks very similar! I hate that stupid short tubing!


That cracks me up for some reason. :)

I always used the long tubing so I could wear the pump just below the knee using a RoadID ankle band, but that was only good for pants. :) Clipped to shorts it looks like you have a really old MP3 player! Watch out for rogue door handles!

I've only used the short tubing when I've had a sample infusion set, which has been maybe 3 times during 6 years of pumping. I hated it primarily because when I dropped my drawers to do my business, it yanked my infusion set. I like having that slack for the ladies room, showering, getting dressed, trying on clothes, sleeping, and, ahem, marital relation ;P

I'm a long tubing gal, all the way.

I use the Omnipod on my arm. With the new adhesive it's awesome to have no tubing.

That cracks me up!

At Casey, above commentor...the Tallygear Tummietote is what Joe uses to house his pump and CGM and trust me when I say he is VERY active.


i just started pumping a few months ago and while i dont have this to worry about since i use the omnipod i have had a terrible time keeping pods stuck on with the least little bit of sweating :(

I have always used the long tubing, but my only problem is with my cat!!! I have woke up a number of times and he has chewed threw my tubing. My kiddos have never pulled on it. It is just more convenient for me.

whats the roundish thing on the board? It looks like a CGM real time glucose sensor-but its not attached to you so I'm confused. The pump inside that holding area is clearly a Medtronic.

But don't get me started on the Medtronic CGM that was transmitting my results to the pump. 2 failures out of the first 10 tries. Back to the drawing board!

I use the long tubing--similar to reasons Lee Ann stated--always have. I always keep the pump on my waistband, in my pocket, because you know, if I fell off the elliptical, I would be in a heap of trouble and that would yank out the set. (BTW, Kerri's pump is Animas and the round thing is her Dex Com CGMS).


Matt- its not minimed, its an animas ping. And a dexcom cgm. The cgm is remote and as long as it is 5 feet in distance, it will pick up a signal from the sensor on ur body! Both dexcom and animas rock! I tried minimeds cgm way back when...never worked for me, the dexcom is like 1,000x better!! Sooo worth it!

I keep my pump on the side of my bra most days and during my workouts (except for spinning). It may get a little sweaty but it's not for that long and it still works! I usually keep it in my bra, it's more discreet that way (I realize this is mostly for women)!

The pump in the bra is tricky. It always seems to fall down at the worst times, when in the company of others. I try to be slick about it, and usually the other person doesn't notice, but I always wonder if they do, from the way the stare lingers just a little bit. I'm still a "closet" type 1-er, after 11+ years, so forgive me.

But I can't use the 42" tubing - too much tubing to fit in the clothes somewhere. 24" is too much sometimes.

I agree that the Dexcom rocks. It is spot on most of the time. And pretty soon Animas and Dexcom will put their heads and equipment together for good. Here's hoping!

Misty - cannot believe your cat! so funny!

And what happens when you forget to grab your pump and it trails after you like a little cat toy on a leash???

I'm a short tubing gal myself because when I tried long tubing it kept tickling me in my underwear or else hanging down below my shorts.

Great photo.

Jenn, best trick and only works with some styles of clothing....wear an underwire bra and put the pump long ways between the cups. (if you have an animas, make sure the screen is facing you- it lights u enough to be seen through some clothes!! now that can get some looks!!) then, wear a shelf bra (like a very simple sports bra with thin straps- not racer back) over the underwire bra. The underwire keeps it close in to the body and the shelf bra keeps it from sliding out the bottom! The shelf bra also acts like a cami for low cut shirts!! I love this system!

The trick I have been using for years now with my pump is I cut out the legs of support pantyhose and stick my pump in that while I wear dresses. I have never been able to wear in bra, not enough room for me. Good ideas, though!!!

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