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An Apple a Day.

Fall is here in New England and it's shaping up to be a very pretty one.  Chris and I decided that since BSparl is now more mobile and fun to take places (i.e. she only poops every other day, so we know we have one full day of "safety" while traveling), we'd give a go at her first apple picking adventure.

Ye olde apple tree

We sampled an apple or two before picking some, just to make sure we liked the ones that were on tap.  (Once, Chris and I went to a berry picking farm and ate way more than we had picked and then we had stomach aches for the rest of the day but we were happy.  /pointless story about berry theft)

Apples on the tree.  Exciting, no?

There were golden delicious, red delicious, macoun, and smooshed apples everywhere.  BSparl hung out with me in the Baby Bjorn, and I spent most of the afternoon making sure she wasn't being poked in the face by any branches. But she was amazed every time her dad climbed up into a tree to retrieve apples, because he would just shimmy up there.  (I was impressed, too.  Can't lie.)

Kerri and the Baby Biscuit, apple picking

BSparl is getting bigger, and walking around with her in the baby carrier is actually a bit of a workout.  My blood sugars edged towards the lower end of the 90's all day long (I sound like a diabetes meteorologist - "Partly low with a chance of highs.") and I grabbed bites from an apple here and there to keep my blood sugars from crashing. 

But now I'm faced with bags of apples on my kitchen counter and this increasing desire (but lack of knowledge) to make a pie ...


Pies are not too hard - but are a little daunting. Go for an apple crumble instead - waaay easier!

I love apples but cannot stand apple pie. Maybe you just get a vat of Nutella and wedge those babies up. You can have appetizers all the time!

Teh internets! Teh internets has so mani pai resupeez!

I love that pic of the two of you!!!

K, I sent you an e-mail to let you know that this Friday, MTV is doing an episode of MADE featuring a girl w/pre-diabetes. I thought we should get the word out on our diabetes blogs as much as possible!

BSparl looks like she needs her own rap song: "I'm In An Orchard."

Love apple picking (& sampling). I have a good apple pie recipe if you want. Yes it does take on average 2 hours to make (gag). Also, it took 4 tries for it to finally "taste like mom's" according to my husband (grumble, grumble, grumble).

I am no good at pie making...the crust fumbles me up every time. You could try applesauce though. Good on the BG if you don't add sweetner to it. You could freeze it and save some for Bsparl. I bet she would LOVE IT!

Hi Kerri :) I have been reading your blog for a long time and you have been an inspiration to me! I know that this is a bit of a random first post to comment on, but I have a new favorite yummy apple recipe I had to share (and it is even easy enough for me, a non-chef to prepare). It is about as healthy as a pie, but wonderfully delish!
Enjoy your apples!

Make applesauce! It has a lot less sugar, you can freeze extras, and it's super easy to do. Homemade applesauce tastes amazing, too.

Also, I ate a lot of baked apples when I was a kid. It was a great D-friendly dessert, and it makes the house smell amazing.

Oh, try the apple spice cake on Martha's blog or just google apple spice cake and it's high on the response. Delishiously moist and dense and everyone loves it. Looks like a lovely day!

Hi Kerrie -

I read your blog a lot and love the updates since I am Type 1 Diabetic for 24 years now and about 7 weeks from having a little one of my own (Whoa...that sounds really close all of a sudden!). Anyway...apple pie. Had to post this link to an amazing apple dumpling recipe. The best part? SO EASY. And you will get so many compliments and people thinking that you labored forever on this thing like you were Martha Stewart. Especially with some yummy fresh-picked apples! Enjoy!



Apple crisp made with Splenda Brown Sugar Blend is easy and yummy -- and justifiable because of the apples and oatmeal, right? There's a recipe on the bag; I used BCrocker's cookbook, though.

I love George's apple/nutella idea. And, if ya wanna get real fancy, you can grill (or heat) the apples just a little bit to warm them up and bring out their natural juices, heat up some nutella with just a smidge of cream & drizzle over the apples. Sprinkle with toasted hazlenuts if you're so inclined! (We do this with pineapple and it's dah-licious!)

I just made these for my son yesterday (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/pocket-pies-recipe/index.html) except I used 2 tablespoons of apples as filling (dice 2 apples and cook over low heat with two tablespoons of Splenda until softish). They worked out to 12 carbs each with 20g of apple filling. BTW, I can't cook for crap, and these were easy enough for me to make :)

There is an awesome website out there for those of you who find recipes but don't know the carb counts - it is on Diabetes.org and is called My Food Advisor.


If you haven't heard of it yet, check it out - you enter all the recipe information and it will give you the amount of carbs in that meal (great for casseroles).

When I was first diagnosed, there were recipes of my mom's that she stopped cooking because we could never get the carbs right. Now I am able to cook just about anything and bolus the correct amount. Lifesaver!

Go to www.smittenkitchen.com and search on "apples". You'll find loads of recipes - everything from apple pies, tarts and cakes to muffins, pancakes and tarte tatin. YUM! You'll definitely be able to find something that will inspire you, and the pictures alone are worth it!

Just cook them in a big pot and make applesauce-add cinnamon if you like: lower carbs than pie, the baby can eat it and you can freeze some for the middle of winter.

Ooh ooh! I have the best apple recipe, here 'tis:

Apple Crumble - Kiwi style :)

Cut up skinned + cored apples into thin slices and layer them across the base of a flat dish.

In a bowl, mix rolled oats, some flour, cornflakes, and a sprinkle of raw sugar. Drop in small pieces of cold butter, and get in there with your fingers to knead it together. It's messy!

Sprinkle the crumble mixture over the apples. To make the dish extra juicy, you can add a tin of canned peaches, or other fresh seasonal fruit, such as kiwifruit. Sometimes I add a handful of sultanas. :)

Put the dish into the oven, at 180 degrees C for 20 - 30 mins until the top is crispy and golden. Serve with either vanilla ice cream, cream, or creme fraiche. Yummy!

My sister and I got lost in a cornfield when we were little, mum found us scoffing down whole cobs of raw corn! :P

I love fall because of the pies. I've made five pies in the last 2 weeks, using a (rich) pastry recipe from Cook's Illustrated. Yum. In our house they're gone within 24 hours. My main advice about pastry is don't be scared of it. If it starts getting too soft, put it in the fridge to rest for a while. If it's not coming together sprinkle a little extra COLD water (1 tablespoonful) on it before working it more, and just work it until it comes together in a ball.

Best of luck. Hey, if you want primo spices, try Penzeys.com. They have some stores in Connecticut - worth a visit but leave your credit card at home.

Hey Kerri! I hope you guys had a blast on your family apple picking extravaganza! Bsparl is getting so big! And quite adorable to boot. I have a wonderful apple pie recipe, as well as apple tarte tatin, and apple filing for danishes that is awesome if pureed into sauce. Let me know if you want any of these formulas (anyone)!

Pie = too much work. Do the crisp. I think it is yummier and it is WAY less work.
Also recommended: Apple Almond Oatmeal bread - great for breakfast with your beloved coffee (you could make muffins instead).
Bsparl in the Bjorn - love it. My children LOVED the Bjorn.

She's getting so big!

And for some reason, I can totally picture Chris and his muscles effortlessly climbing up a tree. Sounds so weird to say, but there it is. LOL!

BSparl will LOVE applesauce!! :) And i agree.. Apple crumble is WAY easier.

Have you tried a wrap yet with Bsparl? I loved my moby wrap. EVERY other carrier hurt my back but once I put on my daughter in the moby wrap at 6 mos I thought ok, this is what it SHOULD be like. SHe was able to be in it past her 1st bday!

whoops! I forgot my details in that comment :P

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