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Buried in Things to Do.

Last week, I wrote about how much has been going on in our lives lately, and how the travel, moving, and general chaos has affected my diabetes control.  This week, I wanted to share some photos from our travels.  Because it's not all diabetes in this piece.  (Um, yo.)  And also because this whole experience has sort of been beyond words, so I'm hopeful that photos will do their "1,000 words" thing.

The Buried poster on the streets of Toronto.

Chris, Ryan, and Rodrigo at the TIFF press conference for Buried
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

The Sparlings looking mighty startled at the Buried pre-party (sponsored by Blackberry)
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Chris and Rodrigo at the NYC special screening (with me hiding in the background)
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

The Toronto Film Festival was incredible - different from Sundance because this festival had a very upscale feeling to it (instead of a more casual, warm, go-build-a-snowman feel).  We were out until all hours of the night (BSparl was with my mom, so we took advantage of the time away) and just trying to take it all in.  And the NYC screening was super cool, with an entire theater filled with celebrities watching the movie that Chris wrote, Rodrigo directed, and Ryan performed the hell out of.  It's been nutty.  Nothing like eating dinner and having Clint Eastwood stroll into the restaurant.  Or seeing Helen Mirran leaving our hotel.  Or Paul Giamotti in the hotel lobby.  Or going for coffee while Chris spends hours talking to members of the press.  Or hearing that release of a collectively held breath as people in the theater watch the end credits roll.  (Sorry for the peacocking here, but I'm one proud wife!!!  This has been an incredible journey for Chris, and it makes me so, so happy to see his hard work paying off in such a big way.)

(And here is where I must mention the propeller plane experience.  Chris and I flew out on a direct flight from Providence to Toronto, and our tickets were very generously provided by the team at Lionsgate.  Foolish travelers that we are, we thought the seats "3A" and "3C" on our tickets were indicative of first class seating.  But when the teeny, 20 seat propeller plane pulled up on the tarmac - because it was too small to pull up to the gate proper - I turned ash white and said to my husband, "Oh.  That plane has propellers."  And then started to cry out of panic.  Dear readers, I hadn't taken any medication to help me fly since we were in Barcelona last summer - since BSparl was on board.  But I popped some right quick when that plane arrived.  And then we boarded the plane.  And I realized that I could see out the same window that the kind pilot was watching the world from.  I have never been more freaked out on a plane in my life.  And honestly, I have never been on a smoother flight.  Despite the fact that the plane was roughly the size of a minivan and my heart was in my throat for the entire two hour and eight minute flight, it was the chillest flight of all time.  I feel like I hit a milestone by successfully traveling on that prop plane.  Granted, I was especially thankful for the mega-plane that we flew on our way back home, but still - I flew on a prop plane.  That, for me, is a very big deal.)

Buried opens this weekend in select cities, and nationwide on October 8th.  If you're in the NYC, LA, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, or Chicago area, you can check out out on Friday, September 24th!   


I have to tell you that Mike has a "man-cation" scheduled for Columbus Day weekend. I made him change his plans to leave on Saturday morning (the 9th) instead of Friday (the 8th) so we can go see it opening night. :) Congrats to Chris (and to you for flying in a prop plane!!)

That is so stinking funny about the propeller plane. I am the same way with the dentist. Always have to pop a Xanex!!! (or 10)

So excited for you guys with the movie! Can't wait to go see it on my next date night! I've seen the trailer several times on TV here in Tampa!

I'm so excited for you both! Congrats on all the success. I'm claustrophobic beyond belief, but want to see this because I've followed your journey online. I feel like, "Hey, that's my friend's movie!" :)

Good job, Sparlings!

In case it doesn't get to local theaters any time soon (and date nights are very rare), I've already added Buried to my Netflix queue. Yes, it's already listed in Netflix!

You look stunning, Kerri.

It's coming to Finland the end of next week! Off to book the baby sitter!

Kudos to you for surviivng the prop plane. For me those are harder to ride in.

I have seen the Buried trailer several times on tv the last few weeks (actually I use my TIVO and as I am racing through commercials I stop to look at the trailer). I think of you and Chris every time I see it!!! Way to go Chris (Kerri and BSparl too)

Very cool. When does it open near Boston....and where are my free tickets. :-)

LOL when you posted that you were going to TIFF I started looking for pics of you guys! Congratulations on such a big deal thing! I'm excited to see the movie... I also keep stopping my DVR to watch the trailers :) Yay to you guys!!

Congrats to Chris! Everytime I see the trailer, I think of you. Can't wait to see the movie! Congrats on the propeller plane, I also hate to fly. It terrifies me! I understand needing to take something to get though it sometimes. Oh, and you look fantastic! :) Great pic.

So exciting! One of my friends worked the TIFF from a PR stand-point and I loved keeping up with her on facebook. Very happy for you both :)

And way to go with the prop plane!

WHAT?!??! No LA!!!

G - LA is a yes. I left a few cities off my list accidentally!!!

exciting indeed!!

I dont blame you for wanting to peacock, how often is it one really gets to say things like that about their husbands in normal every day life. Sounds like you had an amazing trip and that will defiantly be a must see movie!

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

You do look great. Love your hair in the picture with the black dress.

I can't wait to see the movie. Have been looking forward to it! Congratulations!!!

Sorry for the scare on the "little plane." I have flown in one myself many years ago and was terrified also.

I saw the Buried trailer on my DVR recording of The Colbert Report the other day. I rewound to watch and to tell my husband all about it. I also saw Ryan Reynolds promoting the film on the Today Show last week.

So cool! Congratulations!


Peacock away... it's well earned and deserved :0)

this is great i saw its advert at local cinema in leeds uk the other week

Glad to see your flight to GTA was uneventful. I'm a wanna be pilot - so prop planes are my fav to fly in. If it had been my nephew as your pilot - he would have treated you well (he's been working up north for rich dudes lately - flying them back forth to GTA).
How are you for sailing? It's like flying - will have to take you out for a spin in our Catalina 30 if you are ever back in Canada again :)

Kerri -- I *think* i caught a glimpse of you on eTalk (The Canadian version of Access Hollywood (LOL!), ya know?!) the other evening. haha Celebrity!! (Maybe some other Canadians can verify that... it was a quick glimpse!) They were talking about Ryan Reynolds and Buired and there was a long haired blonde in the background.... so maybe?! You're a celebrity!! :)

OH!!! And a BIG congrats to your hubby!! :)

Kerri & Chris - this is SO COOL! I love seeing all of the pictures.

I don't know if I could have done the prop plane thing...

I've been hearing ads in San Francisco and I think of you guys every time! can't wait to see it.

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