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Packing Light.

When diabetes was the only variable in play, I wasn't known for packing light.  My purse was always referred to as "cavernous," or "enormous," or just plain "holy crap, Kerri, why are you bringing such a big bag?"  At any given time, I had my meter, a jar of glucose tabs, a backup infusion set, an insulin pen, a rogue bottle of test strips, and some kind of granola bar on me at all times.  (Vlog about that here - and by the way, I just realized I was pregnant in this vlog but didn't know it yet.  :) ) This was in addition to all the other nonsense that I travel with (wallet, car keys, gum, lip gloss, etc etc etc for evah).  

But I never, ever anticipated how much STUFF would come with BSparl.  Aside from the epicness of her baby bag (vlog about that here), just heading out for a day at the beach becomes akin to packing for a sojourn across the desert.  And when you add me and BSparl to the dynamic duo of NBF and her seven month old daughter - holy antithesis of packing light!

I don't think we brought enough stuff.

Two strollers, a beach tent, buckets full of toys, bottles, diapers, wipes, plastic bags to discard the nasty diapers, an inflatable pool (do NOT ask), the magical Bumbo seat, countless towels, pacifiers, teething toys, and three vintage Volkswagen Carmengias.  (Fine - kidding about the cars, but we basically had everything we owned out there on the beach.  For two ladies to trek this stuff across the sand was like a crusade.)

If there were ever any hopes of me packing light, they're certainly dashed to bits now.


Holy Moly! I remember those days. And it doesn't get any better. 3 kids later there are toys, chairs, books, snacks, coolers... all while trekking across the Sahara to get to the water. Kids sure do come with lots of equipment, don't they?

This is awesome. I'm the queen of "you never know when you'll need...(fill in the blank)" and have also never been known to pack light. :)

Bumbo seat = greatest baby invention. ever. Lol.

I for one, was, and still am, a "just in case" kind of person, so I brought everything but the kitchen sink. As she gets older and you get more experienced, you may begin to weed out some things.. or maybe not. Better safe than sorry!

Funny side note: the VERY FIRST time I took my newborn daughter out (a 20 minute ride away) I forgot the diaper bag. Hahaha. Lesson learned!!!

Lauren's first Christmas she was just a few months old and had JUST come home from the hospital. we had a toddler too. So I packed for the inlaws Xmas day Everything you needed on the beach plus a gabillion medications (not diabetes related then) gifts, food I was to bring . . I told hubby to put the snowsuit on the baby so he put her down on the floor and put it on (in the dining room) . Know how they are all stiff armed in their snowsuits? So we pack the car and head out. Get on the highway. About 10 minutes into the drive the toddler says: "Mommy? Where's the baby?" OMG. AT HOME ON THE DINING ROOM FLOOR! At least the lights on the ceiling entertained her. She was happy as a pea in a snowsuit pod when we went back and got her. hahahaha

I forgot to sign my name. That crazy post was from Moira!

I remember thinking to myself, "I've got them all out of diapers and no one rides in a stroller; I can finally travel light again." Then, about a week later, T1 entered our lives. We got a whole new "diaper bag", if you will, full of stuff. I've always wondered what it would be like to be one those families who could just run out for an errand, without making sure they had a meter, insulin pen, and glucose tabs...(wistful thinking!)

Wow, that's gotta be the worst misspelling of "Karmann Ghia" I've ever seen. :-)

Some days are like that, but usually, I go very light at the beach. I wear cargo shorts and put my T1-daughter's meter in a zip lock in one pocket with a tube of glucose tabs. Same treatment for my iphone and her pump. I take one credit card, license, and a twenty, and leave the wallet. Take only the valet car key so no electronics to get wet, and hit the beach with only towels for each of us to carry.

Not possible with a baby, but light options are around the corner.

Next summer you'll have a 'wonder wheelie.' Wish I was good at cutting an pasting picks for you to see, but I'm sure you've seen them (navy blue rolly cart thingies, stuffed w.junk). And if you haven't seen them, then this is the 2nd time I'll have introduced you to some new product- remember when you had no clue what a bumbo was?!! My how times change...

I'm going to be the one to ask the question... why an inflatable pool at the beach? lol

I hope you spent at least 7 and a half hours at the beach.

You'll learn to pack lighter!! I have done the same thing as you! But now I've got it down to just a couple of bags!!!

Bobby - Go skrue.

I just spewed my coffee. Hilarious! You should just sleep there to avoid coming back the next day. That much stuff tends to cut trips to the beach short. Hopefully, BSparl won't eat the sand like mine did.

The question is... how long did you stay?! (a week?!) And I agree... the bumbo is the greatest invention ever! After seeing that picture, I'm kinda turned off from bringing my son to the beach!!!

Ok, your post brought back so many memories...but I have to say that the comment about the snow suit baby had me rolling. I am sure even today now that she can laugh she still feels a twinge of panick. Life is funny.

Hilarious! I know I'll be just as bad one day. I don't think I'll ever want to leave the house! The snow suit baby story also had me rolling! Too funny!

I totally understand the kiddie pool at the beach, we used to bring one on our pontoon.
Nice article and picture in Diabetes Forecast.

So hilarious. I remember being so excited that we were almost done with diapers and all the excess cargo that goes along with diapers, then T1 reared its ugly head and the diaper bag got replaced with the diabetes bag! I actually remember being very angry about that in the hospital. Now, I just look at it as an extra place to stash more lipgloss--I too, cannot pack light!

lol - it looks like fun. the beach is my favorite ... during the summer we try to go once a week. i can't wait until next summer we can take baby t w/ us. :-D

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