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No-Sugar Added Poetry.

No-Sugar Added Poetry - great to read, and no carbs!!Diabetes isn't simply about blood sugar meters and doctor's visits - there's a decidedly emotional side to this disease, and to me, taking care of those emotions are just as important as maintaining a good A1C. And in the last few months, there's been a collective effort by the Diabetes Hands Foundation to create a book of poetry for people and by people with diabetes to help raise diabetes awareness ... and our spirits.

I'm proud to be part of the No-Sugar Added Poetry book, written by members of the TuDiabetes community and published by the Diabetes Hands Foundation with sponsorship from Roche.  There are a lot of familiar faces contributing to this book (Amylia Grace, Miriam Tucker, Heidi Shell, and Kerri Sparling [in third person], to name a few), and the power of this poetry is tremendous. 

If you are looking for a way to tap into the diabetes soul of your fellow writers, or if you are someone who loves a PWD and is looking to understand a slice of diabetes life, this book should be part of your collection.  

We all deal with this disease in different ways, but through the power of poetry, we're able to share - and heal - in ways that can't be bottled.  This book is proof that something truly beautiful can be born from adversity.

To order your copy, visit the No-Sugar Added Poetry page on TuDiabetes.  


Amazing book! Second the recommendation to buy/share!

I'll to check this out! Thanks for the info. :)

I love it. It's really moving and honest. I like that.

I actually was one of the very lucky winners of this book from TuDiabetes last week and I CANNOT wait to get it!! :)

I too really enjoy the book. It was fun to see so many great people contribute to such a great project.

Like you,I loved being a part of this..and I hope it raises creative sparks in other PWD..poetry is such a great form of self-expression.Read through my copy in one sitting,all the poems were great.

It's great to have a creative outlet for all the feelings that come with diabetes. Yay for the D crowd!

I'm very excited to be a part of this book too! Very frustrating not being able to see an actual copy as I am in the UK!

There seems to be a real buzz about the book, so I hope it will be a great success :)

Thanks for the shout-out, Kerri. I'm just catching up on all your wonderful posts now. I've missed you! I didn't realize how much until I started delving into it all again! Might I just say YOU ROCK!

(you rock),

amylia grace

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