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My Hat Was Kicked.

I woke up yesterday morning at a blood sugar of 158 mg/dl.  A little on the spikey side, but no worries - after I breastfeed BSparl, I usually drop about 40 points, so I figured I'd use her feeding as my "bolus."  By 8:45 am, I was down to 129 mg/dl.  And then things hit a downward slide that I couldn't control.  

Over the course of the next five hours, I tested several times and saw the numbers tumbling all over the place.  At one point, I had to leave the baby fussing in her crib because I was attending to a 38 mg/dl.  The next blood sugar I saw was 29 mg/dl.  And then 61 mg/dl.  And then 55 mg/dl.  Hours were going by, and carbs were being consumed, but they weren't making a dent on the determined low blood sugar. 


Dexcom wailing to let me know I was, once again, under 50 mg/dl.


Another blood sugar test confirmed yet another low.

Hours kept ticking by but I wasn't coming up. It took until 4 pm to see a blood sugar over 100 mg/dl, and then all hell broke loose on the other side.  After over eight hours wrestling with a low blood sugar, my body decided to flip upside down and let all the hourglass sands go to the other side, sending my numbers up into the 400's.  Why on Earth was I low for so long?  And why did I rebound so hard after treating the multiple lows modestly?  

(I keep picturing the carbs, hiding out behind my lungs, waiting to actually enter my blood stream and then all screaming in at once.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" waging war, holding pixie sticks over their heads as they come charging in, full force, for the freaking rebound.)

Which, of course, happened in full force with a gorgeous 405 mg/dl around 9:30 pm.  Yes, I lost track of time between 6 - 9 pm, when apparently the Dexcom graph shows a sharp spike upward.  But still - low all day?  ALL day?  

You know it's been a rough diabetes day when your total dose from 7 am - 6 pm is only 8u, yet your 6 pm - midnight dose is 29u. Diabetes kicked my hat.  Kicked it right-proper.

(We're definitely installing this emergency box.  If nothing else, at least lows will be delicious.)

Yes, this is a reused image.  No, I don't have any guilt.


"holding pixie sticks over their heads as they come charging in"

Those kind of days suck! I especially hate it when you can't figure out why. I can handle a low or a high if I knew the reason so I could hopefully avoid them again. But lows out of nowhere?! Those are the worst. Sending steady BG vibes your way today.


But I should add that it's reassuring to know we aren't the only ones who deal with such mania.

I hope you're feeling better....and that history doesn't repeat itself today!

This post actually makes me feel better. My boyfriend is Type 1 and ocassionally has lows like that for no apparent reason. It sounds like you are very careful and aware of what's going on with your body, so if you still have those unexplainable lows (and highs), then it doesn't necessarily mean it's time to panic. :)

You painted such a picture! I'm imagining these carb-y paratroopers hanging out in your lungs...then, at the predetermined time, they sprout fruit roll-up-ish parachutes and glide down to wreak havoc. :)

I'm sorry the day was so crummy. That's the thing about the D I have the hardest time explaining to people. Sometimes, you do everything "just right" and it STILL ferns with you.

I had the same day, unfortunately. Low pretty much all day and evened out at my 2 am test until this morning when I woke up to 358. Blech!

Some days I just have to accept that the BG gods have something planned for me that I don't understand. I"m sure glad i have Dex and a good meter to help keep me out of the hospital.

Oh so sorry you got your proverbial hat kicked. It's the first laugh I had all day, after a really sucky low day here yesterday. Now I shall picture pixie-stick armed little men, running around in G's body, while I attempt a rebound from the high. Maybe next time it will get me through it, instead of feeling like someone beat me up.

Ugh. That's the worst. Hang in there. Hopefully today is better:)

DH has days like that. It's baffling. He usually gets to saying things midday like "hm, I guess I don't need insulin anymore." It's frustrating for him, I know.

I hope your day today goes smoothly, with a nice, flat Dexcom line.

And I bet you feel like hat, too.

Those ups and downs make me feel like I've been hit by a freaking truck.

Love the visual of the "hiding" carbs.

What a smurfy thing for diabetes to do!! It had better start playing fair, or I'm gonna have to come kick it in the hat. Sending you nice level vibes and a big hug.

Oh, how I can relate, and just try explaining these lows to someone who believes that if you do everything "right" your levels will stay, well, level. How do the rest of you handle these long-term lows when you're at work and not even able to drive yourself home?

UGH. That must have whooped your ass! And the worst part? There's NO rhyme or reason. None. So it's not like you can prevent this from happening in the future. SO frustrating. And for people to say that "well you can easily control diabetes." HA! Hope today is better!!

I refer to it as the Tsunami Effect.

BS waters that range from one extreme to another.

Low BS's a slight rise, you treat it, than my BS goes slightly lower, you treat it.

Then a huge wave with a substantial wall hits me!!!! BS is now 300.

That is the Tsunami Effect.

Kerri, that is baffling. I'm with Debbilyme...gotta love it when judgmental people don't understand how we can't be in control all the time. How do you control something that makes no sense sometimes?

I can so identify with you. I had one of those days last week and ended up calling out of work the following day with a 400 BG and ketones, fun times. I love the idea of little carb men hiding out.

You may think posting these random "what happened to me and blood sugars today" posts of your life are meaningless (I wonder when I write about the same stuff), but know that it makes all of us nod our heads, laugh, and feel better! I know exactly what you are talking about...feeding lows and no insulin given...and then wham! What the heck just happened to my body? This is when you realize how nice it would be to have a functioning pancreas...because somehow it just knows what to do...and there's no way that we will ever know!

By the way, this is long overdue, but thanks for all your "new mommy and diabetes" information that you post (plus, I just really enjoy your humor as well!). I am three months from being in your shoes (and can't stinkin' wait!) and all your day-to-day stuff really is helping me out as to what to expect. I appreciate it all so much....THANK YOU!


Where do you buy that emergency box!!

I totally understand where you are coming from. I'll be low (60s) and I'll only eat around 8 grams of carbs, wait 15 minutes and now i'm in the 40s, so I eat another 10-15 carbs, then it takes almost another 30 minutes for my bg to rise. Then, it soars and i end up high! then I treat the high and I'm falling back down. So frustrating. Today has been one of those days. I am constantly up and down, trying to stay in between those lines on the dexcom-(top line is currently 140) which is really important when you are pregnant and are trying to stay so tightly managed! On a happier note, I'm 12 weeks today! :)

The feedback loop on T1 is the worst - you can do the same thing 3 days in a row and get 1)Normal...2)a little different +/- than normal...and 3)WHAM!!! I always carry 150-300g of carbohydrates with me when I go out cycling long distances (40-60+ miles). 1)Normal: bring at least half back, 2)+/- bring more back or have a slightly higher or lower BG and 3)eat 3 Clif bars, 2 hammer gels and drink all of my "drink"ade after getting dizzy 30 minutes into my ride with a BG of 60 while mentally plotting out a route to the nearest 7-11 on the way home and planning for an afternoon on the couch instead of an endurance ride.

I always envision bad little glucose riff raff just loitering somewhere random like my elbow, looking for trouble until the metabolism cops come by to disperse the crowd - then they just go cause trouble somewhere else! :p

Thanks for posting this Kerri! We had one of those days yesterday where my daughter was low all day, but then we over treated and she woke up at 1:30 a.m. at 422. UGH!! The hiding carbs gave me a laugh as well!!

This made me laugh and cheered me up, because Captain Symlin did this to me today and made me quite unproductive.

Note to docs and CDEs: Yes, there is such a thing as a rebound high. No, it doesn't always mean the PWD binged while low. Believe it!

This post couldn't have come at a more appropriate time! I feel like it just described my past few days!! It's so nice to hear others echo that you just sometimes can't come up with an explanation for why your blood sugars are acting crazy!

Love the 'carb attack' description. Sorry D kicked your hat yesterday - we all can relate, though.

So sorry you had one of those days, but thanks for sharing with us! Note to Laura G: I am a CDE, RN and struggle with the same smurf, having had T1 for 47 yrs. Some of us do understand. Sometimes it's not the carbs, but the insulin boluses that hide out until way later and whammo! I know the feeling: I just want a flat line! (on the Dex, of course!)

If it makes you feel any better I was bouncing all day as well - low all afternoon and then rebounding hard all evening. Dexcom is not showing a pretty picture today. . .planning for a better day tomorrow.

ARGHHH! Ducking Fiabetes definitely DID kick your hat! This happens with my son Joe all the time...Lows...LOWS...LOWS...then WHAMMO!!! Blood GLUCOSE PALOOZA. Luckily we too have a Dexcom ("Dexter")...that has saved him from a lot of lows over the past few months.

Ditto with everyone else! Do you ever switch to injections for the stubborn highs? Are you affected at all by your cycle? For three days last week my freshman in hs would wake up fine 130s, eat a granola bar and under-cover for it, disconnect from the pump and vigorously try out for volleyball (with lots of running and conditioning-very little standing around) for 2.5 hours. reconnect pump and dexcom shows 375. How is that possible? this disease stinks.

I'll I can say is me too girl, me too. Sometimes diabetes just sucks. I was low all last week and lowered my basal rate twice and now the last few days I have seen a lot of 400's. What is going on?!

ohhhhh, I HATE when that happens!

Thanks for describing my (extremely hectic and insanely busy) week! I "got" the kids back this week (being a teacher)... I had more days than I can count where I had lunch at 1150 and was too high to eat (over 300!) and then was eating everything in sight by 1230 with crashing numbers (and about 10u of insulin that hadn't kicked in!). Thank God for the diabetic in each 4th period class who put the rest of the class in place. "When she's gulping juice like that we wait 'til she's done and then go up to ask her the question! She doesn't come to us."

I've had a couple opposite days...treat, treat, treat, treat (meaning take insulin, not have treats!) with no movement and then a BOOM low.

In my head the attacking carbs look like Nerds running (the candy, not us computer folks).

sounds like out day yesterday and today...low low low all day for dd and then right before leaving for her appointment with her CDE we were both low and treating (and then i managed to rip my pod off accidentally) not that we weren't already running late or anything ...then after dinner hi hi hi for dd and all day today :(

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