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Month Four.

Dear Little Banana Pancake,

Dude, you are four months old.  (And yes, I'm calling you dude now, too.  Daddy is 'dude' and you are 'little dude.'  I sound like I'm about one President short of Point Break.)  Four months!!  

When I look at pictures of you from your birthday week and then ones from this past week, the differences are astounding.  You are developing a little personality now, and it's amazing to watch you come into your own.  You love being toted around in the Baby Bjorn.  You like to chow on the edges of your bibs and dresses and the little linky things that hang from your play mat.  Basically, you'll chew on anything that sits near you long enough.  (Watch out, Siah.)

In the last few weeks, you've made some big advancements.  I'm convinced that you say "Hi" now, because every morning we lean into your crib and greet you for about ten minutes straight.  "Hi!  Hi!  Hi!"  We sound like lunatics, but you laugh and kick your legs like you're Mini Pele, so it's worth every moment.  You also rolled over for the first time yesterday while we were at your Mema's house, rolling your chubby legs over and shifting your hips until you went from your back to your front.  And then, at home that night, you did the same thing, and then went from front to back.  Was this an epic moment in the span of humanity?  Nah, but it was a big moment in the life o' BSparl, because now you're on your way to becoming a mobile little biscuit.  (And NBF is excited, because once BSparl is crawling, we can race our kids.)  

Also, you've discovered your thumb.  First, you found your hands and spent many minutes staring at them as though you were tripping.  (Hey maaaaan ... fingers!)  But once the shock of realizing these little starfish were attached to your arms was past, you set upon eating them.  Entirely.  We'd find you trying to shove your whole hand into your mouth at any given moment, chomping on your little fingers with your tiny, toothless mouth.  After a week or so of trying to consume your hands whole, you gave up and decided to focus on that delicious little stem at the end.  And just like that, you became a little thumbsucker.  Daddy and I are already saving for the orthodontic work you may need in the future, but for now, we just get a kick out of watching you learn and grow.

BSparl, chomping away on that thumb.
Chompies on the thumb.

Your eyes are beginning to change a little, and they appear gray one day, hazel the next.  Will you be a brown eyed girl?  Only time will tell.  But your red hair is giving way to light brown, and it's falling out and growing back at such a rapid rate that I can't keep up.  (For the record, you looked adorable with male pattern baldness.)

This past month, you had your first overnight at Grampa's house, your first trip to the beach, and your first side-by-side car ride with your best friend (NBF's daughter).  You had your first run-in with my insulin pump (kicked it when you were flailing while burping - didn't like it very much, did you?) and your first wide-eyed response to the Dexcom wail. 

You are growing up so fast, little dude.  When I send photos off to be printed, you don't look like that anymore when they return.  As much as I'm excited to walk hand-in-hand with you and watch you run and hear your first words, sometimes I snuggle you close when no one is looking and whisper "Please, slow down."

Love you so much, pancake,


She is so adorable Kerri!! Thanks for sharing her with us.

There is nothing more sweet than the suckling of a little dude(I call my girls dude too).

Growing up so fast... before you know it, first birthday.

(sadly missed the girls' party on Saturday, so I had to say it.)

What a sweet letter! LOVE the nickname "banana pancake!" I call Mike "THE Dude" as in the Dude from Big Lebowski. Long story. :)

Isn't she a dude-ette?

Before you know it - Not 1st birthday - 13th birthday, and she'll be - a teen - Aggghhhh (where did my little girl go - she's taller than me now - but still wants Dad hugs)

So sweet, it made me cry. :)

Oooooooh, I wish my kids had found their thumbs! So much better than a blanket or doll or pacifier that can get lost. With a thumb----instant comfort!

Race your kids?! Oh man - that's awesome!
If I ever have kids I will have to make sure I have a friend that has one at the same time! :)

Beautiful letter to Little Dude! As soon as she turns 1 it's downhill from there.

Begging you to post video of the baby race :)

hold her close... my 1st girl just turned 13 and she is also taller than me... but gosh, I'm so proud to be her mom

Pretty sure I've never adored a baby I haven't met as much as this one. Love your posts, D-mom. And love that you share with us.

thumbs have no carbs!

she is so beautiful, and I am so happy for you!!!! :)

Awww, I LOVE that picture!! Four months already? And she's flipping herself over? The cats had better get ready - they are not going to know what hit them (figuratively - I don't think she'll actually HIT the cats . . . )

Soon she will be doing 1 armed push ups!

She is so sweet and this post made me well up. I tell Gillian to slow down all the time. I stop her walking through the house, hug her tight and say, "Please stop growing. you are my baby so you cannot get older!" she giggles but my heart breaks every time.

I love my kids so much it hurts but I miss the baby versions of them all the time.

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