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Month Three.

Dear BSparl,

You turn three months old today, and I'm having a hard time remembering what life was like before you arrived.  I know the house is turned upside down with diapers and pacifiers and all these weird little toys that clip to everything and make tinkly bell noises, but it feels like you've lived with us forever.  

The last four weeks have given us lots of new experiences.  You went on your first plane ride and you did AWESOME.  You grinned the whole time we were traveling, prompting the lady who sat behind us to say, after we landed, "Oh, I was watching her smile through the space between the seats.  She had a wonderful flight, didn't she?"  (Mommy didn't do as well, but that's to be expected because she's a huge wuss who writes to you in third person on occasion.)  You visited Florida and you met a lot of your extended family, including some that you spit up on

Three months old

You've realized that smiling will get you everything (prompting your Grampa to ask you "What color pony do you want?").  You crack us up every morning, when you start to cry a little bit when you wake up, only to bust out with this huge grin as soon as one of us is standing by your crib, ready to pick you up.  You've also started cooing and babbling when we talk to you.  We have long conversations using only vowel sounds.

You are starting to show your preference for certain things.  Like that thing that we velcro on to your carseat with the colorful caterpillar on it.  You talk to it for hours.  And you don't really care for the toys attached to the arch on your bouncy chair.  I think you've realized the flaw in the designer's logic.  Let's take a closer look at the dragonfly that flies, the bee that buzzes around in the air, and the ... magical flying snail?

Flying ... snail???

Okay, so not all of your toys make sense.  Like the frog with the mirror in his throat.  Or the teething ... foot.  Or the marvelous elephant with no feet.  But you are endlessly entertained by these treats, and I love watching you smile and laugh at all the silliness.

In the last few weeks, you've started kicking your legs around like crazy, and a few times my Dexcom sensor or my pump site has paid the price.  You've yet to nudge anything loose, but I'm sure that's coming.  Just yesterday, you had a fistful of pump tubing while you were breastfeeding.  And the other day, while we waited for Daddy to come out of the store, I used a bottle of test strips as a makeshift rattle.  Again, not all of your toys make sense.  ;)

You are very good with your furry housemates, tolerating their investigative reporting.  You haven't kicked Siah when she joins us for breakfast in the morning, even though she's trying desperately to lay on the Boppy.  And the other day, when Abby came up and licked your toes while you were playing on your playmat, I thought your eyes were going to roll out of your head in surprise. 

And you are getting so big.  I've already packed away your newborn clothes, and you're quickly stretching out of your 0 - 3 months outfits.  Every day, you seem a little bigger, which confirms that Daddy and I are doing a good job (and also makes me a little sad, in a strange way).  Your eyes are still slate blue and your hair is strawberry blonde, making you a perfect blend of your parents.  

You smile constantly.  You are the happiest little kidlet I have ever seen. 

And I love you bunches.



Aw. Aw aw aw. Reading this put an ache in my chest. But I remember the old-yet-newness of it at that time. Mine are 16 and 19 (YEARS) now. Sigh.

I love the idea of using a test strip vial as a rattle! I'll have to remember that one. ;-)

Aw, you made me cry! So Beautiful! :)

So cute! He'll love reading this when he grows up!

She is one lucky little kidlet to have such adoring parents. And such adoring kittens . . . . I can't wait to hear about all of the trouble they get into together. I'm sure it will be starting up soon. ;)

What a loved little girl! This was so sweet to read.

So sweet and so is that picture. Treasure every second. Even the tough ones. In a weird way, I miss them all.

Kerri, you, Chris, and Bsparl inspire me everyday. Your posts are beautiful.

Awww...you make me smile. This is an awesome, awesome post, Kerri. Happy 3 month, BSparl! :D

Aw, what a sweet letter! My little girl is just 2 days older than BSparl and I love reading your posts because I'm having the same experiences. :-)

I love reading your letters to BSparl!! Only a diabetic mommy would think to use a test strip vial as a rattle, which is pretty genius if you ask me!

Aww, a quarter of a year already.

She is a really lucky girl with really lucky parents.

(What color pony does she want?)

Congratulations, I picked you for one of the Versatile Blogger Awards! Go to my blog post to see how to accept your award!

I have never felt more special after getting hurled on before. :-)

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