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So here's a trend:  Today, I woke up to the sound of my baby cooing from her bassinet.  My hands reached over to the Dexcom receiver and I clicked on the button to light up the screen.  I saw a "74" and an arrow trending oh-so-slightly down.  So while Chris changed the baby, I went out to the kitchen to grab a swig of juice before settling in to breastfeed BSparl.  I fed her and then went into the living room to play with her.

Notice any problems here?  Anything ... oh, I don't know ... missing?  Like maybe a blood sugar check when I woke up?  Or at least one after I fed her?

Nope.  Nothing.  No test.  I went all the way from waking up to freaking NOON before busting out my meter.  This is a terrible trend.  And it's happened twice in the last four days.  I'm relying way too much on my Dexcom for guidance, instead of double-checking every hour or two with my meter.  I mean, missing a fasting blood sugar?  I've never, ever done that before.  Even in college, when I was at my diabetes worst, I still tested first thing every morning.

This is not a trend I want sticking.

I miss these little blue guys.  :)Here's another trend:  For the most part, I am BSparl's daytime friend.  During the day, Chris leaves our home office for a distraction and baby-free zone where he can focus on his writing.  So for several hours a day, BSparl is left to her mommy's devices.  (Including, but not limited to, visiting friends for lunch dates, running household errand-type things, and my own attempts to get work done.)   When I'm hanging with the baby, getting to the gym is impossible, and with the weather so hot and humid lately, I don't feel comfortable taking her for a walk in the stroller.  By the time Chris gets home, and we talk for a while, and we have dinner, etc. etc., it's suddenly so late that it's almost time for Colbert to come on.  (NATION!)  And I'm too exhausted to hit the gym.

This is not a trend I want sticking, either.  

A lot of the baby weight has come off (thank you, breastfeeding), but I am in desperate need of some muscle toning.  I need to get some workouts in as part of my schedule in a hurry, because I'm growing tired of feeling flumpy.  Before I got pregnant, I felt good about my body.  Now?  I need a little more effort to get back to fighting shape, or at least faux-fighting shape.  (Like the kind of fighting that includes throwing styrafoam peanuts.  Or something similar.)

The trends of missing blood sugar checks and workouts must end TODAY.  These habits are too damn crappy to let them continue.  I can't let these two trends wreck my goal of good health.  Small changes can make the biggest difference, so as of this moment, I'm realigned myself to test every morning and to get some exercise in at least four days a week.  (I was doing five days a week for years, so four days isn't a bad starting point.)  And it doesn't have to be a gym workout - I'll take anything from a long walk with the stroller and BSparl to an ellipmachine workout to a bike ride. 

Why am I rambling on about this?  Accountability, my friends.  By telling you, I'm setting myself up to be accountable for my actions (or lack of action).  It worked in helping me get my diabetes reigned in for pregnancy, and I hope accountability can help me get my act together to be a healthier mom.


I can haz workout accountability partner?

Seriously, it's been hard getting back in the swing of things around here, too.

I'm TERRIBLE (absolute crap!) at remembering to test after fasting, mostly because I've got oh-such a lovely attitude in the mornings. I always manage to get it done 45-60 minutes later, but I've never been good at that. If you come across any tips/tricks for remembering to remind yourself to do it ~ I'm all ears!

Good luck kicking those trends to the curb. If anyone can do it YOU can.

I'm having issues with the weather, too. I was doing soooo well with the walks, and then, well, summer happened.

103 heat index? No thanks.

Rachel - You can haz. You already haz! I'm starting today - join me? I'll Tweet when I'm exercising if you do. :)

Of course you are smart to watch the bg checks and to know that you'll get back to the gym, but please don't beat yourself up too much. I'm going to sound like the old lady here (my kids are 8 and 5), but babies change so much in the first year that routines (or trends) are hard to come by. Just when you get used to something, it all changes! You're doing great!

@Jacquie: I'm so with you on the weather, too. I stopped going for walks when the humidity is 70% and I'm fighting spider webs through the wooded part of my trail. And I don't have an ellipmachine to fall back on. So, we're looking into joining a 24-hour gym close to the house. *sigh* Summer sucks sometimes (say that 5 times fast!).

Been 5 years and I'm still battling those trends :-) Sometimes I win. Sometimes I lose. You are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone.


try outrigger canoe paddling...its different and really fun..there is a group in Boston..great way to lose the weight and tone up. Not sure if the pump and all are waterproof or can be, but check into it...or maybe even Chris may find it fun..I know for me its a huge stress reliever.

Sounds like a great plan Kerri!

Good luck to you Kerri! Trends are so easily formed and so often hard to break. We can all use some accountablity! :)

Brings back memories! I remember talking to and reading about other "diabetic mommies" who had a hard time checking blood sugar after the baby arrived. I kept thinking "that won't happen to ME". I was diagnosed as a young adult, never went through a rebellious stage with diabetes and have always tested lots.

Then my baby was born. The first couple of months i tested before every feed because, as you have talked about, those breast feeding sessions can do a whammy on your blood sugar. But slowly the finger stick tests diminished and suddenly i found there were many days when i was only testing 2 or 3 times. It surprised me once i realised it. But like you will, i got back into it and back on top of my diabetes to not let that A1c climb too high between pregnancies. Now i'm pregnant with n°2 and back to needing all 10 fingers every day. :)

Also wanted to comment, the Dexcom is great (and so addictive, to me at least) but I know exactly what you mean about looking at it and not even thinking about checking with the meter. It's a dangerous habit to get into. I know sometimes my Dexcom will show LOW and I'll check it and I'm only at 70, not below 40! Hopefully we can both buck the trend. :)

Hi Kerri!
Just found your blog, doing exactly what you did awhile ago: looking for info on Type 1 and pregnancy. It's kind of scary how alike you and I are.

I also use the Dexcom way too often instead of the meter, which is bad because let's face it - the thing is dead wrong sometimes! But I also think I would do the same thing. The best thing you can do is know you can do better :) Love your blog, and I am buying that book you recommended!

You might be interested in checking out #temt - the Twitter Exercise Motivation Team. Folks from many walks of life have started visiting this one and they encourage contributions as well. I think your reflections on being a Mommy and fitting in much needed exercise would be a welcome addition. In case you're interested, their blog is twitterexercisemotivationteam.blogspot.com/

Kerri, I can really empathize for you here. I have type 2 Diabetes and it's tough to live with as well. You are a brave soul, and I love your page! Please come see mine which is dedicated to those with Type 2 Diabetes. It's at http://thediabeticmindset.blogspot.com

Kudos on your page!!


I know how easy it is to fall into less effective habits, and I also know that you are perfectly capable of resetting and finding your in your new role as person/spouse/mother (I'm sure I left a few out).

As one wise blogger was commented, I hope your post has motivated you to action. It sure has motivated me.


Same thing happened to me when I started using the Dex. I actually gave it (Dex) up for that very reason and went back to the logbook. Unfortunately, I gave up the logbook too!

Seriously, after reading your post, I went and plugged my readings in for this week -- so, thank you.

Accountability is HUGE.

Don't let us down.(joking)
Don't let Chris and BSparl down.(serious)

Waking up from a comfy sleep to a finger stick is not my idea of a great way to start the day! If I wake up feeling "off", I'll check right away. Otherwise, give me my COFFEE first!

Okay, maybe the trends aren't so good. But you are recognizing them and committed to changing them. So go you!!! And lunch with friends is great - even the dessert. Because berry cheesecake counts as a serving of fruit and carrot cake counts as a serving of vegetables, right? Once the Fall weather hits, we can add some walking time after dessert. :)

wah interesting post, I totally love dexcom but it does let you down if you get to relying too much on it. Now I have those stupid ????s and want to throw it out the window. but it is a great little gadget, for all the frustrations.

Helps me to think of my cgm as directional only. Then I test like a good girl. :) I keep strips and a multiclix in the rooms I spend the most time in with the baby, too.

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