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PumpTri: Preggo in a Red Wagon.

Shoving my pregnant arse into a red wagon?  Why sure!BSparl has been many places, mostly before she was born.  She's been to Boston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and NYC, to Barcelona and to Sundance.  Kid is a world traveler.  I knew I'd continue to do my thing while pregnant, but there was one thing that I couldn't have anticipated.

That whole "shoved into a little red wagon and wearing a kid's bike helmet" thing. 

All in the name of insulin pumping, right?  Let me explain ...

Animas is doing a very fun (and highly silly) video project - the Pump Triathalon. Here are the details from the PumpTri website:

"The 2010 Online Pump Triathlon is about proving something. It’s about proving there are no limits to what we can do with diabetes. It’s about proving the D community can achieve anything we put our minds (and arms and feet) to when we work together.

Completing a triathlon is difficult. But just like any challenge, it’s more easily approached with friends and smiling faces. That’s why we’re asking for 10 seconds of fun from you in water, on wheels, or by foot. Whether your swimming in your bathtub, rolling on a skateboard, hop-scotching through a playground – it doesn’t matter – because we want show people what happens when the D community approaches something difficult: we finish it together, and we make sure it’s fun."

Aside from giggling at the video submissions, we have a chance to make a huge contribution to a diabetes charity of our choice, you guys.  If we can finish this triathalon by July 31st, Animas will make a $10,000 donation to a non-profit charity that we get to choose.  And that is an amazing opportunity for us to all do something fun and make a difference at the same time.

No worries - you don't have to be an Animas pumper to participate.  And you don't have to have your pump showing in the video, unless you want to.  But if it is showing, more power to you!  (Also, and this is just the "filmmaker's wife" in me talking, but if you avoid wearing or holding anything with a name brand on it, that helps because then there aren't any trademark violation issues to work through.  So, like, don't have a can of Diet Coke in your hand while you skate by.  Scott.)

I've already done my video.  If you go to the PumpTri website, you'll see my pregnant rear stuck in a red wagon and propelled by oar across a parking lot.  (What?  Doesn't sound normal to you?)  Just another example of the list of embarrassing moments that make up my life. 

[Animas disclosure]


What a great idea. You look cute in that wagon! :)

Okay first? How ridiculously cute. (Very Kerri-ish...I love how serious you look while you row yourself along.)

Second, I'm probably being stupid, but how does this work exactly? They need enough vids to cross some arbitrary finish line? (It says 20% complete, but only shows 5 or 6 videos.) Do you know how many they need?

Elizabeth - I have no idea how many videos they actually need. I'd guess like 75? 100? I can't do that kind of math. Four more? ;)

I saw the link yesterday, and Jason volunteered to be my videographer before I even had an opportunity to start plotting my submission...

Very cool!!! And here's the weird thing - today I vlogged footage of my ballroom lesson. I can easily chop out 10 seconds of dancing to upload to the site! Yay!

I am so in! LOVE IT

*sigh* I, too, did a video this weekend . . . of me and my dog jumping in a swimming pool. Do I dare be the first one to post a "water" video in my bathing suit? I'm skeeeered. :->

I have our video all ready, but the browse button isn't directing me so I can upload :(

Sounds like fun!!! Hope we can get it in!!!

ok, so you don't have to be an Animas user, but you do have to be a pumper, right? Or is being diabetic enough? Very hard to tell from the website.

Why do I suddenly feel like singing "I've Been Everywhere" by Johnny Cash.... LOL :)

No Diet Coke?! How about I just have the Diet Coke covered up, ala MythBusters or something...

You're going to laugh at this, only because it fits this post so well. So I'm doing the Tour de Cure ride on Saturday, and I picked up this schweet handlebar bag for my bike. It has a place for a water bottle, right up front for easy access. Me being me, I totally thought about how nice an ice cold can of Diet Coke would be right there.

What?! I can't help it! :-)

Hi Chris - from Animas, to answer a few questions for everyone:
- you don't NEED to be a pumper, just a member of the D community.
- the progress bar is a little buggy right now. we need to fix it. the race goes until July 31.
- Holly: not sure why the browse button didn't work. Might want to try a different browse, just to see if it's that.

Have fun! Can't wait to see the videos! We were so happy to have Kerri as our star!

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