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Baby Camouflage.

Note to self: Don't dress BSparl in the outfit that matches the pattern on the blanket or, when you put her in the bouncy chair, you will not be able to find her.


She is adorable Kerri!!! Camouflage or not A-DOR-ABLE!!!!!

OMG, how cute!

Oh my gosh Kerri!!!! She is adorable!!!!!

Such a cute picture of her!

I love the pacifiers that make it look like your baby's going like this :o ! Very cute -- and a great tip.

Too Precious!!!!

A)She's adorable!
B)Baby Camo - Love it. That's hysterical!!

She is SO CUTE! Congrats on your beautiful baby girl.

Oh Kerri! She's absolutely adorable!

She is beautiful Kerri!


Hahaha!!! Too funny! She's just so darn cute!

OMG! She is too precious!

She is freakin' adorable!!!

too bad the pacifier doesn't match ;)

what a cutie.

I so want to LOL cat her:

Camoflage - Iz haz it.

Crap! Laughed really loud...at work. Just blew my cover. So much for seeming like I was being productive.

like a ninja - blending in to her surroundings

Ohh Kerri she is so pretty!! Good job girl :)

How funny Kerri !! She is so precious !!!

She qualifies in the top three most beautiful babies I've ever seen. (High praise considering the other two are family!) :)

She is SO adorable!! I want one! :)

She is so beautiful!!!!

How cute is that!!!

OMG!!! so unbelievably cute, congrats!!!


Oooh, a Soothie pacifier! Have you seen the flower pacifier clips for those? They are adorable. #guywhoknowstoomuchaboutbabystuff #alsoknowshashtagsnotappropriateforblogcomments #doesntreallycare

Does life get any better?????

That brightened up my morning!Thank you!

And look at her hair! Oh she is adorable :)

I've been waiting for an updated picture! :) She is adorable!!!!

Very cute!

She has that fist pump going again, only not so high this time. Maybe she's not as thrilled about this as she was the boppy, but still somewhat amused lol

Major LOLOL!!!!!!

All she needs is a cap and mittens and you would NOT find her! : D



This is the best giggle I've had all day! So very sweet.

Hi Kerri,
She is absolutely adorable.
Congrats on your cute baby.

She's so gorgeous!!! You have one adorable munchkin Kerri!

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