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Zip the Cure: An Interview with Monica.

Zip the CureI'm not the first to mention Zip the Cure (nor do I have the cleverest title - that definitely goes to Saraaaaaaaaaa[no h]).  But like my fellow d-bloggers, I was contact by15 year old Monica Oxenreiter about her type 1 diabetes fundraising project, Zip the Cure

it's almost too simple!

"Zip the Cure has just one uncomplicated goal; raise $100 in every zip code for research to find a cure for juvenile diabetes."  One hundred dollars is a good amount of money, but it's not a bank breaker, especially if you get a few $10 donations from friends, coworkers, family members, cats ... you get the picture.  Doesn't take much to reach this goal per zip code.

I talked with Monica by email about her project, and wanted to give her an opportunity to raise her voice about Zip the Cure.  Take it away, Monica!

Kerri:  What's your connection to diabetes? 

Monica: I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes on July 14, 1994, when I was thirteen months old. My older brother, John, was diagnosed three years later, on March 7, 1998, when he was eight. That means we have had diabetes for a combined total of twenty five years! We were immediately involved with the JDRF Walkathon, and were youth ambassadors. In addition, we were part of the Promise to Remember Me campaign.

Kerri:  What was the spark behind Zip the Cure, and how did you get started?

Monica:  My brother and I were both Pennsylvania delegates to the Children's Congress in 2005. While we were there, we met many people our age, from across the  country, who were dedicated to finding a cure. We wantedMonica of Zip the Cure to find a similar way to involve people from every state in the search for the cure. Zip the Cure is a national program that provides a fundraising opportunity accessible anywhere in the United States, on a local level. This is a way for everyone to contribute at their own level toward a much larger goal. Diabetes affects people in every zip code across the country; this is a way for people to work together to try to make a difference. We received approval from JDRF as a third-party fundraiser; we then obtained a 501(c) nonprofit status from the IRS and, with the help of John Coryat, developed an interactive map which went live on November 14, 2009. Since then we have sold 91 zip codes in 23 states.

Kerri:   How can other people get involved with Zip the Cure?

Monica: You can visit our website! The best way to get involved is to help spread the word or donate.  As with any grassroots effort, a donation of any amount is combined with many others to make an impact. People can collaborate with their communities to sponsor a zip code if $100 is too much for one individual. We are trying to work together to raise funds for a cure for diabetes.  Individually, the goal we have set may seem overwhelming, but with our efforts combined, it is within our reach.
Kerri:  What's your goal with this effort, and what can we, as a diabetes community, do to help?

Moinca: The goal is to raise $4.2 million for type-1 diabetes research, to find a cure. We would really appreciate it if you could sponsor your zip code or help us spread the word to others about our project. It does not matter where you are, because there are zip codes everywhere in the United States. Please visit our website, Zip the Cure, join our Facebook group, or email me if you want more information at monica@zipthecure.com.

Kerri:  Thanks, Monica, for sharing your story, and I'm hoping that you reach your goal!


Great way to get the word out and what a great cause! Good luck!

This is really cool! When I start making some more money I will definitely donate for my zipcode! :) I think it's a really neat idea. Thanks, Kerri for posting this.

This blog is awesome

Woot! Great Job Monica!

I'm a big fan of this fundraiser (I own 22408! Yay me!) because it's such a simple, exciting idea. I love ingenuity! Oh yeah, and a cure would be good too :)

Thanks for adding to the awareness about Monica's inspiring effort. Truly worth mentioning everywhere and being a part of. I can't wait to get on board with trying to help Zip the Cure. Have that as a 2010 resolution, and look forward to covering as much of Indiana as possible through the D-Network here. Hometown spots in Michigan, too!

This is such a brilliant idea! If only I lived in the US, I would totally donate. Is there any way someone from the UK or elsewhere can donate?

Hey, how inspiring! We had to get our zip code. I hope we can get others to join in and sponsor theirs as well.
Kerri, it's my first comment, so congrats on BSparl, you are doing an amazing job. I cannot imagine the hard hard work you are putting into this. It will be so worth it.
My husband Michael and I met you at the parents group in Norwalk. Glad your pregnancy is going so well!!!!

Thanks for the title credit Kerri, but I think you spelled my name wrong ;)

Just sponsored my zip code! So excited...can we get this girl on Ellen or one of those shows? I love it when kids/teens take an active part in the cure!!


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