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We don't know what the heck happened, but Buried coverage was bumped from the show for some reason (so was the bit about Kirsten Dunst - wtf, Entertainment Tonight?).  It looks like Monday's show aired tonight, instead of the Buried one.  (Check out this website to see what I mean.)  Rumor has it that the clip is supposed to be aired on MTV and other news outlets, but that remains to be seen tomorrow night.  For now, sit tight - clips ARE hopefully coming soon!

But never fear!  There's still the premiere at Sundance this weekend!  (Phew!)


Boooo!!! The Rhoades family was waitin' and wonderin'! We figured something like that happened. We'll just have to look forward to your play by play from this weekend!

Well, we saw it in Canada courtesy of ET Canada! Looks AMAZING! Can't WAIT to see it in the theatre! I may have to bring my blankie and some portable O2, however....

We will all still continue to watch!

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