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You Know You're a Diabetic When ...

You know you're a diabetic when ...

Diabetes MacAttack!

... a few blood stains on the computer power button are almost expected.


HAHAHA Totally expected.

:) Very expected.

It's worse on the white macbook!

Mine end up on the keyboard and trackad though. My computer is never off, so not much reason to touch the power button.

But would we even notice? ;-)

Awwwww, Poor little Mac Babies, getting bloodied in daily use.

At least the Unibody MBPros are easy to clean :-)

Some things you just gotta laugh at...My son's pillow case is covered with these spots from night time checks!

Eerily timed post. Just this morning, I smeared blood all over my backslash key because i didn't realize my finger was still bleeding. Then I licked it off. I'm so disgusting.

Just don't kill anyone with your computer, to much DNA!

You only buy your son red blankets to hide the spots from the middle-of-the-night checks he sleeps through!

LOL - you know what - I've never left a blood smear yet. Hmm, does this mean I have a horse shoe up my you know where or is it because I seem to favour dark things in clothing, etc. ?
Give me another 42 years of D and BG testing - and maybe I'll join the club :)

My charcoal grey keyboard hides a multitude of sins :)

I love your blog, and the way you write,keep doing it, Greetings from Peru,


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