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Taste, Now With More Math!

I think this video is brilliant, and I'm not just saying that because I adore these two fellas.  George and Scott teamed up to create a Making Sense of Diabetes video for TuDiabetes and they focused on taste ... showing how we, as people with diabetes, don't get to taste much of anything without embarkng on some kind of blood sugar testing, carb calculating, math confusion adventure. 

As I said - brilliant.  These guys raise awareness using humor, but boy does this message resonate. See for yourself:


It's true! Sad, funny but true.

These two are among the top three in my favorite "masters of the blogosphere". This cracked me up. "Major suckage" -- you ain't just a-whistlin' Dixie my friends!

I rarely LOL at this stuff, but these guys made my day!


Thanks for posting Kerri! That's great and SO TRUE! I hated math in school....hate it even more now that I HAVE to use it ALL of the time!

Thanks for posting this! It was a lot of fun making this video with Scott.

But why did THAT image have to be the one that shows up when you embed it! LOL

O.M.G. - loves it!!

Thanks for posting, Kerri. I'm putting this up on DiabeticConnect right now :)

THAT TOTALLY ROCKED!!!! Thanks for posting...I needed that :)

THAT TOTALLY ROCKED!!!! Thanks for posting...I needed that :)

Excellent work!! And I totally agree. However, just today I was looking at the glass as half full. I commented to my hubby upon calculating my daughter's breakfast carb count in an astounding 4 seconds, WITHOUT the use of a calculator how my highschool math teacher would be so proud of my much improved mental math abilities. That's not worth a pinch of shit considering it took my three year old daughter's diabetes diagnosis to achieve this trivial talent. I'd far rather still suck at mental math. But sometimes ya just gotta make a little lemonade outa those damn lemons.

OMG, I just burst out laughing at the Velveeta, ketchup and BACON!!!


Only a person with Diabetes would understand the jest of this video. We can do math. Thanks to all the math teachers who drilled multiplication in our heads.

I am a MDI person with some "food exchange" calculations in my head. I use a combination of lables and the food exchange old school style. I quesstimated that the carbs were about 15 for each bread total 30 grams. And the cheese two slices equal about the same as 1/2 c of milk 6-7 grams of carb. The visual thing really wacks me out. I am impressed with the math calculation. When I get a pump I hope it does the math.

That made my whole. Day. For really reals... :)

That is so funny! My 2.5 year old T1 son is too young to get it ...but as his parent I loved it and couldn't agree more! I want him to have taste without math!! Thanks for the post.


Like a past commentor said - sad, funny, but true!

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