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Happy Thanksgiving!

For the past few years, I've been tracing my hand and making a hand-turkey, like any self-respecting adult would do on Thanksgiving.  And this year, Chris and I spent a few minutes tracing our hands with crayons. 

My turkey is on the left, with too many colors and a hair bow.  His somehow became the Hamburger Helper.

And this is precisely why I love him. 

Thanksgiving 2009 - Sparling style

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! 

(For turkeys from Thanksgiving past, check out the 2005 and 2006, and 2008 editions.  2007 was a no-show.) 


Happy Thanksgiving! Love the drawing.

Well... if you were doing Turkey Day solo (you, he, and BSparl), I'd say he'd also be "Leftover Helper" (as in helping to finish them off)...

With family, I'd expect the leftovers to be a bag of bones (used for soup tomorrow) and some crumbs for the birds...

What an adorable couple. Happy Thanksgiving Kerri!

Your best hand turkey yet! Can't wait to see BSparl's next year!

I love it. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Kerri, you should have put a turkey egg between the two of you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S. I am thankful for your inspiring blogs.

These are sooo cute... And next year will have 3 hands.. Yours,Chris and Bsparl. :)

I cannot wait to see the little baby's turkey hand next year!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and Chris! Lovely pic

Hamburger Helper! LOL That is awesome!

Happy Thankgiving to the three of you, and the cats!

LOL, too funny!!! My friend Jane from work and I used to make hand turkeys every year and hang them on the wall. I'm pretty sure everyone thought we were nuts. Although they thought that well before Thanksgiving, so it was no problem. :) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Miss you!

And speaking of Hamburger Helper, who tried "Slider Stuffing" this year?? Yep, stuffing made from White Castle hamburgers. My sister-in-law made it, called it "Mystery stuffing" and everyone had to try it and try to identify the ingredients. Surprisingly enough, it was PDG (pretty dang good)!! Of course what's not to love about a little more fat on the Thanksgiving plate?? Anyway, that's what the Hamburger Helper hand reminded me of today. Have a great post-turkey day.

So cute!!

It looks like your turkey is kissing the Hamburger Helper guy :)

Love it! Thanks for sharing! (Even my 16 yr old loved the picture. She said this year's was the best one!)

Watch out. Lynn may want to borrow the hamburger helper hand for personal errands. ;-)

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