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The End.


Good for you. :)

::thumbs up::


Whew. We did it. You Go gurl.

What the heck is NaBloPoMo?

Ok I figured it out I had to goggle it.

I get it now :)

We made it! Although the last few days were rough...

I must comment on "Embarassment Pie", (although there's no place to do so on the entry).

Try being 50 lbs overweight and having those same issues. Truly p*sses me off that I can't allow for one piece of pie a year w/o "the looks". I have the same issues as you do, but being overweight puts a huge amount of pressure on me. I watch my food but am unable to exercise because of joint issues. It's very hard to deal with -- also because most people think I'm Type 2 and therefore "deserve" to be diabetic.

Lots of emotion tied up in this one.

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