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Death of a Computer.

I loved my HP laptop.  Loved.  Seventeen inches (size matters) of shiny screen with plenty of memory and all my photos and my videos and my writing on it ... it was the technological embodiment of my life as a blogger and I took it with me everywhere.  Blood sugar logs throughout the course of my pre-pregnancy and now-pregnancy, drafts of articles I haven't finished yet, and a cache of photos spanning four or five years back.

But last week, the whole thing went kaput on me.  

It started at the beginning of October, when the browser windows started to crash on me.  Then I received "low memory" warnings, prompting me to back up all of my files on mMissing my PC, but loving the new Macbooky 500 GB hard drive and delete crap from my laptop hard drive.  "That should do it, " I mused, hopefully.

But then things started disappearing.  Photo edits slipped right off my desktop as soon as I saved them there.  Spreadsheets went from functioning to melting every time my mouse went near them.  Word docs became skittish, hiding in the trash without my permission.  Photoshop crashed.  My video editing software died.  And then, my email seized.


After a slew of curse words and frantic backing up of the contents on my laptop before smoke started to stream out the sides, I made a very, very rash decision to replace my laptop.

So I've crossed over to the other side.  I bought a Macbook Pro, seduced by that little light up Apple logo and the promise of no viruses.  Brandy new, full of room for my stuff, and way above my pay grade.  But I'm considering this a business investment, or at least pretending it's one.

I have to admit - I feel a bit like a sell-out.  I liked my PC, and I am still planning to have it fully crashed and rebuilt.  All of my Dexcom software is on my PC and most of my diabetes-related programs only run on a PC.  (Note to diabetes software developers - maybe you'd like to think about making stuff for a Mac?)  I've never been the "OMG I must have an iPhone" and I'm perfectly happy with headphones that AREN'T white, but after working on an iMac at dLife for a few years, I did have a chance to see how fluid the Macs are when it comes to video editing, design stuff, and overall smooth usage.  So with a PC netbook in our house and a few other PCs floating around, I wanted to make the change to the ol' Apple.

Honestly, I do love it.  :)  There's something so nice about a completely clean computer, one without all the error messages that my wounded PC was throwing for the last few weeks.  It just feels like an upgrade from my four year old PC laptop.  I'm not going full-Mac,  but I am embracing the new computer and all it's jazzy features.  Only tricky part is that I need to replace my design software with the Mac version, but other than that, I'm ready to roll with this new Macbook.

Any of you guys make the switch from PC to Mac?  Do you feel those pangs for Windows at all, or am I just being weird?  What do I need to do to make sure I'm using this machine to its fullest capability?  Are there any websites you'd recommend?  Is iMovie where it's at for video editing, or is there something else I should be using?  Anything I should be careful NOT to do?  Newbie Mac'er here, and would love the advice. 

(And in completely non-geeky-computer-stuff news, "Buried" did well at the American Film Market, and has been called one of the hot sellers of the film market.  Go Team Sparling!!!)


Don't know in you remember me. You nicknamed me the Roche Social Media Warlord at the Blog Summit in June. Anyway, glad to see you bought a Mac.

It's a better machine all the way around.

I am going to make the switch pretty soon. I am done with PC's so I am consider myself an Apple Fanboy. I have been building PC's for years and I am done.


Switched a few years ago and will NEVER go back. Mac is just so much more user friendly in so many ways.

For your PC only programs, there's a software called parallels that you can get for the mac. It allows you to load a copy of windows onto your macbook and use windows and it's programs as a background app. Like having a web-browser window up and having windows inside of it.

The funny thing is I loaded windows XP nto my mac as a background app, and compared the speed to my dedicated XP Dell laptop...the Mac ran XP faster. :)

Welcome to the light side! I was raised on a PC, and when I applied to college for graphic design, I was convinced there was absolutely nothing a mac would do that my PC wouldn't. It took time but I eventually learned all the things the mac WOULD do, and I went full-mac- at home and at work. I've found the best way to explain it is; "It just works." No weird error messages, no viruses, no random things that just stop working. It just works! And now, 98% of software will run on a mac. And because you do have some specialty software that isn't mac-friendly, you might be interested to look into Bootcamp- you can actually install a copy of windows on your machine and run it natively. By holding down a certain key when you boot, you can choose to boot in OSX or in Windows. Boot in windows, install your diabetes software in windows, and anytime you need to update your info, it's as simple as rebooting!
And while your initial investment in the computer was more, Macs outlive PCs exponentially, and in five years it will still run like the day you opened it.
Once you go Mac, you don't go back. :-)

Welcome to the other side. May the force be with you. :)

I love my MacBook...will never go back to a PC. It has far less issues...so easy to use. And the virus free thing.....LOVE it!

I have a little advice, when they put out a new version OSX make sure you update your mac. If you don't other newer Apple products may not work with your Mac. And from experience if you miss two upgrades it is hard to get your computer up to speed i.e. going from Panther to Leopard. My Mac PowerBook recently passed away with hard drive failure. I could replace the hard drive and have a perfectly fine computer but I'm saving my pennies to buy a new Mac because I love them so much. Good luck I hope you love it!

Another great thing about a Mac is if you decide to upgrade in a few years, your Mac will hold its value for resale (unlike a PC).

my choice on the PC vs Mac was made for me since the programs i need are only on PC and if they go on mac it's way more complicated to do so.

though i almost went mac after my HP laptop died on me for the 4th time in a year, but i didn't have enough money to pay the difference even with the exchange money from the store. ended up with a sony vaoi, pink! all i need to do is save for windows 7 to get rid of this thing called vista.

Mac is my crack.

I'm a weirdo and was raised on macs. My Dad was a sales rep for them before anyone knew what they really were. I would go around talking to my friends and we'd talk about computers but no one knew what a Mac was. I felt silly.

Just have fun with it! I married a PC person so we have computer battles in our house, but my Husband doesn't hate them as much as he did - and he is a hardcore Gamer/Computer Builder. There is a lot you can do and its not easy to screw them up! :)

Did I miss Windows when I switched to Mac? Erm.. honestly? No. I was just so glad to be free of all the frustrating error messages and blue death screens.

That said, the Mac's spinning beach ball tests my patience occasionally, but the point is that even problems on a Mac seem smoother than non-problems on a PC.

I probably am a bit of an Apple Fangirl, but I'm an even bigger Windows Hategirl! Welcome to the light side!

Switched a few years ago and am never going back. I use VMWare Fusion to run XP, and in my experience, it works a lot better than Parallels. It's also a lot faster (not to mention more convenient) than rebooting to access Boot Camp. My DexCom software works on it, although I have yet to figure out what the deal is with the OmniPod software.

I'm diggin' Time Machine. I deleted something at work by accident and almost had a heart attack until I remembered I had Time Machine running. Such a lifesaver. I just hooked it up to a 1tb drive and let it run.

I haven't had any issues with iMovie, but it depends on how complex your editing gets. I usually use it to cut and add captions.

Oh, and make sure you repair disk permissions now and then (Finder >> Applications >> Utilities >> Disk Utility). I do it once every few weeks or so. Have fun!!

HP has a 25% failure rate during the first 3-years.


1. Asus
2. Toshiba
3. Sony
4. Apple
10. HP

Elizabeth wants an Apple, too. So write a review from a blogger's eyes after a few weeks. :)

I switched almost six years ago and love my Mac.

I highly recommend using the Time Machine function to back up your machine. It's easy to set up, and it allows you to go back to your computer as it was in past points in time. (Useful if you accidentally delete something major.) Also, if for some reason something happens to your computer you can easily restore it on a new machine. My laptop was stolen a year ago (insured, thankfully!), but with the Time Machine, when I plugged in my external hard drive on my new computer, it transferred everything as it was at the last back up. Even the desktop background was the same!

Enjoy the Mac! Here's hoping the diabetes gadgetry follows soon. That's the only reason I wish I had a PC...sometimes.

I made the switch about 3 years ago and have never looked back. I. Love. My. Mac. I've had two Macs now, starting with a MacBook G4 and then upgrading to the MacBook Pro. My old MacBook G4 is still running strong and we use that as a netbook when we travel or just need something to access the internet.

MACs are truly amazing machines. I got an iPhone earlier this year, moving over from a BlackBerry, and even more excited with that. Compared to the BB, the iPhone is AMAZING.

The only tip I would have is to be patient. Moving over to a Mac is like learning a new language. It's a far more intuitive language, but a new one, nonetheless. Spend time playing around with your Mac. You'll learn a lot just spending time with it.

Welcome to the other side.

Love my little MacBook, looking forwarding to upgrading to the Pro next October when my AppleCare protection runs out after three years. (Which, btw, is great since my hard drive blew at 10 months and G's Pro hard drive blew at 3 months -yikes. Only complaints so far, though.)

I'll second Time Machine. So easy to recover, as long as you've been backing up every 10 days. (And third it for G.)

My Dell just crashed on me the other day so I'm thinking about making the leap to Mac as well.

so funny - my husband just bought me a macbook pro as a surprise this week! this is my first mac and i am loving it - even though i have no idea how to use all the cool features yet - i will have to have my SIL tutor me, she's been a mac girl for forever. and on an unrelated note, i started a 3 day trial on the dexcom yesterday (my insurance requires the trial before they'll consider approval) and i saw your picture in the brochure :) so far, i'm loving the dexcom - and i will be rereading your dexcom posts for tips, i'm sure! and i love reading how your pregnancy is going, as i'm hoping to start the pregnancy journey soon, too...it's so good to hear all about it from another type 1-er :)

I just switched to a MacBook Pro too. And I love it. There have been some headaches. The transition from Outlook to Mail wasn't flawless and still has its issues. But the ease of use, the integration with my iPhone, the speed and fun of it makes it enjoyable to work on my computer again. I find myself 'over thinking' how to d stuff on the Mac compared the my old PC. And with Fusion, I still run my DexCom software and my Heart Rate Monitor software as it was on my PC. But yes- diabetes care companies should develop programs for Macs- then it will an easy transition to iPhone app!


We made the switch about two years ago to an iMac. I'm an IT professional and was really tired of constantly having to do tech support at home. I've not had to do any support at all to our Mac, and we bought our son a MacBook Pro to take away to school with him this year, so he wouldn't need tech support either. Our daughter will get one for next year.

They're the shizzle. I would never go back to a Windows PC if I didn't have to use the ones that someone else buys me for work.

I love my mac. I switched over about a year ago. There are lots of options for running PC software on macs. VMware Fusion, CrossOver, Parallels, etc. And they run so smooth.

It's funny you wrote this blog today because I actually wrote about the lack of diabetes software for Macs yesterday (http://ladadeeda.com/2009/11/mac-hate/).

I'm a Mac devotee, but I HATE having to run Vista (in Boot Camp) for all of my diabetes programs.

If you're ever looking for tips and tricks for your MBP (have you discovered how cool the mousepad really is?), drop me a line.

Congrats to Chris on the positive response for Buried!

I bought an iMac about a year ago, and I have to say, for me switching to the Mac world was a slippery slope. A year later and now I have an iPhone too ;)

My advice is to take it slow. I sort of eased into the transition to Mac. At first I wasn't using Spaces (the multiple desktop feature) much, and I was doing my e-mail and calendar on the web with gmail, but now I totally rely on Spaces and do my email in Apple Mail and my calendar with iCal and my contacts management with Address Book, etc. Once you get used to how the OS works, everything is simple and smooth.

If you really want a good resource, I've found David Pogue's books to be really good, not exactly stuff you read all the way through, but good to have near the computer desk for reference (I have the Missing Manual for OSX and for the iPhone...you might want to look for the book that covers iMovie in depth...probably Missing Manual for iLife.)

Yikes, I feel like I'm not allowed to comment because I'm typing on a PC! Your comments are definitely pro-Mac!!! When we decided it was time for a new computer for me, I thought about a Mac. But honestly, the cost made me decide to stay with a Dell PC. So far, so good. But I do have mad-crazy love for my iPhone. :) Enjoy the new computer. Does she (he??) have a name?

YAAAAY! You will never ever go back!!! People who use Macs truly are like a cult! LOL! I love my Mac and my iPhone!

The only time I EVER long for a PC is when my diabetes software won't work. Other than that, never miss it.


You are scaring me! I'm writing from my 17 inch HP laptop. My browser keeps crashing, my low memory keeps popping up on the R hand bottom corner of my screen, and now you've got me scared that things will start to disappear. Freaking out here!!!
Thanks for the heads up. Now I know what to ask for for Christmas!

I have one of each. :)

My part-time job requires proprietary software that is only available on a Windows platform. So I had to buy one. That's also the computer that I keep EZ manager on.

For most of my important things -- Dreamweaver, Publisher, etc. -- I use my little iBook.

I agree with everyone that Mac is undoubtedly a better product! I have had mine for about a year and haven't had any problems what-so-ever!

The only time I ever wish I had a PC (in addition to my Mac not instead of it) is when I want to download my blood sugars. I really hope the diabetes software programmers catch up soon and start making some Mac compatible programs.


Ok first I am so happy you switched. I don't have to tell you about the awesomeness I am sure you already know.

YOu should try going to the 1-to-1 to find out about the full capability of the mac and through there you can express your needs to your specialist. It is $99 for a year BUT, you will learn a lot and it comes to like $8.25 per month and you can go as many times as you want and do projects with them it is really cool. I have had macs for the past 15+ years and I am considering buying the 1-to-1 package myself and I am an advanced user.

the apple stores also have free workshops so you should check it out.

Welcome to Apple-land. Don't worry, the iPhone need will come soon enough. ;)

Just a tip for buying the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)...if you know anyone that is either a teacher or in school now, they can buy the "educational" version and save a good bit of dough. Since my wife is a teacher, when I got my MacBook I got the full CS3 Suite (which was new at the time) for less than $200...SIGNIFICANTLY less than the normal price.

Oh Kerri, you have seen the light and come to the Mac side!!!! Sweet. I am an Apple gal. Wouldn't use a crashing-virus prone- blue screen of death if it killed me. Once you have a Mac you will never again see the crash, the virus, anything like that. I love that after you work and play on your Mac, it gets to 'know you' and actually helps you do what you want to do.

Another poster said it, but I wanted to tag on that the Apple stores have GREAT help and 1:1. I have attended their workshops on using Keynote (PP) and using iPhoto and it was worth every red cent I didn't have to pay, cause they were FREE! I took advantage of their 1:1 service for a year and it was REALLY worth it. They helped me, showed me really cool stuff on my MacBook and could answer any question I had. Very helpful, cannot recommend the $99 investment enough. And go do it now before you have a baby in one hand and trying to attend in the other!

Glad you came over to the Mac side...

i'm afraid my computer is showing those same symptoms...it's a pc...had apple before and i might go back to it. i love apples! so excited about the movie Kerri!!!

Sigh - poor little laptop - he served you well. I grew up on Macs - then went to DOS (ugh) - then Windows=. Now my PC is getting outdated ... again. Thinking of going back to Mac after all these years - but depends on the cost, etc.
Enjoy your new little Apple. Oh, and congrats on the good reviews of "Buried" - coming to a local theatre near you soon (tho' here in Quebec - has to be translated into French first - then we'll get to see it)!

I like my PC. and I dislike change... :D It's funny how people think everyone else should adapt to the MAC if the Mac is so great, it should be adaptable to your software... BG companies aren't in the computer/software business, it's your computer company's business to make a computer that does everything you want it to. :) Just a thought. I've heard of some glitches from the Mac community in the last year when I had family members switch over...

btw, you pc doesn't have to run with BLUE windows/screens. I like mine purple and sometimes desert, which is a cool tan with pinks and reds... just sayin'.

Good luck to you, Kerri. One thing for sure, new hardware IS THE BEST!!!!

great website for you to look at is freemacware.com there is a lot of free software out there that will do all of the little things that you want to do. if you go there and look under the video category you can find a lot of apps that will do what you would like to do. i started on pcs and went to a mac 5 or 6 years ago. i had xp running on it for a long time, and i got to the place where i never accessed it. i find that i do not need the omnipod software to do what i do, i use diabetes logbook x to do my logging, and i do not miss anything. welcome to the world of computers that do what you tell them to... for years i tried to trick my computer into doing what i wanted it to do, now it does what i tell it....

I do not like change either and found it difficult to switch from PC to Mac. But now it has been three years and I will never go back. I still have to use a PC at work and I hate every minute of it. Of course I am biased, because I work in graphic design, but the Mac is just so much more problem free. No error messages, or viruses or unexplainable problems.

I made the switch about 3 years ago, it's been the best thing I have ever done. My sister and father just recently bought one as well. You can set up boot camp and run the programs that you need in Windows until you get the Mac version. It seems like such a big change but 2-3 years down the road you will very glad you did it. I could go on all day long as to why they are better and are worth the larger price tag. It's something you just have to experience I guess. But good move!

Hey Kerri!
I had to get a new computer this year after killing my Dell. I decided to invest in a MacBook since they didn't get viruses and are so easy to use. The only issue I've come across is not being able to send documents out in e-mails to HP and Dell users. Solution: Microsoft Office for Macs! A friend of mine had purchased it and offered me one of the (3) licenses. Good luck with your new machine!

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