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The One Where I Don't Post.

We decided to spend an extra day in Maine. And that means I'm up here in the land of lovely foliage, kind people, beautiful landscapes, and what feels like Alaska-cold weather for one more day.

Which makes this the post I wrote from my half-dead Blackberry. Which also makes it the most boring post of all freaking time.

Tomorrow, recap of Maine (including a synopsis of how Chris and I went from two, normal adults to full-fledged, photo-snapping leafers who play Trivial Pursuit.)

And Wednesday, some news before heading off to BlogWorldExpo in Vegas.

Until then? I'm off to traipse around in Acadia Park for a little bit longer. :)


Enjoy your day off. Can't wait to see pics! :)

ooh news? I love news.

Oh enjoy your Alaska cold weather! haha! We here in Alaska have been experiencing near record warmth for the last three days....typically snow is settling on the ground at this time of year. Yesterday our family enjoyed a hike complete with a moose encounter at nearly 60 degrees!
Looking forward to pictures... I've always wanted to see Maine!

You beat us by a week! We're headed there next weekend for our anniversary. Hope the leaves are as beautiful then!

I just ordered lobsters to be shipped down here in North Carolina for my Dad's birthday from Young's Lobster Pound in Belfast, ME. We went to Maine on a family trip 25 years ago and visited Bar Harbor, Acadia even LL Bean! Would love to get back there with my wife and two sons because it was just an awesome place, even for a cranky 17 year old at the time! Can't wait to see your pictures.

I live in Maine but northern Maine. Way farther then Acadia!

Glad to see you are taking advantage of the whole "free-lance, be your own boss thing"!! A spur of the moment decision to spend an extra day in Maine is one of the perks! :) Can't wait for the recap tomorrow.

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