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Diabetes Linky Bits: What I've Been Reading.

Due to some recent traveling, I've been falling way behind on my fellow diabetes bloggers.  But there have been some posts in the last few days that I think are must-reads.  So today, while I finish up my visit in Philadelphia at the ePatient 2009 conference, I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from the diabetes blogosphere:

Diabetes blogs rule.Lee Ann at The Butter Compartment is a longtime type 1-er and a lady who understands the trials of fitting an insulin pump into a fancy dress moment.  Thanks to some Twitter tips and some good, old fashioned ingenuity, Lee Ann managed to McGyver her way into a fashionable moment.  (And personally, I never underestimate the power of duct tape.)

Diabetes blogs rule.Wendy at Candy Hearts stumbled upon a Letter to the Editor from some idiot who saw a little boy take an injection at Burger King.  Apparently, the man who wrote the letter was horrified  by the drug taking at the table and felt the need to write to his local paper.  And while Wendy admits to having no idea what was in that syringe, she wrote a response to The Burger Grump, outlining why certain people may need to take an injection before eating (namely, did the kid have diabetes). 

Kelly at Diabetesaliciousness added her two cents, as well.  What's your take on this Burger Grump?  Do you feel that a PWD should be able to inject in public?  (Personally, I think it's no different than blowing your nose at the table.  If you can keep it clean and sanitary and discreet, it's fine.  People are allowed to manage their diabetes in public, so long as they aren't creating unsanitary conditions for others.)  If you want to chime in with your own letter to the editor, click on this link and visit the Pocatello Idaho State Journal website.

Diabetes blogs rule.And those of us here on the East Coast apparently missed an AWESOME event, at last week's TCOYD in San Diego.  Manny touted it as the best diabetes conference he's ever attended, Cherise gave it a definitive thumbs up, and George agreed.  I've never attended one of the TCOYD conferences, but apparently there's one in my homestate of Rhode Island next September, and BSparl and I will definitely be in attendance.  Will you be there? 

What have you been reading in the diabetes blogosphere?


I'm definitely looking into attending a TCOYD session next year, either in San Diego (my hometown), Sacramento (hubby's sorta hometown), or Providence! I need to surround myself with more type 1's...I feel so alone sometimes :(

Oh wow, that letter of complaint about a child taking insulin at a Burger King really made me angry. I'm a newly diagnosed type 1 adult and I've just started trying injecting in public. I've got a kwikpen and am very discreet about it, but I've imagined what I would say if somebody complained. Here it is: Sir, I have to have diabetes my whole life and you just have to look away for 2 seconds, ok?

Thanks for the shout out and the link! That Burger King story made my blood boil!
Yes, I would really like to attend TCOYD- so many friends have attended and loved it!
Kelly K

I'll echo Kelly, and say thanks for the shout-out :)

Regarding the Burger King incident, I read several blogs about it yesterday, and like everyone else, was pretty disgusted. I know one blogger wrote the editor, and got an email in return saying the editor was no longer accepting letters regarding the issue since all the letters more or less "said the same thing", which I found to be a pretty questionable response. I'm hoping the paper does some kind of follow-up, and I'll just refrain from saying what I wish for Mr. Barber, the Burger Grump.

I'm glad to hear that TCOYD is making its way to the East Coast for a shindig. I'm hoping one of these days, I'll get to go to one since they sound so fabulous. I very anxiously await the day when both TCOYD and BDI really go national since I think there's such a need for both resources.

TCOYD in RI in Sept?? Why yes, I'm definitely putting that in my calendar!!!

Thanks for the link and yes TCOYD was amazing. I hope you and BSparl dig it.

Thanks for the shout out :)

Love your blog and love the term "Berger Grump"


I was following these stories through all the twitter postings... interesting. Makes me feel sad about the burger stuff.

I also started a blog about my T1 and just starting with a pump.

Thanks for pointing out the RI session on, hmm, September 11th. I'll definitely go to that one, so cu then if I don't cu before then.

I sent a letter in to the paper, and I received an email back saying that they have gotten too many letters on the topic and are no longer accepting any.

They are, however, considering a story about the outrage generated by the original letter. :-)

Just thought I'd let y'all know.

Thanks for sharing the links - I've subscribed to more blogs. Reading them makes me realize I'm not the only one out here with these struggles..and makes me smiley.

Thank you for the shout out! TCOYD was assume but the food was gross. Make sure you check out the Lilly Yogurt booth:) yummy

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