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Good Morning.

Everything is chaos.  Spent Friday at Joslin (went very well - more on that later), picked up Chris at the airport after he had spent a week in Los Angeles (here's an update on what he's doing - so proud!!), and then Sunday was spent signing our new lease, buying furniture for our new place, and driving back to CT one last time to finish off my last week at work. 

I'm exhausted.  And a little bit stressed out.

And no, Siah, I didn't need to see your little face and your alien ears at 5:30 in the morning:

Good morning, alien cat.

 I hope you're ready for a three hour car ride, Sausage.   


I hope Siah loves to ride in the car just as much as her long lost sibling does (my cat Bes).

When Bes and Rose made the cross country trip from CA to FL with me, we dosed them up with kitty Benedryl every morning before we hit the road. That gave us a good couple of hours before the endless meowing started. :)

If only cats understood what a dopey look the airplane ears thing really is.

Hope everything went well at Joslin. OMG!! You must be so proud of Chris. Two movies in one year!!! WOW. Very exciting for your family.

Wohoo! Go Chris! The BadShoe Crew wants to see you and Kerri on the Red Carpet!

Congrats to you and Chris on the second movie, that is so cool!
Try not to be too stressed....


Can't wait to hear about Joslin! Congrats on the movie- you must be so proud of your man! :)

Such exciting times for you both! And that is one rather cross looking cat!!

What a pose!!

Congrats on the new opportunity for Chris - awesome!!

A day at the Jos... I have to say I miss having access to that place!

Congratulations to Chris on his second movie! Wow! How exciting! You can count on me going to see both of those movies when they are out in the theaters!

(Yes, there was an overuse of exclamation points!!!)

that kitty is not happy.
please give him a big hug for me.

That is how you started your morning? A scary cat with too much ear personality? Wow, I'd have that cat surfing air every time it came at me like that, but since she is yours, I'd just have to make a comment I guess.

Good luck with your move and hope everything went well at Joslin.

I wish you well


Congrats on the movie. I am so Happy for Chris and You. Good going at Joslins. I can't wait to get on ur page in the AM to see what you write about. You always make me smile.

Siah,,, Good Kitty

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