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Diabetes in a Recession.

My diabetes supplies arrived the other day.  Some infusion sets, dozens of boxes of test strips, and insulin pump reservoirs.  Usually the supplies come in a box marked "Byrem Healthcare" and have a mail order slip on the side.


But the recession is hitting diabetes companies, it seems.  And my supplies came, this round, in a box that once held gauze sponges.  With what appeared to be a man in the fetal position on the side of the box.

I, for one, am glad to see some recycling going on.  But if they ship my next order crammed into a massive stuffed animal bear, I may lose it.


That's too funny. Guess they're showing they are really into the "going green by recycling" thing.

That made me laugh. Still laughing. And......some more laughing.

Woo hoo for recycling. :)

I know right, even the free samples are coming in recycled pkgs . I cannot believe how much is come already in recycled packaging . I for one am glad to see it save some more trees . Yeah !!!

But can we agree that the little dude on the box is kinda creepy? Yay for recycling!

Hmm. I ship everything out of my office in other people's boxes. :)

That's pretty funny. And I agree the little guy on the side of the box is kind of creepy.

Hurray for the recycling!! But what happened to that poor gauze-sponge-man? He really doesn't look very healthy.

He's not creepy. He's just shielding his face because he's a little embarrassed of his side-boob. That's all.

I agree. It's good to see a company adopting sustainable practices no matter what the motivation to do so!

Kinda makes you wonder what was in the recycled box?!?

I, too, recently received a "recession style" shipment from my daughter's online pharmacy. Typically, we receive insulin in a white foam "chest" with ice packs and test strips come separately. Most recently, on a MONDAY, I received a box with insulin, test strips and random ice packs all thrown in a garbage bag, tied in a knot and thrown in a box. Warm, sweaty ice packs, warm insulin and wet test strip boxes! Boy....was I angry. Fortunately, I wasn't in need of insulin. I spent all day getting to consumer relations at the corporate office until I spoke to someone who wanted to hear from me. After relaying my situation, she continued to question why insulin would even be shipped out on a Saturday! Who was that guy in shipping who had NO REGARD for the needs of the recepient waiting for their lifeline?

I think I'm going to have nightmares about that little drawing...

Completely impertinent to this post, but if you remember the Hannah Montana diabetes episode from a few months ago?
They've done something or have waited for everyone to forget about it.

It's being aired for real this Weekend.
It should be interesting.

Ok that was hilarious. Love the post!

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