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Pink is the New Quickset?

Even though I've been pumping for several years, I've only used one kind of infusion set in that whole span of time.  So last night was a diabetes first for me - my first Inset infusion set.  

My first thought was, "Um, big needle?  What's that about?"  But it's just a mega needle for filling the pump reservoir.  The infusion sets are luer lock (which I'm not sure is one word or two or what it means other than some version of "it's like a bottle cap"), which means that using the new sets means using new reservoirs.  I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I think I could adjust.

Mega needle?  No big deal.  It's not going in me. :)

In addition to the funky reservoirs, the Insets come with their own built-in insertion device.  This is a big score for someone like me, who travels a lot and is always having that mid-drive home to RI panic attack of "OMG IS THE QUICKSERTER IN MY BAG?!"  With the tubing coiled around the infusion set there, it's a little complicated (or at least it was for me, this first time) to prime the pump and pull away the adhesive cover.

Pink.  I can't believe I'm using a pink set and am OKAY with that.

But the fact that it cocks back and becomes its own insertion device?  I'm sorry - that's just downright badass to me.  (It also slightly resembles a birthday cake, but that's neither here nor there.) 

Birthday cake, anyone?

One thing I didn't realize until I had attached the site was that it was pink.  Pink, pink, girly pink.  "Chris, it's pink!"  And he took a peek.  "It's cute.  I like it." 

Another change for me to get used to was the fact that this set doesn't connect to the tubing by swiveling in place.  It snaps together like a seatbelt.  It isn't as low-profile as the Quickset hub, but it's pretty close.  But I was weirded out by one thing:

"Where is the pump cap?"

I'm used to that little plastic disc that covers my set when I'm showering or in the ocean or during intimacy.  How does this new infusion set stay "closed" even when I'm disconnected?  Does anyone know?  Or it is just supposed to be open like that? 

All hooked up on the left thigh.

One thing is for certain:  this kind of infusion set does produce less garbage.  Here's the aftermath from a site change with the new infusion set: 

More diabetes carnage.

I like that the set can close all on it's own and be chucked into the sharps container.  And I also kind of like the spaceship look of the infusion "pod."  Actually, I just like trying something new for a change. 

The disease doesn't change.  Diabetes is every day and it's the same kind of crap every day.  But a little technology swap or a different flavor of juice to treat a low or a new kind of workout at the gym to mix up my routine?  Sometimes you just have to appreciate these little bits of change. 

(Also:  You guys are great.  GREAT.  You had so much great feedback on yesterday's post that I really feel like I have the right questions to ask my endo this week.  THANK YOU for all of your informative comments!!) 


When you order the infusion sets, there is a pair of two pump site "caps" that go in each box full of 8 or 10 insets i believe. I used to be on the animas, and now am on the minimed and I miss the inset so much!!! I heard that when you switch to using the inset with the minimed- that medtronic will no longer insure your pump... is that so? How did you get this, if thats the case?! And I'm glad you liked it!!!!

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I got the PING (the pump is PINK too!) about 2 months ago and am in love with it. I had the Cozmo prior. I also appreciate the the sets and inserter are one in the same. I did not feel the same way about the Cleo 90. The longer tubing sets do not come in pink - super bummer for me... I'm clumsy so when I drop the pump I don't want the tubing to pull out. so, sounds like you already know what I just said. I also appreciate the waterproofness - I ski, melted snow = water. Also, the PING meets MIL specs for shock (again, with the dropping). It just meets my 'real life' use of a pump. And the support staff is AWESOME! Good luck in your search.


With the Inset I pull the tubing loose, take off the plastic over the needle then remove the adhesive covering.

Have fun with the new stuff. ;-)

I just switched to the Animas Ping from the Minimed and I love it! The site is lower profile which makes it very comfortable and while the cap is nice, I do not feel as though it is as necessary as the cap on the Minimed. (It feels as though it has fewer sharp edges to poke someone else with.) Also, as you well know, as someone always attached to a borg-like piece you have to find something to make you happy, and I would venture to guess that the thought of a pink site cheers you, if even just the slightest bit. It will continue to do so =)

This post is so timely for me. I tried the inset last week twice and both sites failed. I've become afraid of it but knowing you did it makes me want to try again. Thanks, Kerri!

Hey, Kerri - the packet that the tubing set came in should include a cap. That said, I've never used one unless I'm going to go swimming in a natural body of water or something like that.

Cool - do they do blue for boys!?

I have 3 quickserters so I also think having the inserting device with the set is very badass.

I haven't used a pump cap in erm... a very long time.

All the sets I've ever come across are self sealing. Insets are similar to silhouettes. The little seatbelt bit has a little needle bit on and that pierces a little rubber bit inside the set. The rubber seals the set rather like the rubber on the top of an insulin vial. I can't remember the inset caps, but the silhouette ones actually have a hole in them (designed to use as a spacer if you want to inject in to a silhouette with a normal syringe).

I realy miss insets, especially the pink ones!

Don't forget to pull the silicone cover off the inserter needle or it will really hurt and you'll (I did) feel really foolish. I've never used the caps that cover the infustion site either and never had a problem. Regarding all the trash, I keep the used "pucks" and am building some diabetic 3D art. I have quite a collection of blue, green, and gray pucks.

Wow, take too long to leave a comment and everyone already says what you were going to say!! Good thing I read the comments first, or it would look like I was just cut & pasting from others!!

So, what Amanda and SuperG (who is Way Super) said. ;)

In reply to Amanda's question: "Cool - do they do blue for boys!?" ... they do! The insets actually come in gray, blue, pink and green :) but only for the 23" tubing. The 43" only comes in gray. Just thought I'd share my wealth of knowledge :P
I absolutely LOVE that the insets come in their own insertion device as I will never, ever insert a set manually because I'm a big chicken. I'm glad I no longer have to worry about having the quick-serter with me at all times just in case.

We have had Pink, Blue, Green & Grey. Your Set Color May Vary - LOL

The way it closes up is is its own sharps container.

I will add to the voices saying that I have never used the cap for the Inset, and I've never had a problem with a site.

My order of operations when using the pod is usually this: 1) open pod 2) unwind tubing 3) pull off the needle cover 4) unwind the paper 5) cock and insert 6) disconnect tubing and prime it 7) reconnect tubing and prime cannula

I love the pod, especially because it makes it easy to dispose of the needles. When I do my set changes, I wrap the old tubing back into a coil and put it in the used pod, enclosing almost all the sharps in the pod (except for the needle on the cartridge). I traveled around Europe with a bag of pods, some unused and some used and put back together, and then disposed of everything once I got back to the States.

I usually use the boring grey sites, but maybe I'll change it up with one of the colors next time I get supplies! My new Ping is going to be green, and I am already excited about it.

I've been diabetic for 18 years (diagnosed at 2) and pumping for 4. I've used the Animas 1250 & now 2020 and love it. I've also used the Inset - and only that. I used to be on a 9mm inset and then I was put on a 6mm inset because of constant blood return through the tubing. So if you are using 9mm and have any problems, try the 6mm - I honestly saw no difference in my blood sugar. Also, I always use a piece of tegaderm surgical tape over my site to hold it in place when I know I'll be swimming or exercising intensely. Nevertheless, you seemed to like the switch, and I'm glad to hear! By the way, in your package of insets you should see a package of pump caps that you can use. :)

I have been pumping since 1992. I started with bent needles (eww... I shudder thinking about those) and then moved on to Sof-set. (which was the bomb because it was a cannula, and had an inserting device) When quick-sets came out, I switched to those.

About a year ago, I was frustrated with quick sets. It seemed like every other set I put in, kinked. When I called customer service, they reviewed how to insert (ah, duh?!) and sent me a new serter. I finally bagged them.

I tried the Inset, but for ME...it was too cumbersome. I liked the color options, etc, but just couldn't seem to "effortlessly" insert them.

Kicking and screaming (actually that isn't far from the truth) I tried the Cleo. I know, I know... it doesn't have a spring inserter. Believe me, I panicked. But I got the first one in, then the next one, and then I was a fan.

I haven't had one kinked set in a year, and love that they are so durably packaged. I can throw one in my backpack and know that it will still be usable in a couple months. (versus quicksets that would wear through the package, come unsealed, etc) I like that I can "click it" on whichever direction I want, depending on what I'm wearing.

Don't rule out the Cleo because it doesn't have an inserter. :-)

2 comments - to Molly first - cleo's are going to be discontinued very soon since they are a cozmo product.

Kerri - we've never used a cap. Ever. there is a little rubber membrane on sets that prevent anything from getting in or out. :)

anyway - we are fans of silhouettes/comfort shorts. No inserter - its a manual insertion but the best part is that it's so easy and low techy. Sometimes low tech is good. (but it's an angled set..we have better luck with those)

Just wanted to throw in big a "me too" for "never use a cap unless I'm swimming." But I'd also like to add that I have found it especially important at the beach because of the sand that's mixed into the water. After I swim in the ocean, if I hadn't capped the set I've found either (1) I CAN'T reinsert at all or (2) the set may go in, but I won't get a 'click' and the piece at the end of the tubing just slips in and out. I believe it's due to tiny sand particles having found their way into the channels of the port, which then prevent the plastic prongs from slipping in and/or fitting properly. I've also had it happen where if it DOES still fit in, it won't come OUT. Likewise, the sand particles, I believe, kind of lock the two pieces together. And this necessitates a complete set change.

These Inset things did NOT work for me. Disastrous BGs. I tried a bunch, too, and finally gave up. (Maybe it was the 90 degree angle?)

Animas sent me replacements & a pre-paid box to return the unopened boxes of Insets. My new fav. is the Inset 30 (30-degree angled set that comes with its own inserter, too). http://www.infusion-set.com/index.asp?pageid=H2312

I can't believe I manually inserted infusion sets for so long - barbaric!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this insertion device and also they come in lots of different colors when you feel the itch for a "small change"! I'm currently a blue gal. :)

I've been on the Animas 2020 for over a year now and I just love it. The customer service has been FIVE STARS as well.

TOTALLY off the subject here, but what did you use for the background for those photos?? PAPER?? I'm a paperholic and that green, leafy background is gorgeous...details, please?

We've used the Inset for years...started with Cozmo and kept it with PING...ENJOY :)

I've been a pink Inset girl since starting pumping. They come with a package of 2 caps per Inset box. They are the easiest to insert, and since everything is self contained, they don't need to even go in a sharps box just cover and throw away!

Aw, everyone said everything I wanted to say.

Except... the green ones have been unavailable in 9mm from Animas for FOUR MONTHS! So frustrating, the greens are my FAVORITE! Apparently I could order them elsewhere, but the insurance set-up takes way longer than I have patience for. I've been grumbling about having to use the pinks and blues since May. Grumble.

Yea, that certinly is ...pink...LOL way cool.

I stoped using the quickserter over a year ago because I went to a NASCAR race in Charlotte NC and was so excited about being there, I forgot to check my pump and it beeped at me just before the start of the race and my resovor was almost empty. I had a replacement, the bottle of insulin and I ran to the restroom to draw everything up and then realised, I don't have an inserter.

I did not want o miss much of the race so I just peeled off the stuff and put it in myself, (I've been giving myself shots for over 35 years at the time and there was a race on out there!) I surprised myself at that time because I am acctually alot more faster, and I put the needel in straighter than the quickserter, I have not used one since.

Am looking at a few new ideas for pumps as well, but so far going to stick with what I got untill I hear from them and if they work as well with Medicare as Minimed does. THAT will be the big issue.

Glad your having fun with the new stuff.

I wish you well


Kerri - - Daughter has been on the Animas PING since the beginning! Have only used the inset 30s; the angled device/needle (cap enclosed). We have never had a problem !! EVER!!! No bent cannulas, etc. They say they are less painful. I do know that PINK ROCKS!!!!! And you can get the coordinating meters in colors too; the One Touch UltraMini. Less than $20.00 at the pharmacy. Ultimately, isn't it about being coordinated with your accessories? I have friends with the minimed and they constantly complain about the site falling off; bent tubing; etc., etc. So happy there might be a new convert!!! Oh, and we never use a cap either unless sand is involved!!! But often we are in the pool and/or ocean with the pump on! Life is good with ANIMAS!

These are the ones we use for my 7 yr old son, except in green & blue. When you get a box of Insets, there is a little bag in the box and it has 2 caps. Like others mentioned... we never use the caps and have never had a problem. Bath & swimming, I unclip and he runs off. When using the Insets, we open up the packaging, uncoil the tubing, remove the paper from the adhesive, take the cover off the needle, then there's a little "notch" to put the tubing in so it lays flat on your body. Pull it back & lock it in place...Put it where you want then pinch the sides and POOF, it's instantly inserted! In the 3 yrs we've been doing this, we've rarely had an issue with inserting the Insets... only when mom (uh-hemmm) forgets to take off the adhesive cover and wonders why it doesn't stick! LOL... duh mom!

I switched from a Paradigm to the Ping a few months ago, and you can actually use the quick-sets with the Ping....you just have to ask for them specifically. The in-sets seem ok and I might try them again for travel, etc,, but I was just used to using the quick-sets and never had a problem with them....I don't think Animas really wants you to use the quick-sets so they don't advertise it, but quick-sets with luer locks ARE available. (BTW, I absolutely love my new Ping!)

That is pretty rad that the insertion device and infusion set are all in one. I now have a total of 5 insertion devices for Medtronic so I know that wherever I go there is one there waiting for me. But this makes it so much easier. Your last 2 posts are making me want to switch my pump.

My nurse gave me that set to try at my last visit and I was so excited about the colors... unfortunately I got a rash from the adhesive... I don't know if it was just a fluke or if it is really the adhesive. Maybe I will give it a try since Minimed has only sent me two boxes of infusion sets since their whole Lot 8 fiasco and I'm terrified that I will be with no sets soon!!

These are the ones we have always used and we really like them. My daughter is 10 but has no problem whatever doing the insertion on her own. Plus they come in 4 colors and has my daughter Gabby says, If you have to wear it all day it might as well be fashionable.

Comparing the pictures, it actually seems like more trash with the inset. The other picture had all your dexcom stuff in it as well which is why it looks like so much more trash. I find the idea of throwing out the inserter every time really wasteful. But, then I am a happy manual inserting, non-site capping silhouette user... spring loaded devices freak me out a whole lot more than sticking a needle into my skin!

Hi Kerri,

I don't use a pump but it sounds like you got a new "toy"! I always think of new diabetes gadgets as a toy (boy, it was fun when One Touch made mini meters in so many fun colors!) :)


My son uses an Animas Ping, he was the 7th person in the US to get one. He uses the same inset, but only in blue, green or gray!. Before final insert, he cycles the insertion device a couple of times to weaken it a little. If you get a Ping (I know you are looking) it is the only pump that is water proof, not water resistant. My son has taken his pump swimming in a pool multiple times with no problems.

We started out with the plain old needles (for our now 8 year old son) and when we switched to the Inset 30... changed our lives for the better in a big way... although it's still not simple enough for either set of grandparents to do it, meaning we still can't leave him with anyone.

But when we discussed new pumps (done with 4 years of our Cozmo) and the fact that he'd likely have to give up the inset 30 sets if we got the minimed, he freaked out and is begging for the Animas pump.

I've pumped for 9 years and have NEVER capped a set (other than out of curiosity) - I just don't see the necessity.

But, yes, the Inset is the BEST infusion site I've ever used - comfortable, so portable for quick changes, and cute. And like everyone else said, they come with a little bag of caps in each box.

Hi Kerri - my daughter has had the animas and now animas/ping since she was dxd 6 years ago. We love it - love the service - her pump is pink - her sites are pink and sometimes pink and blue. I love the ping for nighttime testing and correcting and she loves it for bolusing without having to grope herself!

I've used Quicksets for 6+ years. I snorkel, build sand castles, shower, jump in the lake etc. and have NEVER used the cap for any of those things and have never had a problem. The only thing I find it useful for is to keep from scratching my wife. I wouldn't worry at all about not having a cap. If the set didn't close when you disconnect and become water tight, you would potentially bleed out through it and I'm sure that doesn't happen. So rest assured that your are sealed up from the outside world whenever you disconnect.

My son started using an Animas pump, in Oct. 2008. He is 12yrs old and the pump has made a huge difference in his life. Good luck with the Animas. Your site is great.

Kerri, my name is karey ( as well). I am 28 and have been a type 1 for 15 yrs! My husband and I would also like to start a family soon! When I found your website I was absolutely thrilled! It is like a mirror to my story! I had a slightly high A1C at my last appointment and am working my a.. off to get to around 6%! Logging, counting carbs etc...!! I will say that I have been an omnipod user for the last 18 months and am very pleased with the ease and convenience of it as well as the control that it does give me! No tubing is definately the biggest advantage over other pumps I've used in the past ( oldschool ones) and the discreetness of the pdm it doubles as the meter and the control device and looks very similar to a cell phone. I honestly sometimes forget that I have my pod on! It's very vry discreet. I have great things to say about their customer suport as well! Thanks so much for your website and blogs! you will be hearing ( alot ) more from me! Karey

LOVE the pink!!!!!

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