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Biking Block Island.

After the loooooooong day in Boston on Friday, I needed to work off some stress.  So Chris and I decided to 'sail away on the Block Island ferry.' (This is the theme song for the ferry, but I couldn't find a YouTube clip or anything.  If someone can find audio proof of this song, please send it to me!  Lyrics are "Sail away on the Block Island Ferry, take a trip back to carefree times.  Sail away, Block Island awaits you.  Just leave your troubles behind."  And thus ends this digression.)

Our ferry ride over was a little choppy, and we were ... green by the time the ferry docked at Payne's Dock, but we shook off our seasickness quickly after breakfast at the Mohegan Cafe.  Then we rented some dented bikes from the shop by Ballard's (I left my bike back in CT ... foolish Kerri) and got on the road.

I must admit:  July was a tough month for me, exercise-wise.  I was traveling way more than I'm used to and only made it to the hotel gyms a handful of times.  My own gym membership at home went virtually unused, save for a few ragtag workouts.  But I thought I was still in relatively decent shape, so I didn't think the bike ride would kick my ass.  I was even grinning before we attempted the hills, all hopeful. 

Oh how stupid I was. 

The first leg of the ride was all uphill.  We followed Spring Street straight up to the Southeast Lighthouse and by the time we reached the top of the bluffs, I was dying.  DYING.  My legs were wobbly and I was panting and my blood sugar was plummeting.   Thankfully, I'm a nerd and I chose the bike with the little basket on the front, and since I didn't have a small dog to stuff in there, I instead had a secure place for glucose tabs.  Which I ate.  Happily.  Next to the Southeast lighthouse. 

Exhibit A:

Tabs by the lighthouse.  Of course.

We hung out for a while at the lighthouse because my numbers just wouldn't budge, so I are a few more glucose tabs near the bluffs. 

Exhibit B:

Tabs on the bluffs, yo.

The Dexcom (also stuffed into the bike basket) finally stopped BEEEEEEEEP!ing and a quick test confirmed a number finally in the triple digits, so we ventured on our way.  Thankfully, the way down was easier on our legs, and we stopped at the Block Island airport to take a break and watch the teeny, tiny planes land.  (Note:  No.  I will never go on one of these planes.  They hold four people.  Including the pilot.  Oh hell no!)

Water Street in the background.

It was fun, though.  Chris and I had a great time - hard not to in one of my favorite places.  Even though my legs were burning and my wrist was a little aggravated from the ride, it was awesome to be out in the sunshine, taking in the sights of a beautiful place like Block Island as we whizzed by on our bikes.  (We also found the same pond three times.  Sad senses of direction, we have.) 

I already have a bike, but it's been sitting in our storage space for the last few years.  I used to ride all the time when I lived in RI because my apartment was across the street from a beautiful eight mile bike path.  Now I think I want to bust that thing out and toddle around town on my ridiculous bicycle with my equally ridiculous helmet (thank you, Nicole), maybe with Siah in a basket on the front. 

Or maybe just my meter would be more realistic. 

Either way, it was awesome to be outside, far from the glowing computer screen, pedaling away my stress on the summer streets of Block Island.


Sounds like you had a great time. Looks very pretty. I totally love the first photo of the lighthouse and the glucose tabs.

Siah has her own SE Lighthouse? Boy is she a busy one...

Love the pics. Woo hoo for glucose tabs!

I knew the pic from yesterday was the Mohegan Bluffs!! Jill and I went a couple weekends ago for a day - it's definitely one of my favorite places to be.
Don't bring a nice bike on the ferry though - they take them and store (i.e. throw) them all together and the bikes can get beaten up...
I've started riding a bike this year - trying to overcome the memories of breaking my arm on them though!

What a nice way to relieve some stress! The glucose tabs bottle reminds me of the travelocity gnome. Definitely dust off that bike! I just got back on mine to start "training" for a triathlon, but am rediscovering the simple joys that come with riding.

I hear you about the bike. BTW I hate rentals (don't have the right size for me, and I'm so particular about my wheels...) Recently had to replace my bike, so I'm psyched be back out there. Some interesting convo in TuD's "Cyclists w/ Diabetes" group on carrying D gear with bike gear...

I love this! Way to persevere up those hills! Cycling has been one of the greatest forms of exercise for me...though I much prefer gels to tabs for treating cycling-induced lows. I smiled when I saw this post because I'm planning one this week about my recent cycling trip around Mayne Island, BC. Opposite coast, same activity and same abundant stash of glucose for the ride =).

What a fun adventure. I hate traditional exercise - but hiking, swimming, biking - sign me up!

And I also love that you had the whole bottle of tablets with you, not just the 10 tablet tube! :)

That sounds wonderful. A bike ride like that would kill me my legs. Still, with a basket? I want a bike with a basket. A pink one. :D

SO FUN!!!!!! Love the pics :)

Oh wow, it's so beautiful!!! That's it - Pea and I must get out there some time in the not-so-distant future. With scenery like that you could almost forget you are exercising. Oh yeah, until those stupid lows hit. Good thing you were well prepared with the Traveling Glucose Tab Bottle!

Kerri, looks like you guys had a great time! We went there last week and WALKED everywhere, but did not have the stamina after kayaking to walk to the lighthouses or the cliffs. Great pics - I may steal a few! My daughter's only diabetic 'emergency' was her site falling off in the waves, but she had another in the bag.

Love the pics of the glucose tabs - made me chuckle!

Hey Kerri! It's Nicole of the infamous Nick and Nicole duo... hahah (my husband had e-mailed you a little while back...) Anyhow, I was looking through old posts and this one caught my eye. Nick and I went to Block Island on our honeymoon! I totally sat at the same Bluffs, and we also got our asses kicked biking those hills. Uh, try it on a tandom bike... not fun! hahaha And I learned to drive one of those cute mopeds at the tiny airport. We made a whole honeymoon out of it and stayed at the National Hotel on the island because we live so far away- you are lucky to live so close by such a beautiful and relaxing island!!!

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