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Weak Arms ...

... are why I opted not to fly from Indianapolis to Chicago.  Yes, that's why.  Not because of a fear of flying.  Nooooo ...

Thankfully, no one at the travel department for Roche thought I was unreasonable for preferring to rent a car vs. fly in an itty-bitty airplane from Indy to Chicago.   And double-thankfully, Lee Ann Thill from The Butter Compartment decided to come along for the ride.

We left the meeting in Indianapolis a little bit on the earlier side so I could make my Speaker's Orientation in Chicago.  Lee Ann and I are riding along to the airport with our driver when my heart collapses. 

"OH MY GOD we have to go back!  I forgot a bag!!"

And it wasn't just any bag.  This, of course, was my black carry-on bag that contained my Nikon D40, my wallet, and every single diabetes supply I needed for the next four days. 

"I'm so sorry, but we have to turn around.  Is that okay?  We have to go back because my medical supplies are sitting out in the luggage stack, baking in the sun."  I apologized profusely as we turned around, headed back to the building we just came from, I leapt from the car and actually hugged my black carry-on when I found it, then resumed the journey.

Thankfully, we passed this hemorrhoid sign on the highway several times while driving to and fro, giving Lee Ann and I plenty of time to zoom in for a shot.

Lee Ann and I had met a few times before and I always liked her, but we'd never had a chance to spend much time together.  Being stuck in a car with someone for hours on end gives you a chance to get to know someone.  :)  And we learned plenty about one another as Lee Ann busted out singing and dancing to a Journey song right at the outset of our drive, as we encountered traffic for hours due to an overturned "simmee" (read: semi-truck), and as we scanned the sky for potential tornadoes

We drove past cornfield ...

Photo credit:  Lee Ann Thill, getting used to the Nikon.

... after cornfield ...

Photo credit Lee Ann

... after cornfield, covering miles of Indiana turf until we finally reached our destination:  Chicago.  For BlogHer09.  We were so close!!!  Almost there!!

... and then we sat in traffic again as we eeked into the city limits.

Damnit, traffic!  Lee Ann and I were very well-acquainted by this point!  No need for extra time due to traffic!  And also damnit traffic, you made us wait so long that the rental car place closed!  And damnit traffic!  My legs were starting to ache from sitting down for such a long time!

Thankfully, we had the GPS.  (Chris and I have named it Linda.  Don't ask.) And once it turned us onto Wacker Street, we knew we were close.

Ha!  Wacker.

"Hee hee.  Upper Wacker."

I'm not sure which one of us said it, but we both laughed like immature eight year olds.  And I'm still not completely sure why.

But we were at BlogHer.  And that sets the stage for my next few posts.  :)

(Thanks for making the drive to Chicago with me, Lee Ann.  It was definitely an adventure!) 


I am seriously trying to not be an 8 yr old.

I've done the forgotten bag found hug. Ugh.

You. You just crack me up.

Glad your bag was still there!! The drive from Indy to Chicago is not so bad just SOOO BORING! it really is nothing but cornfields!! There is this commercial for an amusement park in Santa Claus Indiana and its tagline is 'Theres more than corn in Indiana!' haha

Can't... stop... laughing!!

Thank you so much for agreeing to my company. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have started singing Journey so early in the trip because if you had kicked me out of the car for that, I would have had a long corny walk ahead of me... not to mention the ever-present dangers of simmees.

I'd still rather lie in a ditch avoiding tornadoes and flying cows than get on another little plane that can't take off until the passenger weight has been redistributed *shudder*. You're way more fun, far less scary, and you even let me stop for a bag of peanuts :)

This is the first time in 33 years that I'm giggling over the thought of Wacker Drive. Honestly, never ever never thought of that before.


Our GPS is named Roz. I'm not sure why, it may be after the character in Monsters Inc...

Okay, tell the truth. The minute she burst out in song to Journey you knew you liked her even more, right??

My GPS is Sadie. She is supportive, yet firm. And sometimes mean. She knows she has the upper hand. Clearly I need help!

I've lived in Chicago all my life and work downtown. In my position at work, I often have to give people directions around the city. I giggle EVERY TIME (at least in my head, when I need to keep it professional) when I have to say WACKER!!!

Journey is some excellent, sing-along, road trip music!! Nice choice, Lee Ann!

lower wacker always reminds me of the Blues Brothers.

Glad you got your bag back. We had a momentary bag loss when we checked into the Coronado. Nothing to strike panic like thinking we lost "the" bag that Ian had carried on the plane that morning - he was more upset that his gameboy was in it LOL.

I am honestly a little disturbed that you know you are close when you are (on) Upper Wacker!! Too many mental pictures!!! LOL!

I have nothing mature to add, just thought you should know. :)

Hehe. I've lived about an hour outside Chicago my whole life, and 'Wacker' makes me giggle every time. :)

Wacker? I don't even know her! (yuk, yuk)

Glad you both survived the looong ride and Chicago traffic!

The big shootout where the Tumbler gets destroyed in Dark Knight was filmed on Lower Wacker.

Also - and this used to be something that David Letterman brought up any time he had a Playboy bunny on the show - the old Playboy office building in Chicago was located on Wacker Drive.

Been to Chicago many times. Know a ton of people who have lived in Chicago. It is NOT childish to laugh about Wacker. I've never met anyone who hasn't. We're all just part of one big Wacker Laugher Club.

We are the world, or something.

So fun to see photos of our part of the country on your blog. LOL (from neighboring Ohio)

(LTTP. Blame it on the vacation)

While I was on the road for the first year of my job I named the GPS I used 'Gisele'. She had a British accent too.

woah! We call our GPS Linda too!!! Her full name is Fatlinda actually. A kid in my son's class is named that, seriously and I joked we should call the GPS that but it was rather weird so it evolved into plain Linda. Is your linda American or British? We have tried both settings but we decided she's American (we live in Europe)

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