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Little Rhody.

It's been raining for weeks and we've been working like crazy people for weeks and stress is relentless ... but once Chris and I ended up in Block Island, it finally felt like summer.  And we finally relaxed.

Shoreline of Block Island

Block Island is only about twelve miles from the RI mainland, but it feels like it's miles away and also like a proper vacation.  The coastline is beautiful!  We spent the afternoon on the beach, soaking up (too much) of the sun and hanging with our friends.

Flowers on the island.

 Camera always at the ready, I - again - snapped too many pictures of flowers.  (Instead of people.  Not sure why that keeps happening.  Maybe because flowers sit still for five minutes?)  But thankfully, the flora is reasonable photogenic.

Cliff Walk in Newport
An evening in Newport with my husband made for some very pretty photos from the famous Newport Cliff Walk and dinner at Sardella's.  Our visit home was too damn short, but worth it!  Rhode Island has it's share of weird areas and quirky bits, but there are enough hidden treasures to amaze even a local like me. 
Already looking forward to next time.  :)


Great photos! Glad to hear you guys had a wonderful time. :)

Beautiful shots. Glad you got time away and time in the sun.

Great pictures! The color in these shots is just amazing!

A mini-vacation can do wonders!

You make me want to like the beach. If they just cleaned up all the sand I would be in!

Awesome pics BTW.

As you know if seen my first book, BI is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE-IST PLACE IN THE WORLD. I actually haven't been back since I did a signing there for Pieces two years ago...Seeing your pics made me homesick.

I'm going to have to sit on my hands now to keep myself from picking up the phone and calling the Rosemont Inn...

Beautiful pic's


Sounds like a wonderful time Kerri! Awesome pics!

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