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Friends For Life: In Gatorland.

I'm here in Orlando for the Children With Diabetes Friends for Life conference, meeting plenty of families affected by diabetes, learning a ton at the different educational sessions, and catching up with some of my favorite d-bloggers.  Like Sara.  And David and Elizabeth (and their adorable daughter).  And Mandy, bless her heart.  And Bennet.  And my favorite speedracer, Charlie Kimball.

So many inspiring people.  And so many cool sights.  

Not to mention (but I just did) that Chris and I saw an alligator hanging out mere feet from where people were dining.  Yes, we were taken aback, even though we should have known better, since the whole state of Florida seems to be infested with alligators.  (According to Sara, anyway, who told us that any body of water smaller than a Cadillac would most likely house them gators.)  We're from RI, guys.  We know plenty about woodland creatures and furry friends, but alligators?  That's a whole different experience entirely.  Squirrels forage for nuts.  Alligators seem to forage for children.

This is the only picture I've had a chance to upload so far.  More coming soon!

It's the 10th year for Friends for Life, and I'm proud to be a part of this experience.  But there's no time to recap yet.  I'll have plenty to share next week once we're home, but for now, I'm off until Tuesday and I'm going to Disney World!!!  


Great stuff!! Glad all is going well. And Charlie wrote a post and mentioned you, quite a bit. ;-)

Yeah, you don't see those in the Saugatuck River either, huh? :) Have a fabulous time at Disney!!!!

florida sounds awesome...and HOT! Have fun at DisneyWorld. You must try the Tower of Terror. I loved that when I was 18. The conference sounds like a great time. Enjoy yourself.

Can't wait to hear about FFL next week. Have a fun at Disney! :)

Smaller than a Cadillac? Come on Kerri, it's anything larger than a Cadillac. :)

Had a great time at Magic Kingdom tonight, we are headed to Hollywood Studios tomorrow.

Ok, as I was writing this Mandy just noticed that one of the rides dislodged her set - I mean completely out! Keep an eye on that this weekend :|

Holy smoley! That would TRIP me OUT! Gators right next to you!?

New Flash

the alligator tried to eat Kerri.

I valintly jumped in to save her. I lost a hand in the process but since I only use one finger to type on the iPhone it is no big loss.

Disney felt bad and gave me a job at Magic Kindgom getting my picture taken with a coed college program student named Lauren in a Mr Smee suit and tourist kids.

It was so much fun meeting you and Chris! (And Sara and Mandy, but this isn't their blog hehe) I hope that you enjoyed the rest of your trip! We couldn't believe about the alligators either as there are a bunch of kids running around Disney and no apparent protection from one should one decide to get out of the water. Safe travels home!!

Yep have a little one in the pond behind my cousins house and we have to call to have it taken out . Too many little kids around here to not have it removed . LOL !!!! I hope you are having fun at DW.

For those of us in the UK, please tell us what RI stands for, and where abouts it is in the US as it's a mystery to us!


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