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Working On Working Out.

Way overdue on a new vlog post, but I was inspired by George's post yesterday about getting back on track with exercise.  So here's my vlog post about diabetes, working out, and what motivates me to move.

Some of my reasons are a little goofy, but I think whatever gets me to exercise is well worth laughing at myself a little bit.  What gets you to break a sweat?


Twitter / IM status messages really do keep me accountable to staying on track. (Is that a pun, I don't know?)

Awesome vlog. :)

I just discovered your blog. I find it refreshingly positive and empowering (not to mention totally devoid of any self-pity). Although I do not have diabetes, it runs rampant in my family. Your insights have helped me better understand what my family members must cope with on a daily basis.

Loved today's vlog! Reese Witherspoon should play you in the movie version!!!

Great bullet list.
Thanks for sharing. You so funny.

Keep up the great work(out)!

Can we talk about how funny it was that the screen capture for the video was the kettlecorn line?! :)

I say whatever gets you to the gym is a good thing - I think that 'health' is so vague that it is hard to be a good motivator. The things you actually listed are much more apparent and immediate so I don't think it's odd that they work better.

can't see the vlog as i'm at work, but what drives me recently has been remembering what the (new to the practice) doctor said last time I went:
"It looks like you're about 10 lbs up from this time last year. The weather's getting nicer, maybe you can start going for some walks?"

fuming inside, I thought, "Yes, lady. Obviously the hour of cardio 5x a week plus weights, plus soccer on tuesday and sunday isn't doing the trick. Mayhaps I'll just take a stroll around the block and watch the pounds just melt away!"

though sometimes what drives me to exercise is the knowledge that I can then have wine, bread, and cheese and not feel guilty. :)

I finally was able to watch this so first, thank you for the shout out!

Second, I agree "health" is (for some really weird reason) not the motivator I need. When I saw the DVD of Godspell I thought I was going to die. I was so upset but whatever works!!!

Thanks again Kerri.

Hey Kerri!
I'm a 21-year old guy with type 1 diabetes. I'm psyched to hear that you are finally coming along with you excersise. Just thinking of all the benefits that come from training including insuline sensitivity and all the chocolates one can occationally eat without pumping the veins full of insulin gets me laughing.
Anyway, I just got into a new training program that is working out so well I started a blog about it. It's called HIT-training. I hope you get the time to read about it, it has made my life so much easier since I don't have to go to the gym EVERY night anymore. My blood sugar now averages 6.7 on 30 days and has done so since my first workout :)

What keeps me motivated to exercise? Truly - not much. I'm the worst about exercise. But I've started . . yet again . . . last week. And what is going to keep me motivated this time? My fat @$$. Seriously, NOTHING fits anymore and Pea and I plugged our heights and weights into BMI calculators and both came out in the "overweight" category. So I've completely re-hauled what we eat, have started counting calories and fat along with carbs, and have been working out regularly. 25 lbs by December - I WILL do it!!

You should hire Chris out to motivate all of us! There's an idea...

Thanks for the smile Kerri (again)!

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