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Magic Beans.

Lows are The Suck.  I am not a fan.

The pear ones are the best.

But if I could treat every low blood sugar with Jelly Belly jelly beans, it would almost be okay.

(The pear ones are my favorite and even when I'm low, I save them for last.)

That is all.


Lows suck! But jelly beans make the lows much better! And YES, I love pear anything -Tart & sweet. What about a pear martini? Might have to start working on that one! ;)
Kelly K

Have you tried the JB Sports Beans? They're good as well. Have a great day!

Yummy, pear jelly beans.

Lows - Major Suckage yo.

Pear jelly beans - yum.

Yay for Jelly Beans. I like the pear ones and the toasted marshmallow ones. And, yes, BEST treatment for low bloodsugar. By faaaarrrr.... :)

You know what's not good? Those Harry Potter jelly beans that have the bad flavors included. Would not want to treat a low with those!! :)

We're on the same wave length, my friend...

mmmmm I love Jelly Belly jelly beans. So yummy and very magical.

You can have my Pear Jelly Beans! The reason I hate pears is actually diabetes related. When I was diagnosed and at Children's Hospital towards the end of my stay they made me eat my lunch and they had the canned pears on the gross yellow hospital tray and they made me eat them and I thought they were so gross and I didn't like the texture, so still today I associate pears with hospital food! I know I should get over it but I just can't! I pick the pear jelly belly’s out… even when I’m low!

Yum! Jelly Bellies are my fave too. Good for a low, but I have a hard time reserving them for just that. :) Did you ever try the sugar-free ones - when they first came out, they were individually wrapped! Very weird...

Funny .... my mother recently told me that my father's endo told him many, many years ago that jelly beans were the best combat for lows. Does that help your cause at all? :P And I love the jolly rancher jb's .. they are really yummy!

this is good to know...especially for my 7 year old.
i'm curious, how many beans to treat a low?

Nan - I think one Jelly Belly is about 1g carb. At least that's how I count 'em. I have a "smoothie" mix right now - really yummy. And have you all tried the soda pop medley -- Dr. Pepper flavor, A&W root beer, 7-Up, Orange Crush -- very good!!

i love jelly belly! my husband is from the town where they're made (fairfield, ca)...and they were our wedding favors. =) a touch of home for him, a nice source of sugar if i went low. haha

Ditto on the jelly bean love. :)

I've been an apple juice girl for years. I can't wait to go stock up on Jelly Beans!

I love the sour Jelly Bellies...so good! Although if I am at a mall and they have a candy shop where you can pick your flavors I usually go for green apple, tangerine, and pineapple all mixed together...crap, now I am craving Jelly Bellies!

Right now, my fav "low candy" is Skittles. Haven't found a bag of the pastel non-sour ones, but lovin' the purple and red skittles, :-) Totally do the same thing. I pick the purple and red ones last.

Me too! I always use plain old jelly beans for lows but on the rare occasion that I have jelly belly ones, I always save pear for last.

So funny that you mention it, as here in Australia Jelly Beans are the standard treatment for lows.

I know in the US you appear to use mostly juice boxes or glucose tablets, but here we seem to have taking a different approach.

Yey for jelly beans!!!

Author of D and The Guy

Ooooh the pear ones! Nice call. It almost makes it worth it.

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