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Tuesday Musings.

An exercise in trying to make sense of my thought processes:

  • The alarm went off at 3:11 am and my first thought was: "Hey, 311." 
    Second thought:  "Hey, that's not my alarm.  That's the Dexcom BEEEEEEEP!ing." 
    Third thought:  "I will eat frosting." 
  • So I ate frosting in the kitchen at three in the morning.  Dipped a Lorna Doone cookie right into the vanilla frosting can.  Classy.
  • Woke up at 153 mg/dl.
  • Showered, dressed, and grabbed some snacks while Siah paced pensively and hollered at me.  "Hey!  Make me a banana sandwich!" I imagined she was saying. 
  • I did not make her a banana sandwich, as she is a cat.     
  • Left the house for work ten minutes later than I meant to and managed to hit every traffic light possible en route. Making me later. 
  • Thought about the Dave Matthews Band and how Chris and I saw Dave Matthews filming something in NYC on Sunday.  Dave was walking across Vanderbilt Avenue in wicked slow motion, with everyone else on the street at regular speed.  It was very surreal to see someone crossing a busy Manhattan street moving at a snail's pace.
  • This sighting prompted us to try and walk in slow motion for a bit, but we ended up tripping gracelessly over ourselves. 
  • At this point, I decided to stop thinking about other things and focus on driving.  :)
  • Parked my car and as soon as I opened the door to get out, a pocket of rain fell out of the tree above me and slammed me in the head.
  • "Ooooooooooh!" is that I said outloud.  At a high pitch.
  • Went into working daydreaming about coffee.  Made that dream a reality before getting to my desk and mentally high-fived myself for my ability to feed an addiction.
  • Checked emails. Realized that blogging for four more years is far more likely than ever answering all the emails I have backlogged.  Debated full inbox deletion, but then decided against it.
  • Discussed Crumbs bakery with co-worker.  Decided that they opened a Crumbs in Westport just for us.
  • Received confirmation that the Fairfield County Dinner crew is meeting up again on Thursday.  Yay! 
  • Received confirmation that I'll be visiting a diabetes support group in NYC next Tuesday, which I'm very much looking forward to.
  • And then received confirmation that when the Dexcom sounds its alarm in the dead silence of my office, people twitter.
  • Which made me think about Twitter and I started wondering when the Twitter bubble will burst.
  • And then my brain finally settled down and let me focus.
  • Until I started to think about how my shirt color resembles black raspberry ice cream.  Which made me think of the beach.  Which made my brain wander off to our upcoming anniversary cruise. 
Oh forget it.  I'm spent.


LOL well so far you've had a pretty productive day, I think it's time for you to take a nap!!!

I love the way you write your posts, makes me smile every time! Thanks :)

best entry ever! random thought processes are great!

My, you are a good writer.

Amazing how diabetes keeps popping up....how often would you say you thought about diabetes? I've heard the average Type 1 thinks about it every 15 minutes? I feel like it might be even more than that....

Everytime I read your words I feel as if Im sitting next to you. Only an outstanding writer can transport me the way you do.

You transport me through space and time.

Random Thoughts by Kerri

Nice ;-)
Loved it.

Hope you found some energy to get thru the afternoon...don't think too much.

Shannon - I aLOL'd at that. Come along for a journey through time ... space ... and stupid shit.

Alexis - Often. Very often. But I don't think I realize just HOW often. Until you ask questions like that. :)

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! Crumbs is for me too!!!! Yes I did, in fact, drag P there after our dance lesson. Almost didn't find it tucked away back there, but my cupcake-radar went off at just the right moment. And since I had looked on-line and seen the prices, I was smart enough to "forget" to bring the free cupcake coupon with me. That's the only way I can get my (ahem, cheap) husband to go there again!!

Looking forward to Thursday!

I've been told I am random like that. Sometimes I'll be totally focused on something and then HEY LOOK, A CHICKEN!

I'm exhausted!

ooo, piece of candy... ooo, piece of candy...

Hi Kerri,

I've been following your blog for months now and just wanted to say thank you. I'm a newlywed that just married a type 1 diabetic. I've just started a blog about learning to handle diabetes as a spouse. Your posts are inspiring, thank you for sharing. - Rose

I cannot wait for next Tuesday!!!!!!!! We can then start our group meeting with a Kerri conversation instead of a Kerri blog excerpt :D

Thanks for your blog, Kerri! My husband and I have been reading it for about the past month and have really enjoyed learning so much from it. Our 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 in December so we are on our journey to learn all we can learn for her and give her the best we can give her. Your blog has been a big help, thanks again!

Stacey-I second that! I am so excited for Tuesday! Thank you for coming to our support group meeting Kerri :)

I aLOL when I wrote it.

I have a story to tell you that isn't bloggable. I'm afraid "they" will find it and harrass me some more. Expect an IM convo in the morning. (It's funny).

You've almost been married a year?!? Wow, time flies! Congratulaions... where are you going on the cruise?

BTW, very fun post!

I am so glad I am not the only one who has "classy" low blood sugar solutions in the middle of the night - my SO will not let go of the time he caught me eating Triscuits and butter in front of the fridge - and I have definitely gone the frosting route as well...

This post reminded me of the childrens book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.
I am father of a 7 year old with Type 1 who was diagnosed in January 2008. Your posts make me laugh quite often and I hope my son will still have a sense of humor when he grows up.

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