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I'm Sorry ... Glucose Spray?

Tuesday night's meeting did more than introduce me to some fantastic fellow type 1s ... I was also ushered into the wonderful world of glucose spray.

I know.  My face made that "Excuse me?" look, too.

One of the women at the meeting, Christina, was talking about her low blood sugar treatment methods and then she whipped out this little bottle of what looked like my dad's binaca spray

My world was once just glucose tabs.  And then they juiced 'em up and developed liquid glucose shots.  And gels.  (I love the gels, to be honest.)  But spray?  A glucose spray?  That was new to me.

So I took a picture of it, for posterity.  

The mystical, magical glucose spray.
(Hand model is Karen, because if I took a picture of my rotten hands, you'd force me back into my gingerbread house to wait for Hansel.  And not the other Hansel, even though he's so hot right now.)

According to myth, and what was written on the back of the bottle, you spray this stuff into your mouth and it absorbs into your cheeks.  The bottle says five sprays, but Christina dismissed that recommendation with a distracted wave.  "You need like 10 or 15 sprays, honestly."  

I seriously thought this was the coolest thing.  Because I'm skeptical about anything that involves "change," I'm wary of its effectiveness, but I'm so curious to see if it would work as fast as my beloved juice. I have never seen this in my local CVS, but their website lists it as available in Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, and several online distributors.  And I haven't tried it yet, but I think I'm going to have to. 

Just to satisfy my own curiosity.    


But honestly...! When I gt a hypo, I want an excuse to eat nice stuff, like chocolate. Glucose spray..? I ask you. No thanks ;o)

Well dang shoot! I guess you do learn something new everyday. Glucose Spray...Wow!

Thanks for the post!

I'm with you on this one Kerri ... I need to find myself one of these to try too. Let us know how you like it if you get your hands on one! And thanks to Tina for introducing the new product to us :P

Well worth a try! Smaller than a juice box and I do the tabs but they are so powdery that they sometimes make me cough. Nothing worse than hacking your way through a low recovery.

I hate the gel personally. The texture and flavor just gross me out. Emma LOVES the gel! Glucose tabs seem to take forever to work for me, I don't know why though.

Im with Phil. I have only used a glucose tab or gel in desperate situations. Any other time I want some good stuff. Frosted mini bites (to die for) chocolate in any form, powder surgar doughnuts, all the sweets I try to stay away from.

Actually, there are reasons why this might be useful. In the first instance, it would work as a treatment for severe hypos where the patient is unable to chew on tablets and might choke or aspirate on a liquid -- before glucagon is necessary. A side benefit might be that it causes less damage to the tooth enamel, leading to cavities. While I agree that it's not as groundbreaking as the promoters think it is, innovation on any front may be beneficial!

If I can see the very tiny nutritional contents correctly, it looks like in 5 sprays there are only 188 mg of carbs. That would require A LOT of sprays to bring up a low, I would think. I like the idea, but am skeptical.

I think this might be good for a child who only needs 4 or grams to bring up a mild low. Or in those situations where you just need a quick burst of something, or at night when you just want to not have to eat. I know one problem with many people is over treating lows, so this would certainly help avoid that...but I think that would take a LOT of pumps just to get a decent 4 grams.

This is awesome for Brendon's nighttime lows when we have to struggle to rouse him enough to drink juice.

Another reason why I like the idea is because sometimes his appetite just isn't there and juice is sometimes the last thing he wants to drink, so forget about chewing on glucose tabs.

I'm off to Walmart, then Rite Aid, then wherever else they have it if I can't find it at the first two places.

Btw, I noticed how beautiful Karen's cuticles are. I wish I had cuticles like that.

My fingers are like jello when I am low. I wonder if I would be able to 'work' the spray...

I think I'd rather drink some juice. :)

Hi Kerri,

That stuff's been around for years. I have loads of samples in my cabinet. The company tells me it's not for "real" hypos, just a little boost when you feel you're going down a bit. In other words, pretty useless.

Wow, I never heard of that. I'm curious to see what you think of it after you try it.

Glucose spray, no thanks! Extra expense, plastic waste, more special stuff to carry, more questions to answer... Smarties or glucose tabs if I'm out, honey or juice if I'm home, that will do it.

After reading all of the comments, I guess I'm on the fence about this one. It does seem great for those lows when I'm full and the idea of candy or juice makes me want to gag. (Not that it happens often - I'm usually more than happy to eat!) But then, if it takes a million squirts and doesn't really work - that would suck!

PS: Sqqqwwweeee, I'm a hand model!! Seriously, if I had known, I would have at least slapped some pretty pink polish on. Thank you to Shannon for the compliment about my cuticles though, totally made my day. Although I have a sneaking suspicion they've been airbrushed and photo-shopped. :)

This photo was not photoshopped, Karen. Your cuticles are that nice. And THANK YOU for hand modeling. You saw my hands. Blech!

Hmmm... I think I'll stick with the tabs and shots. I tried the gels - yuck. I like the shots for when I'm out and about and really need something fast. They taste like melted Icee sticks (can't think of what they're really called... those tube things that come off the shelf, but you freeze them to eat?) but they're better than the tabs. FYI - the Target store-brand tabs are really yuck - pure chalk. I have most of a whole jar that I'm avoiding. Walmart's ReliOn brand are much better.

Hey Kerri,

I picked some of this stuff up at the EADS conference last September and I definitely use it. The only thing I have found is it does take a lot of pumps to make a difference and if you don't clean out the spray nozzle after usage, it clogs and then doesn't work. :( Still it survives better in my pocket than gels or tabs (as I just can't quite sport a purse).

And are you stalking me? Because you seem to be reviewing all sorts of products I use- DexCom, glucose spray, True2Go meter..... I'm seriously looking over my shoulder now! :)


135 sprays for 15 grams of carb. That's more than an entire bottle. You'd be better of drinking it than spraying it at that rate.

Who IS that HAND MODEL!? *swoon*

Heheh. Sorry Karen, couldn't resist. Saw your excited tweet earlier in the day. :-p

Wow that is SO cool! I saw something weird today---Butterscotch gtabs.

So... Umm
According to the info on the back...
5 sprays = 188mg of Carbohydrate...
According to the basic principles of math...
you would need 80 sprays to add up to the recommended 15 gram treatment for a low.
I don't understand how 10 or even 15 sprays would have a suitable effect on blood sugars. I've heard of this product a few years ago, and I'm still waiting to hear an explanation...

The rule of 15 to treat lows is 15 grams of fast acting CHO, wait 15 mins and then retest. Retreat with 15 grams of CHO if still

Now to me that is really pure science fiction stuff....glucose spray? Well am on the look out for it...but I do prefer eating chocolate and juice.

Karen's got some bling, eh?

OK, first of all it says right on the bottle that it is not for severe lows. I use it when I am going down and don't have access to other forms of glucose. Maybe I sound rude, but none of you know what it takes to treat a really stubborn low. My life is all highs and lows. It is not science fiction and in certain instances it works.

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