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Readers in Need?

The D community comes together.Quick outreach post this afternoon for you guys: 

I received an email from a very generous reader who mistakenly received 550 Freestyle strips (instead of Freestyle Lite strips), and their insurance company doesn't want the strips returned.  This reader wants to offer these Freestyle strips up to a PWD in need. 

So if you are a Freestyle user and you are having some trouble making ends meet on the diabetes financial front, send me an email at kerri (at) sixuntilme (dot) com and I can put you in contact with this kind reader.  They're willing to pay shipping to get the strips sent out, and they would really like to help a fellow PWD in need.


UPDATE:  We found a home for these strips.  Thanks, guys!


This really put a big smile on my face. God's richest blessings on this kind and thoughtful donor!!

I help run one of my school's student run free clinics, and many of the patient's rarely test their blood sugar because they can't afford the test strips (and it's the one item that we have trouble getting donated), so if some offer like that comes about again, I would love to take them off of someone's hands!

Kerri - I also have 1,700 One Touch test strips that I will pay shipping on. They are, Basic, Profile and OneTouch II strips. Unreturnable pharmacy/doctor error.

What a blessing, made my heart smile

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