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A Little Pick Me Up.

Today was a bad day at work.  Not that anything particularly crappy happened, but I feel like I'm under several deadlines at once and not able to keep my head on completely straight.  Frustrations and to do lists keep piling up.

I returned from an iced coffee adventure (Yes, the iced coffee runs have already started.  No, I can't stop.) to find a priority mail envelope on my desk.  Return address looked a little familiar, but I couldn't place it.

"Who do I know in Minnesota?" I wondered, opening the envelope.

And out spilled three magnets, the first of which made me laugh out loud so hard that people at the Westport train station must have heard me.  Holy bad hearing flashback!!

Holy funny magnet.

Oh you wily Scott Johnson ... you know my affinity for puns, coffee, and hey, something shiny!  Could you be a better bloggy buddy?  

Thank you for such a thoughtful, hysterically funny, and completely unexpected care package!



I couldn't even comment on the heart on post because I couldn't see thru the tears of laughter.

Hmmm... affinity for shiny objects? As something other than a cover-up for TMI in a post? You might be what some of my costuming colleagues refer to as a "magpie". (Still dunno where that comes from, but costuming "magpies" collect all sorts of shiny-pretties to wear with their garb, whether or not it is appropriate to the character...)

LmaO! Too funny.

SUSSY! we haven't seen a sussy in a long time! awesome Scott!

Perfect! :)

omg i want to literally LOL but i don't think my coworkers would understand. hahahahahha

i want to get that shiny objects magnet!

Aahhh, Scott sure does rock!!

And by the way, I told Pete the heart on story - he LOVED it. He quotes it often now. We really should hook up with our husbands - I think you and Pete would get along really well. :)

You are very welcome Kerri!

I simply could not resist grabbing them for you when I saw them.

Glad that they put a smile on your face and helped to brighten the day. :-)

It's funny that you wrote Minnesota because Immediately I thought of Scott. ;-)

Way funny man. WAY funny.

Thanks for sharing Kerri!!

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