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The Born-Again Diabetic.

William "Lee" Dubois and I have been blogger buddies for years now, from when I came across his blog back in 2005 when he was writing about his experiences with the old Medtronic Guardian RT system.  Diagnosed with type 1 at he age of 40, he's one of the original diabetes bloggers.  (He's called me the "diabetes whack-a-mole" for a long time, because I keep popping up.  And I think I may always call him "Printcrafter" in my head.)

I've always been a fan of his writing, and now I'm happy to hold his book in my hands.  Will sent me a copy of his book a few weeks ago - The Born-Again Diabetic:  A Handbook to Help You Get Your Diabetes In Control (Again).

Will's book.

Just as I had expected, and hoped, Will's book is written in the same totally accessible, completely approachable style as his blog.  He may be a diabetic and a diabetes educator, but he's truly a "diabetic of the people," as exemplified by the very title of Chapter 1:  What the hell is diabetes, anyway? 

Throughout the course of Will's 14 chapter journey, he takes us through diagnosis, diabetes hardware like meters and CGMs, A1C tests, the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, oral meds, insulin, and the gritty chapter called "Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll."   

Okay, so this all sound familiar, right?  Same sorts of topics, same rehashed information, same ... disease, right?  That everyone else and their grandmother has written about?  Yes indeed.

But what makes this book different is that it is actually readable.  In my job and through blogging, I've been sent many books from publishers and authors, and I have to be honest - some are an effort to plod through.  With Will's book, it was like having an old friend (Not OLD, Will, but more like longtime.  Don't send me a nasty email.) explain diabetes to a coffeehouse of people, and I'm sitting there laughing, nodding, and going, "Yes, that's right." 

"What else affects my blood sugar, you ask?  Why everything, of course! What do you know about the Chaos Theory?  Yeah, I don't know much either, I can't even balance my checkbook.  But as I understand it with my third-grade grasp  of mathematics, Chaos Theory is a way of explaining the interactions of events in complex environments with lots of variables. It's the whole a-butterfly-flaps-its-wings-in-Mongolia-so-it-rains-in-Flagstaff kind of science."  - pg. 81

Diabetes is about life.  About friends.  About lauhing at the moments of extreme management and making sense of the true chaos theory that is this disease.  Will's book has done well in capturing some of those moments and making diabetes seem more like a disease you have to know and accept in order to control.

And as the diabetes whack-a-mole, I agree.  :)

Note:  If you want to order your own copy of Will's book, visit his blog and click through on the order link.  And tell him I said hi!   


I loved it too. So easy to read and easy to understand. I learned a lot.

I don't know from whack a mole. Whack a meter I get. LOL

I'm a fan of it too! Great book that I highly recommend.

I originally got this for my newly-diagnosed T-2 nephew, but read it first......cried & laughed. It gave my 17 year journey with diabetes a swift kick in the pants! Easy/fast read with things you didn't remember or never really knew/understood fully.

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