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Smiths Medical Pulls Out from Diabetes Market.

Farewell, Cozmo.Wow - this surprised me. 

The company that makes the Deltec Cozmo pump issued a statement today, saying that they are stopping the sale of their insulin pump.  According to the press release

“The continued health of the thousands of people who use the Deltec Cozmo® insulin pump is our primary concern, and they should be reassured that their pump remains an excellent choice to help them manage their diabetes,” said Srini Seshadri, president of Smiths Medical. “Our customers also should be reassured that Smiths Medical will meet all of its warranty obligations; provide customer and clinical support for the lifetime of the warranty of all pumps; ensure that Deltec Cozmo® insulin pump cartridges and Cleo® and Comfort® infusion sets are available; and make any necessary transitions as simple as possible.”

Why did they pull out? Looks like the pump "biggies" - Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson - have cornered the market share.  More from the release:

"In addition, as its only direct-to-consumer enterprise, the Diabetes business has little synergy with the rest of Smiths Medical’s businesses. For this reason, Diabetes requires its own extensive sales, marketing, reimbursement, insurance and clinical support infrastructure in the United States, which has resulted in it becoming uneconomical as sales and profits for the business have decreased. Without a strong, profitable Diabetes business in the United States, the world's largest medical market, it would also be impossible to sustain the business internationally.

Looks like the full transition out will take about four years, which corresponds to the warranty on new insulin pumps.  Cozmo pumpers, at that time, will need to chat up their medical team to get information on switching to a new insulin pump.  They have a whole website dedicated to answering questions, so if you need more information, check out the site.

Personally, I'm sad to see this happening.  I think having more pump manufacturers contributes to more innovation, offering diversity to insulin pumpers.  I'm a Medtronic pumper, but I considered the Cozmo back when I was shopping for a pump.  I hate seeing options removed from us.

Sorry to see you go, Cozmo.   


:( I was looking forward to getting the next rev with an integrated CGM. I love my Cozmo! (Psst--there's a typo in your title--it should be "Smiths", no apostrophe.)

I'm devastated at the moment. In the grand scheme things, this is nothing, I know, but oh how I LOVE my Cozmo.

"Diabetes requires its own extensive sales, marketing, reimbursement, insurance and clinical support infrastructure in the United States, which has resulted in it becoming uneconomical as sales and profits for the business have decreased."

Diabetes? Expensive? This is news to me.

All sarcasm aside, competition breeds innovation and announcements like this are never good for anyone. Hopefully this is just a sign of These Troubled Times (drink!) and not a lack of motivation.

I dont' have a Cozmo, but I agree w/ you that the more competition, the more innovation. I hate it.

Well that really stinks. I love my Cozmo and it's abililty to download data that can be overlayed with data from my Freestyle Navigator.

Holy crap. This is a shock. I went with Smiths two years ago because they were doing a lot of things right (the disconnect feature, the customizable ratios, the green color, the Cozmonitor). While I've seen some of these things come to Animas and Omnipod, I don't think I'll see the combination of features I want anywhere else.

Somehow I feel like going out into the rain and screaming at the sky "whyyyyyyy?!?!?".

Yeah, I was surprised when I read that on the CWD website. The Cozmo was never an option that I was considering -- too ugly for my tastes, and not as sleek looking as the Medtronic or Animas -- but its followers seemed to be devout.

Competition is always good, and this is just disappointing.

Let's see, in 1999, if you wanted an insulin pump you could only get one from Minimed (now Medtronic) or Disetronic (now Roche), whereas today, you can buy them from Medtronic, Nipro, Sooil, or Insulet (Omnipod) ... so over the past decade, we have more choice than we did even without Smiths Medical. By comparison, we have fewer insulin manufacturers today than we did in 1976 (then we had Lilly, Squibb, Connaught, and Novo (this doesn't even include some smaller manufacturers in Europe which did not compete in North America).

If I had to bemoan the loss of choice, it would be for the lack of choice when it comes to insulin, not on the lack of choice in methods to actually deliver that insulin.

I'm bummed, since the pod just kind of creeps me out and minimed's customer service and record keeping is abysmal (they called me the other day to say that my 508 is out of warrenty and did I want to upgrade? Yeah, I haven't been their customer for 3 years and they just called about an upgrade?. Sorry. that was a rant-tangent. A rangent, if you will.) Anywhoo, I'll miss Smiths, they did a good job in my book.

This is horrible news for those of us using and loving our Cozmo pumps.
I'm in shock. I can't imagine having to get a different pump.

Sorry, Scott. I think choice should be available across the board, not just for the drugs themselves.

Competition is indeed good, and I don't want to get up on my soap box here, but the release said it best about the extensive resources required to sell a single pump in the US.

We should all be aware that in a single-payer, or universal health system, this would be the rule and not the exception. I can personally attest that the cost of complying with government rules and regulations adds many thousands of dollars in cost to products in the DME field.

aww... this is terrible.
the cozmo was the only pump that has tried to break free from the design and usablility scheme the "old" pumps got used to and never changed drastically.


To me, insulin is insulin. I don't really care who makes it. One person could make a couple different kinds and I'd be fine with that. But the ways of delivering insulin are so varied (as seen by the current pumps and by all the ideas we have for how to improve them), so to limit those options seems like a real tragedy.

I'm really bummed about the Cozmo news. Kacey just started pumping with her Cozmo this past weekend and we've got 4 more years and I hope within those 4 years something new comes out! We love the Cozmo and all the "kid friendly" features it has.

Maybe there's a cure on the horizon?

Hummm, Nikki just got her Cozmo a few months ago - I think I am worried

This is not good news for innovation, cost and service especially as we are on the verge of closed loop pump systems. I'm sure it is a very costly exercise to improve tech and unless a Co. has the resources and backing product innovation will be very slow coming.

What a huge bummer! I LOVE thomas' cozmo - and customer service has been more than great. I'm worried about that 4th year, though - when the warrenty is up and health insurance won't pay until year 5!

I felt sad to read the news today too... With less manufacturers, there's bound to be less innovation and ultimately that doesn't help patients. :(

It does not really surprise me that they are letting Cozmo go. It's all about money isn't it? Because they find they need a lot of support for this system and so it is not a money-making product for them. At least they will continue to support the wearers for the lifetime of the warranty.

Evelyn Guzman

I'm so sad.

"Senor Pumporamo" and I have become quite close.

I'm bummed too. I've had my Cozmo pump for 2 1/2 years and I'm kinda attached to it... literally and figuratively :) However, I've never tried any other pump brand, so I don't know what that'll be like.

Actually, Kerri I was thinking of you after I learned this news, in terms of CGMS choices. Since you're a Minimed pumper, why'd you choose to go with the Dexcom CGMS, instead of the one that integrates with your pump? I'm sure you've explained this before, but I must have missed it...

My Cozmo is just now up for renewal and I am forced to look elsewhere. Bummer. Here is what I liked best (looks didn't matter):
1. Infusion site change reminder
2. Therapy Score Card
3. Correction bolus calc'ed immediately
4. Food DB - very handy at times
5. I made a Temp Basal at 0 which I used if BS was low - allowed me options.
6. I had Temp basals at 115% and one at 125%
- all this on the pump not pda's and other stuff to carry around.
The Infusion site change reminder was a key decision element for me and it will be missed.
So I am spending a ton of time researching but not finding a replacement that comes close to these functions - am I missing something here? You Animas Ping or Medtronic or Accu-Check Spirit users .. thoughts? THANKS! (Go UNC Heels!!)

Dave N.

I visit TUDIABETES website regularly and I believe, that , if you visit you will find very useful info regarding the discussions about the different pumps, some out spoken individuals .I am a Medtronic gal for close to 9 years ; have never tried another pump and am satisfied on the overall performance, training I received , service provided .I feel bad , that you and others have to go through the process of choosing again;afterall we are occupied enough just handling our day to day affairs staying on top of our well being and health . Take care.

Bummed. Just bummed am I. I am bummed.

Did I mention that I was bummed about this?? Nothing else to say, really.

Wow, I JUST switched over to a medtronic pump. In fact, it is supposed to arrive on Wednesday. Talk about good timing!

I just saw the letter last night that we received and I'm so sad about it.

It's Brendon's very first and only pump he's known for the past 6 years.

On top of it , 100 plus employees were let go. That Sirini is an arrogant jerk and has no reason to head up Smiths. Everythinh was great at Smiths until he took over. TOTAL MISMANAGEMENT. HE SHOULD BE fired

I will add to those who are bummed.

I started on a Cozmo 9 months ago. I've been quite pleased with it in comparison to my 8 years with Minimed (which were good, but this has been better). Now I'm tempted by these switcheroo offers and everyone (CDE, hubby, etc) tells me to stay put and see it through til my warranty is up.

Smiths is being great about the transition so far - letters, website, directing me to DME suppliers for supplies. But the other companies are circling like vultures. I've already gotten a call from Medtronic (who, like the situation with the other poster here, were actually calling me about an upgrade that they should have called about before my warranty expired in May 2008).

Bummed. Blech.

I am a Cozmo user and was royally ticked when they told me they were discontinuing. I had just renewed my warranty with the company when they decided to pull themselves from the market. I love my Deltec and am sad to see it go.

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