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Idle Hands.

I thought that winter was over.  (Stupid move on my part, because my car was iced over at least two days last week.  I gave some thought to bringing out a teacup of hot water before I gave better thought to putting my key in my mouth to warm it up.  But then it was 60 degrees out yesterday and all the snowdrifts melted except the gritty ones in the parking lot at work.  And now it's freezing and rainy again today.  Whoops, digression again?)  Turns out, winter isn’t over.  It’s still chilly, it’s still miserable outside, and I’m still at home watching movies. 

Trouble is, when I’m home hanging out with Chris and watching tv, I tend to want to snack on everything I can get my hands on.  Even when it’s a “healthy” snack like green beans, sugar-free Jell-O, a cup of excellent Lady Gray tea, chicken salad … eating these tasty healthy bits in mass quantities can still make my jeans tight.  

(Note to self:  Kerri, kettle corn is not the best snack.  You don’t need to eat this stuff by the fistful to the point where you find pieces of popcorn stuck inside your shirt sleeve like hours later.  Seriously.  You are becoming a little piggy about this stuff.  Lay off, okay?)

But I’m a snacker.  I like snacks.  And it’s a challenge to keep my hands busy so my mouth isn’t.

Spin me a yarn about idle hands.  And then smack me for making bad puns.

Years ago, my grandmother taught me how to crochet.  With the yarn skimming across my knuckles and the crochet hook in my hand, I’m too busy concentrating on the stitches to think about … oh, say kettle corn.  It’s an “old lady” habit, but it’s definitely a good way to keep me from snacking.  (And now all my family members have handmade scarves.)

But I’m running out of yarn, and my wrist is still a bit on the mend from this tendonitis crap.  Anyone out there have a good way to keep hands busy during the after work snacking hours?  

(And if you were thinking "Photoshopping hats onto the cats," I've already beat you to the punch.)


Kerri, I vote for baking bread the old fashioned way..kneading by hand. Keeps your hands busy, relieves stress(nothing like thrusting a fist into a ball of dough), and the results???there's nothing like a loaf you've made with your own hands. Mustard Cheese rolls anyone? You can always make the dough after work, cover it and put it in the fridge overnight and bake it the next after work for dinner! BTW, I'd kill to know how to crochet!

I don't suppose KNITTING would be the kind of answer you are looking for, since it requires yarn and can hurt your wrists too, huh?

By the way, my yarn stash is more than 109,700 yards . . . or more than 62 miles. So you know who to visit when you run out of yarn. :)

If my wife and I are watching a movie, to keep her from snacking..we snuggle.

Cross stitch? Papier mache? Decoupage? Scrapbooking? *shudder*

juggling fruit?

not that i do this. i prefer eating my pretzels, peanuts, and popcorn.

Hand-held solitaire? :)

ah yes idle hands...for me = pokerstars with my dad and lil' bro ... is that bad? lol

scrapbooking, squeezing a koosh ball, play dough, yo-yoing

OK all, I can also come up with something REALLY creative to do with your hands besides baking bread, but I AM a mom of 20 & 13 yr old boys and I"m not going to go there.......


If you like to crochet but are looking for smaller projects (less chance for wrist impact), I suggest Amigurumi. It's my way of staying out of the refrigerator while I'm relaxing and watching TV.


There are tons of free patterns on the web, so far I have made 2 cats and a heart, all with cute smiley faces. If you already crochet, you are way ahead of the game.

Glad someone besides me had their mind in the gutter on this post...

Yes the gutter. Its gotta be there somewhere.

Kerri, have you thought of pottery, sculpting, painting, or music?

This is a really good idea, Kerri. I need to keep my hands busy, too!

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