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I am Spam. Spam I Am.

F spam.Well this has never happened before.


Subject line:  diabetes 

Email:  rid myself from insulin lowered glucose from 600 mg/dl to avg of 69 mg/dl to118 mg/dl with an A1C reading from11.8 to 5.8 in 190 days check it out [name and URL redacted] doesn't cost a thing...hard to believe but that's life.... 

Fantastic.  Another spam peddler.  But I'm not looking for a war this morning, so I just filed it into the email folder called "Spamtastic" and proceeded to check my other new messages.


Subject line:  sorry

Email:  I email you before I read your blog sorry that you have a difficult life with diabetes 1 and am sorry I tried to help by referring a wed site to you as you stated "don't e-mail you with snake oils" it's just that somewhere somplace there is help for us for me it's the referral, Your so positive please stay that way and keep helping others as i shall. Sorry for imposing on you

Wait, what?  An apologetic spammer?  They read the How to Pitch to Bloggers post and the one about snake oil?  And they admitted that they spam people for the referral bonus?  Someone who is sorry that they imposed?  And bothered to email me to follow up?

This is a milestone.  I'm not sure what kind, but it's definitely never happened to me before.  Are we getting through to these people?  Are our raised voices actually being heard?


That is awesome.

Well, that's...um...refreshing.

Are we getting through to spammers? I'd say this person is one in a million. I've gotten in online arguments with spammers (I can be feisty, yo), and half the time they'll ignore me and the other half they'll argue back and send links to pseudo-clinical trials, and then get mad at me for being closed-minded. Grrr...

Nice to see one of them has morals, though. And it's also made me think a little differently about these people, who I guess are just trying to make a buck in this sh#*$#y economy.

Like drug smugglers from south of the border, I'm sure they don't even think about the people they're potentially hurting, they're just trying to feed their families. We diabetics aren't real to them, unless they know us in person or...have a blog, apparently.

It's not excusable, but I guess it's understandable.

Looks like someone trying to make a few cents via bulk e-mail... probably did a Web search on "diabetes", or might have been given a list of prospects to whom to send out messages.

It's hard to say whether or not the person actually read the blog (or your autorespond or boilerplate C&D) and responded apologetically, or whether it's part of the "feel sorry for me" boilerplate he's using for his pitch.

I don't think "getting through" is an option here. I get hundreds of spam messages a day trying to pitch, er, "male enhancement" products and pharmaceuticals even though I make it quite obvious I am female.

CLASSIC. Worth retweeting.

Absolutely astonishing! Keep hope alive. :)

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