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Diabetes Alert Day: Do You Need to Know?

Awareness days - we have a pile of them.  But because I am a diehard diabetes advocate, I believe in these moments of advocacy (see also:  World Diabetes Day, Diabetes Month, Raise Your Voice, etc.)

So today is Diabetes Alert Day, and the intention of this day is aimed at people with pre-diabetes and people at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.  There are a number of fine, clickable resources out there to mark this day:

The alert is being sounded today, and if you are affected by type 2 diabetes, or if you are part of the at-risk population, there's no better time than now to get healthier.


Yay, Kerri! The more Type 2's we can help, the happier I am! Not to slight Type 1's at all - but I know so many Type 2's who were never "discovered" until it was too late! Love all the resources you've compiled here!

Great post! Most of those facilities listed in the Louisiana link are within 30 minutes of me! I really wish I had been more aware in the 10 years before my diagnosis!

i am one of the 'at risk' population just because of genetics, did not put much thought into diabetes until i was getting a glucose tolerance test last summer just to make sure at the age of 20 which came back normal, just a diabetes scare i suppose

now that i know what i do now, i am starting to work out more, eat better..i do not want a re-peat of that again.

great post, and very useful links! : )

Kerri, Nikki spoke 3 different times to her school today about Diabetes and, along with her school nurse, raised money and conducted a walk that the kids participated in during their gym time! She's becoming a strong advocate at 11 years old.

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