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All-Inclusive Diabetes Software.

Do you know of any?  (See title.)Diabetes info OVERLOAD!!!

I've received a few requestions from readers about software to take all the information from our respective diabetes devices (multiple meters, continuous glucose monitors, electronic food diaries, etc, etc, etc.), and I don't have a clue where to refer people.

I know some d-folk use SugarStats and other data tracking software, but are there others?  I have a few readers who are looking for info, but quite frankly, I'd like to know, too.  :)  My logbook is being updated regularly (and blue stars are being steadily applied to my calendar), but to have an all-in-one system that can integrate all of my various diabetes info moments would be awesome.   

if you have any ideas, please share them! 

Update:  Someone emailed me about Project Diabetes - which has an iPhone app and everything.   Another person mentioned the Track3 device (which I will be reviewing later in the week/next week) for tracking.  If you're using this, let us know how it works for you!


I like using the iPhone application called Diamedic whcih you can download if you have an iPhone. You can enter in blood sugars, basal rates, exercise, food, boluses, etc and then email it to your PC to take to your doctor.

The best part is the graphs though - they show average blood sugars over whatever period you want, break it down by time of day, etc. You can spot patterns really easily - it helped me identify some issues I was having with infusion sets. It's pretty cool. And because it's on my phone, it's not ANOTHER thing to carry around (like I need any more). It's not perfect but the best I am aware of.

Stay tuned - I'm working on something I plan on entering in the design contest. Not quite ready-for-prime-time yet, but I should post an entry sometime this month.

The closest thing to this that I use is Medtronic's CareLink, which is web-based and reads my pump/meter via wireless connection.

I have been using sweetspot lately (www.sweetspot.dm). The cool thing about this program is that, for the most-used meters out there, you can just use the sweetspot "fetch" program to upload your values directly to the program. (You still need to have the cable to connect to the computer.) You can also invite people to be on your team so that you can bring your diabetes support network with you online. There are a lot of other cool features, too. Adam Greene developed this with his dad in mind, who has type 1 diabetes, hoping to make his life a little easier.

Not sure if it will do everything you want, but check Adam Greene's SweetSpot

I also use Diametic for the iPhone and I find it very helpful. The graphs are great for tracking glucose over time, insulin injections, as well as carb intake, or any other activity you would like to add. You just need to make sure you use it. I did see recently in a post about the new apple iphone software 3.0 that is coming sometime near June that Johnson&Johnson is working on a meter that syncs with the iphone through bluetooth and tracks information in a similar fashion to what Diametic is providing. http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/diabetes_device_connects_wirelessly_to_iphone.php

This looks very promising. Lets cross our fingers!

I use Diabetes Logbook X, it is Mac only. Bad side is that all entries are manual.

Diabetes Logbook X

I love the diamedic app for the iPhone. It's the only reason why I bought and iPhone, and I think the data is provides me was solely responsible for the .6% drop in my a1c at my last appointment.

That Track3 sure looks spiffy, but I'd *love* to just have the function on my crackberry rather than tote another device around.

I tried that LogbookFX back in January and thought it was useless. I reviewed it here: http://www.thebuttercompartment.com/?p=975

I used to have a Palm and used EZManager which I thought was awesome. I have the software on my PC, but I never use it. I need something portable, and not having found anything - which is a crime considering there's an app for everything in the universe - I just don't log.

I'll second Sweetspot.dm

Does a lot of meters, but not all. Adam is very responsive

I use freestyle's copilot. I have to enter the info manually but it makes really pretty charts, I was sold :)

Sweetspot is the only program I've found that lets me download meter results to my Mac--hooray!

A while back I reviewed 7 sites that offer this kind of service. Still SugarStats and Sweetspot stand out the most in my opinion. Here is the link to the two parts of the review:

Look into sidiary

before cozmo came out with their "better" software this is what I used because it could download the meters and then I could import my cozmo database file while allowed me to have all the info in one place. After the new copilot software came out I stopped using it but it's still a good product.

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and it's great! I've had T1 Diabetes for 5 years now and use the paradigm 715. I find that the carelink software medtronic offers is great; though it's only offered for those who use medtronic's hardware. http://carelink.minimed.com is the site, and you can wirelessly upload your data which then creates charts and graphs and you also have the ability to download the raw data. IF anyone has the minimed pump, you can get the USB transfer device for free, check it out! I find it very useful!

I have used ProjectDiabetes before, and there's many upsides to it. You can put in carb count, exercise, BGs, etc. It's very extensive and it can produce charts online. You can even set it up where you put the tracker on your Google and just enter info right there. The reason why I stopped using it? Manual entry. HATE manual entry. That's why I use the Carelink as well--I bought a USB port with software (the Carelink USB was $60 compared to $30 on drugstore.com) that syncs up my sugars via my UltraLink glucose monitor (which I think is the one you have, Kerri).

So I think Project Diabetes is great for a short period of time, but I just can't see doing that in the long term. It's enough already that I test my glucose every day. I hated logbooks too, but that's just me.

It is really funny, I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago. I would love to have somewhere that we could download our one touch and our Dexcom to to combine the data. We are on MDI, but do try to manually enter the insulin and carbs into our One Touch meter or at least into the software, but kind of stopped once we got Dex since we can't really see all of the data together. I would be nice to be able to see one big picture overall without having to manually enter everything. I just don't have time for that while chasing around my 2 year old that has Diabetes.

I use a pc/pda app called GlucoseOne. Pretty hand for me and it will read most LifeScan devices or allow imports from OneTouch software.

Check out the new application, UTS Diabetes for Apple iPhone:

It appeared in AppStore just about a week ago.

iPhone platform allowed us to implement several new ideas that we couldn't implement before on Palm or RIM.

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