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Sick Day.

Taking a sick day.  I am a sick cat, apparently.Yesterday's blood sugar problems were just trying to tell me I'm sick.  

"You are sick, Kerri," they whispered.

Only instead of whispering in my ear, they tagged me on the head with those over-packing penguins.

I'm taking a sick day today and recovering from this flu. Hiding out under the covers with Tylenol, tea, and television.

See you tomorrow!


Ah ha!! I had a feeling...

Rest well. Stay warm. Drink lots of fluids. Snuggle with kitty-cats. (Sorry. The nurse in me can't help herself.)

hoping you feel better soon miss kerri! oh and kitty snuggles make it all better!

Feel better, but remember that Tylenol can affect the Dexcom readings. Try something else.

Good call, Steve. I picked "Tylenol" for alliteration reasons, but if I need to medicate, I'll go the Advil route. ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon ! :]

Feel Better - my wife is upstairs curled up with the favorite cat right now (the other 2 are "around")

I love your blog - discovered it yesterday. I'm "only" a T2DM, but interesting to read how the other half lives

If we are alliterating, you forgot tissues.

Hope you feel better soon!

Stupid blood sugars, trying to tell you what is going on. Bleh.

Hope you get better soon Kerri!

Send those penguins packing and feel better soon, Kerri!

You deserve a day off... but this is not the way to do it. :)

Get Well Soon my friend!

Hope you start feeling better, Kerri.

Being sick sucks.

I also wondered if you were coming down with a bug - Gee, hope you're up and about with normal BG very soon!

:( Sorry you are sick. Rest up and feel all better by the weekend, okay?

Feel better, the same nasty bug has made himself very comfy in my house as well....Here's hoping its only a shortstay!!!

Feel better!

i know how you feel..i had the flu this week also and now all my residents are battleing it now...it stinks....hope you feel better...love you

Hope you feel better soon! :)

get better Kerri! i too am curled up in bed with a nasty head cold and blood sugars readings that would boggle a mathematician.

we're right there with you. Well Ian is, I'm just his faithful servant bringing water and juice in alternating order because his body can't decide if it wants to be high or low.

Let me give you the ubiquitous line - "there's a lot of it going around".

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