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Friends for Life Scholarship!

This summer, the Children With Diabetes "Friends For Life" conference is taking place in Orlando, FL in July.  Last year was my first time at the FFL event, and it was beyond inspiring.  Now there's a chance for people with diabetes to attend through the help of the Diabetes Scholars Foundation!

Here are the details: 

"The Diabetes Scholars Foundation will provide financial assistance for at least ten young adults (ages 18 to 24) to attend the 2009 Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Conference at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort from July 7-12, 2009 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The conference is a gathering of world-renowned clinicians, researchers, physicians, adults, children and families with diabetes. It offers many opportunities to learn the most current information in diabetes care."

If you are between the ages of 18 and 24 and you want to apply for this scholarship, download the application and go for it!  Entries must be postmarked by April 15th - so there's still time to apply! 

Friends for Life is an event that can change your life. I'm so excited to be attending again this July - hope to see you there!


Oh , how wish I ...well in my next life :to be a young pumper so I could attend . I clicked on some of the blue high lites and read about the conference in Toronto , Canada...I met Chris Jarvis...we are both Medtronic pumpers , the rower, several times and I think to recognize one of the young women ...is she a swimmer from one of our beautiful provinces on the East coast with an Animas pump ?? And will writer James Hirsh be there ??
signed a too old a gal : almost 69

If you haven't been to a CWD conference, or are on the fence about going - RUN, don't walk, to the next one!! As a parent, I dragged my family rather reluctantly to our first regional CWD conference. That was it - everyone was sold on them after that! We got to FFL last summer and it was an AWESOME experience (in the true meaning of the word). There is just nothing like being in an entire hotel of people who *get it*, or walking around a massive theme park and seeing dozens of finger pokes and sets of pump tubing peeking out of pockets everywhere you turn. And the bonus - you might just bump into the authors of your favorite blogs while you are there! ;)

Oops, forgot my original point....spread the word about the scholarships to anyone that qualifies, because FFL really IS a life-changing experience, from the education presented by leading researchers and scientists to the connections with people from all over the world. There just aren't enough words to describe it - I know I sound far too gushy about it, but it truly is an amazing experience.

Kerri, thanks for letting me know about this! I will definitely apply (just slipping in under the age deadline since I'm almost 25!)

I don't know how I've never known about these conferences. I've been diabetic for 18 years and lived in Orlando my whole friggin' life! I knew about (and went to) diabetes camp as a kid, was a counselor as an adult and had a great (read: active and involved) endocrinologist growing up. So I say again, how have I never heard of this thing?!?

Whatever. I'm so there this year. And maybe every year from now on. I'm curious. . .since I'm going this year, who will I see?? Kerri, will you be there?


Layne, I will be there this summer! Hope to see you there!!

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