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BlogHer '09 - PatientBloggers.

BlogHer '09 - Are they ready for PWD??Hey guys - I've been wanting to share this news for weeks now but just received the "green light."  I'll be at BlogHer '09 this summer in Chicago as part of the PatientBlogger panel!  (I'm grinning so big right now that my face actually hurts.) 

Along with two other panelists (who are announcing their good news tonight or tomorrow, so I won't steal their thunder), I'll be representing the diabetes blogosphere PROUDLY, talking about the power of PatientBlogging.  Here's the panel description:

Identity/Passions: PatientBloggers - You Are Not Your Disease, You Just Blog About It Every Day: 

Chronic or acute disease can change your life overnight…and make you feel as though you’ve lost control of your own body. PatientBloggers find support, information and resources, and regain a sense of control via their blogging. But are there also down sides? Privacy concerns abound. Being identified as just a person with a disease can feel confining. And what if you’re cured or in remission? Where does your blogging (and more importantly: That close-knit, supportive community you've developed) go from there?
YAY!  I'm already a mix of nervous/ecstatic/honored/OMGWTFBBQ and I am so excited for this opportunity. 
If you are going to BlogHer '09 in Chicago, please let me know!  I'm looking forward to meeting you!!


I'm going! But I can't meet you since I already know you. I will, however, attend your panel and provide moral and other types of support. :D

OMGWTFBBQ! I am so excited for you!!

Those mommybloggers don't know what they're in for! You are going to rock!

Yea! You rock! :)

Wow, so cool. I wish I was able to go to a BlogHer event. I can't wait to hear all about it!

I think you left a 'ZOMG' out of that post although I'm not sure where it would be most appropriate.

I suppose it goes without saying that we are uber proud to have you as our representative. Congratulations.

ok, that's it. ordering my conf pass tonight... I think

Woah, so cool, Kerri! I still don't know if I'm going to BlogHer. Hopefully, I'll have that sorted out soon though.

congrats , Dear Kerri all the way from BC, Canada ...keep on advocating

Wow I am beyond jealous! Good job for making it happen!!

Congrats Kerri, that's so cool!!

I actually live in Chicago, so I'd love to attend and meet you and others from the Diabetes OC! Do you have to be an official blogger to attend?

Congrats Kerri!

You will be a Great addition.

Yay Kerri! Big congrats!!

I'm going to BlogHer, too! I hope we get a chance to meet and hang out together.

Oh wow, good for you!! So proud to have you representing us!! :)

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