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With a year that's gone by in a blink and a holiday season that's already at my doorstep, I needed a little something to get myself into the spirit of the season. 

So last night, while New York was celebrating the lighting of the big tree in Rockefeller Center, Chris and I went to Madison Square Garden to see Cirque de Soleil's "Wintuk."

I had never seen a Cirque show until this past summer, when we saw Kooza in Hartford.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  Kooza was a circus for grown ups, and Chris and I spent the entire show with our mouths hanging open, muttering, "Did you see that?"  So when we saw tickets for Wintuk on sale in NYC, it made sense (not economic sense, but life sense) to take in that show.

And it, too, was awesome.  Different from the circus-esque feats of Kooza - more of an actual show than an interactive performance.  Trampoline acrobats, this flexible lady with a stash of sterling hoola hoops, and performers in the best dog costumes I have ever seen.  

And at the end?  Massive birds (like you do).

Wintuk in NYC

And thousands of snowflakes raining down from the "sky."

Paper snowflakes at Wintuk

With this weekend's cookie party on tap, Wintuk still fresh in our minds, and holiday parties cropping up at every turn, it's beginning to feel an awful lot like Christmas.  I may have to force Siah to wear some kind of Santa hat and join in the fun.  ;)  


Soooo jealous! :) I would love to see Cirque de Soleil. :)
I hope you guys had fun.

I've seen Cirque du Soleil before however I'm taking my girlfriend who has never seen a Cirque show -- I want to take her to see one of these but am concerned that Kooza is too "back to the circus traditions" and not a full-on Cirque experience and that Wintuk is "limited" in its artistic expression to its holiday theme. Which do you recommend for a first-timer?

I have never seen a Cirque show. Everyone I know who has says how awesome they are.

I must see one cuz this looks awesome.

Cirque Shows are ALWAYS AMAZING. I've seen 2, and even though it may temporarily bankrupt me, it's always worth it!

I've never seen Cirque live, but fell in love when Allegria was televised some years ago. To me, whose mother used to knit all the time, "Wintuk" is a line of knitting yarn... and seeing the post title only, I was wondering what your latest project was..

Very cool!! We saw Ka a few years ago in Vegas and it was awesome. But then we saw another one here in CT and I hated it - I can't even remember the name, I must have blocked it out. But Wintuk looks like another great one.

I wanted to see Zumanity when my parents and I were in Vegas back in March, but my dad said no. We ended up seeing Mamma Mia! at Mandalay Bay instead.

Next time I go to Vegas(For my 21st birthday hopefully), my dad and I will see it.

I've been meaning to thank you for posting about Wintuk ... my hubby and I are going to see it this Thursday and now thanks to your blog I am all the more excited to see it! :)

Andrew - I think Kooza is a better show, personally. But Wintuk was gorgeous. Depends on what's closer to you! :)

tmana - LOL!! That's a knitting term! That's awesome.

Stacey - Have fun!! It's a very Christmassy show. Totally got me in the holiday spirit. :)

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