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Things That Are Evil.

Things That Are EVILWell hello, snowy Wednesday morning. I see you've brought along many Things That Are Evil.  Let's count them, shall we?

  • Delicious coffee items that are frothy and wonderful and have about eight zillion grams of carbohydrates in them even though you told the home-from-their-first-semester barista that you needed the sugar-free kind.
  • Alarm clocks on the bedside table and across the room that are timed to go off 2 minutes apart from one another, having me lurch from bed to shut off one alarm only to tumble back to bed and lash out at the other one merely 120 seconds later.  And repeat.
  • The realization that a deadline has, indeed, passed and I completely forgot.  Need calendar that I actually look at.   Or a personal assistant-type person who can tolerate my absent-mindedness and the little gray cat's propensity for chewing on shoes as though she's a teething golden retriever. 
  • The BEEEEEEEEP! of the Dexcom as it tells everyone in the office YOU HAVE DIABETES, OKAY?!!
  • Coming to work and realizing that one of those mega tins of packaged popcorn has arrived - and Dex starts beeping in anticipation.
  • Carrying a shoulder-mangling work bag that has everything from hair ties to stamps to gum to a folder of articles but not a single safety pin to quick-fix the hem of my skirt. 
  • Red pens (I think having a red pen makes me an official "editor.") that leak all over my hand and I don't realize it until I go to itch my nose and then - WHAMMO - red smudgy nose.  Awesome.  Just in time to lead the sleigh.
  • "Chick lit" books that I bought to read with reckless abandon that instead ended up being about infertility and were not the escape I was looking for (as I detox from a decade of the pill). 
  • The ebb and flow of the heating system here at work.  Goes from tropical to arctic in less than five minutes. 

I believe I may need a bit of a vacation.  Our honeymoon in May was waaaay long ago.  Hopefully tonight's Oasis show in NYC will liven me back up a smidge.  I'm going to dig out my soul.


Those had me rolling!

I love the ides of a second alarm clock.

No Kerri:
With cellulitis on my nose, I think I get to lead the sleigh this year. You are just going to have to do better than a smudge you can wipe off.

emmy :)

Have a great time at the Oasis show. Let's hope the Gallagher brothers behave.

Evil coffee things with calories? Only useful to treat lows. Otherwise, it's Coffee, Black. No sugar. But sometimes the caffeine makes me feel like I've spiked higher than I've ever seen my meter go (other than during a balsamic-vinegar-contamination test). Still, no decaf for this gal.

Would programming in appointments and deadlines to your phone and your Outlook calendar help?

Safety pins for skirt hems? What happened to that little sewing kit in the desk drawer?

Those tins of buttery, cheesey, and carmel popcorn are the devil, seriously. Thought it couldn't get any worse but then the second tin of the holiday season we receieved here at work had pretzels, my all time favorite snack food, instead of the carmel popcorn. Hello highblood sugar

LOL at the thought of Kerri leading Santa's sleigh.

ROFL at the thought of Kerri leading Santa's sleigh.

I've got another one:
The myth of global warming. Last week it was 100 in So Cal, today my dad just called and his work closed for the day because there are 8 INCHES of snow on the ground!

What the heck do I pack?

Forget the sewing kit---use a stapler for the hem!


Rudolph 2.0, now with Dexcom! (the nose changes color depending on the blood sugar and beeps when out of range)

Enjoy the concert!

OMG kerri, I was supposed to go to Oasis tonite, but, of course I have bronchitis and can't.

Mike is going and someone else in my seat now DAMMITTTTTTTTTT...

It's nice to see someone validate that the CGM alarms can be irritating in an office setting. Sometimes all I hear is how wonderful they are, and they should be mandatory for all.

I hate that Dexcom beep too. My students are always telling me "Mrs. Crebbin, you're beeping!"

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