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The Year in Review: 2008.

Year In Review:  2008Sticking with a meme that's been circling for a few years now, here are the first lines of a definitive post from each month in 2008:

January: Last night, Chris and I wrapped up on the couch and watched Signs.

February:  Six Until Me has existed for almost three years now and over the last three years, I've had the opportunity to meet some of the best people. 

March:  Last week, I was scraping snow off my car.  [Note:  This is the origin of the Siah in the banana bit.]

April:  I can hear you, loud and clear!

May: Dear Blogosphere, I'm off to get MARRIED!

June:  The night before my wedding, NBF and Batman holed up in a hotel room with me, keeping me company and aiming to keep me sort of sane.

July:  Dear Insurance Company,I got your letter yesterday.

August:  Last night, I started the long trek back to RI for today's Joslin appointment.

September:  There's a lot of buzz in the blogosphere today about insurance denials and appeals, starting with an article in the Wall Street Journal about "Pushing Back When Insurers Deny Coverage For Treatment."

October:  Anyone who hasn't been storing their brain in a shoebox underneath the bed has probably realized that the economy is tanking.

November:  Happy World Diabetes Day, everyone!

December:  As with everything diabetes-related (or maybe just life-related), there are pros and cons to this whole continuous glucose monitoring thing.

Picking through my posts from this year has revved up my brain to write the Year In Review Part Deux: 2008.  A full recap for tomorrow.  For now, have fun in ye olde archives!


I hope you had a great Christmas!!

well these are certainly things that make you go Hmm!! LOL .

Interesting. LOL

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