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Low Blood Sugar Woes. (And Whoas)

Next week will be better.

Because this week has sort of sucked, on the diabetes front.  

On Wednesday afternoon, I stopped home for lunch to make a quick sandwich and grab my laptop. It was a warmer day, so I felt a little sticky as I brushed my teeth in the bathroom.  I was delaying putting on my coat.  My forehead was damp.  And the sounds of cars going by outside and the radio in the living room were tumbling around in my ears like socks in the dryer.  My brain knew I was low.  My body was slower to acknowledge this.  I went to the fridge to get the juice, my legs operating much slower than usual.

And I stood there with the fridge door open for several minutes, just staring into it and trying to remember what I was doing.  I kept looking at the juice, my brain poking at me frantically - "Um, some sugar would be nice.  Why don't you get that?" - but I wasn't moving and instead stood there a few minutes longer, letting the cold wash over me as I found myself sitting on the floor.

I've been diabetic for a long time.  Even I should know better than to let my lows eat my brain like this. (Zombie lows?  Whoops, digression.)  Finally, I fully tuned into the fact that I was low and I drank juice until it ran down my jawline. 

I tested.  45 mg/dl.  Stupid lows.

Low blood sugar:  45 mg/dl.  Damnit.

I can rebound physically from a low that happens in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning, but the aftermath of a low during the day sucks the life out of me.  I felt exhausted and shaky for several hours afterward.  These moments make me angry at diabetes, because there is so much out of my control.

Last night, at our holiday party, it happened again.  I was talking with my husband and some coworkers and drinking a diet soda (avoiding the alcohol because ... well, then I may have been inclined to sing karaoke and that would have been a crisis), but then the headache came on.  Again with the damp forehead.  Again with the dizzy feeling and the swimmy sounds in the room.

"Excuse me, I'll be right back," I said to Chris and our friends, walking over to the open bar.

"Orange juice, please?"  I used the bar to prop myself up a bit, hoping no one was noticing how rattled I looked but hoping someone would notice if I needed them to.

"And vodka?"  The bartender put some ice in my glass.

"No thanks.  Just orange juice, please."  He gave me a big glass and I downed it as quickly and discreetly as I could. 

Everyone knows I have diabetes.  It's not discussed and it's not avoided, but it's common knowledge.  Yet I didn't want anyone to see me in that vulnerable state.  The waves of nausea and light headedness were washing over me, but I did what I could to appear "normal."  It doesn't make sense - these people know and like me and I have nothing to be ashamed of, yet I still felt warm with both hypoglycemia and embarrassment.

It passed.  It always passes.  And the night went on without issue.  (And we had fun.)

But these lows.  I can track my blood sugars and attempt to plot the trends. I can wear the CGM and test often.  I can carry fast acting glucose and be all "responsible."  But they still come.  Prevention is a good effort, but it doesn't completely eliminate these nasty lows.   

it's been a crappy week.  I have felt "off" all week long and my the fallout has been visible in my numbers, my mood, and my motivation.  I hope an easy weekend will realign me. 

Next week will be better.    Next week I will be better.


Great post Kerri.

Lows suck.

what is it about the daytime super-lows that makes it so damned hard to recover from? i feel/experience the same thing.
my guess is that those late-night/early morning lows you can just crawl back into your warm bed, relax, and drift off to sleep after you fix the problem, whereas you're expected to "get on with it" if you go low during the day. at any rate, ugh.

Sounds like you had a pretty rough week, Kerri.

Have a good weekend, and I hope you have a better week.

My week kind of sucked too, but for different reasons. I failed Beginning Algebra, so I have to retake the course(Yay fun). And then there is the 50% I got on my research paper for English Comp I...

It sucks to have lows like that. When your mind knows what you need to do, but your body just won't do it. :(
Things will improve! :)

I just blogged about lows too Kerri. Better days next week!

Even my 3 year old's afternoon lows after a nap seem much worse to me than any other time of day. She has a super hard time shaking it- and just isn't herself the rest of the afternoon.

Even my 3 year old's afternoon lows after a nap seem much worse to me than any other time of day. She has a super hard time shaking it- and just isn't herself the rest of the afternoon.

Great post. No matter what we all do, they still happen.

On to the better next week. Have a great weekend.

"It doesn't make sense - these people know and like me and I have nothing to be ashamed of, yet I still felt warm with both hypoglycemia and embarrassment.".....

Perfectly said Kerri...I wonder this often myself...

Good post!

I feel the same way Kerri. My numbers for today are 58, 62, and 44, each paired with a wonderful low induced headache. I just can't seem to shake them today...

Might be the weather here in the Northeast, I've been having mid day lows this week too.
The worst ones are mid morning. I can't shake that feeling until after dinner or bed.

Hi, Kerri! I had a very similar week to yours last week, though my problem had to do more with highs. I spent one day coping with an infusion site that kinked the tubing (which I can usually catch and fix quickly) and the next two nights dealing with an infusion set that would come unhooked while I was sleeping. I'm pretty sure it was a faulty set, but the result was me waking up in the 400s two nights in a row, giving too much insulin (because I didn't know how much I hadn't gotten), waking up again in the 40s, eating too much food and waking up high again. I was tired and grumpy all week and it wasn't about anything that I was doing or not doing. Ugh. Sometimes it feels like we get stuck in these ruts. But I can tell you that this week has been much better for me. And that next week will definitely be better for you.

Okay, you've been absent-minded at work all week, tired, out of it, and getting low?? Girlfriend, take a pregnancy test, for the love of God!!!!! That's exactly how I was in the first trimester... ;)

Katie - Ahhh! You're giving me a heart attack! I have taken a pregnancy test. Not pregnant. Which is good because I am not ready to be pregnant yet. Believe me, once I know, I'm sure I'll be not-so-shy about sharing. :)

Hang in there Kerri. Next week is gonna be great!

I blame the full moon. My week has STUNK, blood sugarwise, workwise, familywise. UGH. Come one weekend!

I'm sorry you've had a bad diabetes week :( Having numerous lows does take a lot out of you ... I find for me that if I have one on top of the other, I feel worse with each one. I can only wish for you that next week is a MUCH better one for you!! Hopefully even starting with the weekend :)

I was thinking the EXACT same thing as Katie! (That diet soda due to karoke statement was flimsy!). Not prying though... :) Can we try to plan T1 dinner late Jan?

ker, sorry about the lows... If you read mine I have been having the same exact thing happening it must be so mething going around like the common cold haha check my post out today i was 30! that is a huge WTF????

I completely relate with this post, no one understands how you just need to feel normal, even though I work in a hospital, no one understands how vulnerable you feel when you are having a low. Great Post.

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